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America is a home of competitive scholarship opportunities forUndergraduates,  Masters and Ph.D. students living in the US as well as international students. American universities and colleges offer a myriad of courses and programs to choose from.

The world’s leading study destination for international students, the US boasts over 150 leading universities in the QS World University Rankings.

The latest figures show that more than 1.18 million international students were studying in the US as of 2017, 77 percent of whom come from Asia. According to the Institute of International Education’s Open Doors report, the most popular states for international students were California, New York, and Texas, while the most popular subjects were engineering, business and management, mathematics and computer science.

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You have the freedom to not only select the course content, but also the structure. At the undergraduate level, you have the liberty to pursue different courses before they you declare your major at the end of the second year.

This helps to explore your subject interest and then decide without much hurry. Similarly, for your graduate studies, you can choose your preference and when you progress for your dissertation, you can focus on the ideas you want to emphasize upon.

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We ensure that all we post here are genuine Scholarship opportunities to study in the USA are posted here for you to apply. These Scholarships are worth over $500 (This depends on the Awardee).

We also provide a detailed review to Colleges and Universities in getting admission to study in the top-notch universities in the United States of America.

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