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Are You Searching for Scholarships for your specific area of study? here on this page, you will find scholarships by subject or course meant for you.

Scholarships are a vital resource for college-bound students looking to supplement their education fund. Few students can afford to pay for college without some form of financial aid, and scholarship programs make it possible for many aspiring students to achieve their educational goals.

There is a huge range of scholarship opportunities available for university students across the world, ranging from partial scholarships which cover some tuition fees, to fully funded scholarships which cover the duration of your studies. The majority of scholarships cover tuition fees only, leaving students to cover their own living costs. Even at that won’t you be happy that some help came your way?

Subject Specific Scholarships | Course specific scholarships

There are also many different types of scholarships for international students from certain regions, or even students studying in a certain field. For instance, many students from developing countries, including parts of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, can apply for specific scholarships, as can many students from all over the world looking to study in a STEM-related field (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Subject-specific scholarships are designed for students with definite educational and career interests. They may be funded by federal or state governments, corporations or private institutions.

The world scholarship forum team have gone round to put together these list of scholarships to be able to help you finance your study to any level.

Finding the right scholarship program may at first seem daunting, but with due diligence and a bit of research, students can find scholarships dedicated to nearly every field of endeavor.

Our A – Z list of subject-specific scholarships will act as a guide through the general fields of academic study, and lead you to hundreds of career-specific scholarship programs designed to help students realize their educational and professional goals.

How To Access The List Of Scholarships

Each of the subject links in the list below will take you directly to our dedicated section on scholarship programs for that chosen discipline. For example, the Engineering link will lead to a web-page with general engineering scholarships, which will then provide further links to scholarship programs dedicated to more specific engineering fields such as aerospace, chemical engineering, and material science.

Each of these pages will, in turn, provide links to information on highly targeted scholarship programs within the chosen field. In this way, you can narrow your search for applicable scholarship programs to find the one that best suits your status as a student, your educational background and your ultimate career goal.

Here is the List of Subjects Studied in Most Universities in the World. If you didn’t find yours, kindly Email us at info@worldscholarshipforum.com so we can update yours


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