13 Best Online EDD Programs In The World | 2023 Ranking

You’ve probably heard and believed the myth that a doctorate in education only gives you classroom knowledge. But, here is a program that gives you access to educational leadership and trains you to use research to solve real-life problems. Explore some of the best online edd programs.

Welcome to a program that is different from a phd program!

The main difference between an edd program and a Ph.D. program is that an edd program focuses on educational leadership whereas a Ph.D. program focuses on education and research.

If you asked about the difference between both programs, we just gave you an answer!

Brace up, we have a lot in stock for you. In addition to the best online edd programs, we also have edd benefit programs online, amongst others.

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What is an Edd program?

An Edd program is a doctorate in education, and it prepares you for a career in educational leadership.

Just like the Ph.D. program, you will not only learn how to interpret research, but it also trains you to apply the research in real-life settings. This differentiates them both.

This program will train you on critical theory and show how you can implement it to drive change in classrooms, universities, colleges, and other organizations. It is more like you are perfecting your role as a leader.

Best online edd programs encourage you to analyze your relationship with your research topics and work environments. The goal is to ensure that your leadership is fair and equitable for all people.

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Features of an best online edd programs

While the traditional edd program gives you the classroom experience, the online edd programs basically require a built-in camera, a microphone, and a strong wifi connection.

This doesn’t sound like a worthwhile experience, but the ability to combine it with your job fine-tunes the experience.

Many online EdD programs often have the following features:

  • Virtual Live Classes: This allows you to participate in face-to-face online classes and discussions and to interact with your teacher and classmates.
  • Learning Management System: This is the central hub where you can access course materials, homework, live sessions, and forums, or message boards.
  • Interactive Course Content: Incorporating a variety of mixed media, including videos, readings, and question/answer segments.
  • Access to Tech Support: A strong tech support team is a must when dealing with time-sensitive, tech-dependent assignments.
  • Mobile Access: One of the major perks of online classes is being able to bring your courses with you anywhere you go, across multiple devices and platforms.

It is important you note that some programs offer on-campus immersions, where students meet at regular intervals to network with each other and their teachers.

Though class size varies from program to program, the best online edd programs are those with a class size of 15 students.

This ensures that each student receives attention and guidance from their professors and establishes relationships with their peers.

Universities that offer live classes typically have fewer students for a more concentrated experience.

What is the edd program Online Curriculum?

These are the common edd programs. They often include:

  • Policymaking in education
  • Organizational change and leadership
  • Education supervision
  • Administration
  • Instruction technology and methodology

For their learning objectives, a typical one involves;

  • Learning the ability to see situations from different perspectives
  • Applying theory to solving real-life education problems
  • Using research to improve policy, programs, and practice in places of learning
  • Identifying ills and advocating for social justice in educational places

What are the Online Edd Application Requirements?

If you are interested in online edd programs, you need to meet the following basic requirements:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Have a minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • A background in classroom teaching or relevant leadership work

Again, these requirements can vary. So, contact your desired school for theirs.

How to Choose the Best Online Edd Programs?

Here are some tips for choosing the right and best online edd programs:

Check the admission requirements: if this suits you, then check the other requirements below.

Look for Quality Indicators: Look out for schools with CAEP accreditation, membership in the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED), great graduate student reviews, and high U.S. News & World Report rankings for the College of Education.

Create a Comprehensive Budget: Some online Ed.D. programs have a campus component. You’ll need to plan for any travel expenses and accommodation. Also, ask if online students are eligible for scholarships & fellowships.

Consider if Public or Private: Public universities tend to have the most affordable online rates, but they don’t always charge the same tuition for in-state and out-of-state edd students. You’ll notice that our highest-ranked schools tend to be private, internationally known, and expensive.

Research the College/School of Education: This will give you a sense of the university’s realm of experience and faculty interests.

Choose a Career-Focused Concentration: You don’t have to settle for a generic online doctorate in leadership. Choose one that has a concentration.

Some concentrations include Urban Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Organizational Leadership Culture, Institutions, and SocietyHuman Development, and Learning and Teaching.

The 13 best online edd programs in the World

We have a list of the 13 best edd programs online inthe world.

We have also listed our ranking factor but let us recap.

Ranking factor

  • Class size of 15 or less
  • Accreditation
  • Live or recorded sessions
  • Private or public university
  • 100% online
  • Provides financial aid opportunities


Vanderbilt’s Peabody Online offers one of the best edd online programs. It is designed for education leaders who want the skills and knowledge to drive organizational change. You will also gain a new skill in data analysis.

This edd program online can be completed in 3-4 years and requires one annual on-campus visit and a project.

Sample Course Options:

  • Leadership Theory and Practice
  • Learning in Organizations
  • Ethics of Leadership
  • Psychological Perspectives on Learning

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#2 JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY – Online Ed.D. in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education, Mind, Brain & Teaching, Urban Leadership

Students of Johns Hopkins have attended one of the best programs online. They learn how to participate in a diverse community or educational practice, contribute to public discussion on education, carry out practical research, and enact innovative policies.

They offer merit-based Ed.D. scholarships and international students are eligible and School of Education awards.

Outline of Program Components:

  • Foundations of Education (12 credits)
  • Applied Research and Evaluation (12 credits)
  • Specialization Area (12 credits)
  • Applied Dissertation (9 credits)

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This is one of the fastest online edd programs to complete in just 3 years.

You get to visit campus twice, then a final capstone project.

As graduates from this best online edd program, you will be experts in curriculum design and instruction, dynamics of organizational change, and be skilled in enabling contextual learning and design.

In addition, you will be able to engage in educational assessment and design accurately.

Sample Course Options:

  • Contemporary Curriculum Designing and Implementing
  • Models of Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching for Understanding
  • Psychology of Learning

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After attending this online edd program, graduates will have a sound grasp of global trends in education and their implications; they will be able to solve difficulties in education policy, evaluation, and practice.

This degree is fast, able to be finished in as few as 25 months. 

Sample Course Options:

  • Framing Educational Leadership in a Global Context
  • The Fundamentals of Creativity, Innovations, and Entrepreneurship
  • Understanding Research that Informs Leadership
  • Location Educational Performance Problems

The programs are of two types, namely,

  • The Online Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is a strong pick for urban PreK-12 educational leaders, teachers, and school administrators.
  • The Online Ed.D. in Organizational Change and Leadership is geared toward candidates in leadership positions worldwide (e.g. colleges and universities, private firms, non-profits, and government organizations).

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#5 New York University – Ed.D. in Leadership and Innovation

This is one of the best online edd programs lasting only 2 years.

NYU’s online Ed.D. is deliberately geared toward mid-level professionals currently in leadership positions and aspire to bigger roles.

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#6 Florida State University – Educational Leadership and Policy 

This online edd program is one of the best degrees for education professionals seeking preparation in educational theory and research to become educational leaders by practically applying knowledge and skills in areas of pressing need.

It can be completed in 3 years, making it one of the fastest edd programs online.

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#7 Fordham University – Online Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Administration and Policy

This hands-on online edd program is aimed at folks interested in K-12 educational leadership careers, including the assistant superintendent and superintendent positions. Fordham is a private school.

It is for three years.

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#8 UNIVERSITY OF INDIANA – Online Ed.D. in Instructional Systems Technology and Online Ed.D. in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education

The University of Indiana’s online doctorate of education is an excellent online degree because of its two concentrations named above.

This degree program is designed to prepare education professionals to be better leaders in either literacy and language education or the production of educational materials, training materials, and environmental improvement.

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#9 University of Georgia – Online/Hybrid Ed.D. in Student Affairs Leadership

Are you a student affair devout? UGA has set up online edd programs that explore every aspect of a leader’s job. If you enjoy collaboration and networking and don’t mind the occasional commute, this option could be perfect for your needs.

This edd program online is made for student affairs professionals, especially those at rural institutions or smaller universities who aspire to higher positions.

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#10 Arizona State University – Online Ed.D. in Leadership & Innovation

ASU’s online Edd program may be an attractive choice for working professionals who want an efficient degree schedule. 

The edd program online boasts of three concentrations;

  • PK-12: Attracts aspiring superintendents, education administrators, teacher leaders, and curriculum specialists.
  • Higher Education: For mid-level professionals (e.g. directors of units, student services personnel, instructional technologists, etc.).
  • The Systems, Professional, and Reimagined Change (SPARC): For individuals in educational environments outside of schools & universities (e.g. professional schools, continuing education, corporate training, etc.).

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#11 Concordia University Chicago –  Edd in Leadership – Health and Human Performance

This is another best online edd programs that focuses on those who want to pursue academic, clinical, leadership, and research roles in health, exercise, kinesiology, human performance, and other related areas.

It examines the issues of physical activity, health promotion, and human performance.

This program also promotes small class sizes with 18 students per class and classes that start every eight weeks.

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#12 Liberty University

 This is also one of the best edd programs online. It prepares its students for academic positions requiring leadership skills and decision-making abilities in the educational world.

The diversity of the degree makes it one of the easiest online degrees to find a specialization that fits your goals.

This edd online program will give to its graduates the leadership skills and specialized knowledge in one of four areas of specialization that will aid them in becoming effective educational administrators, university professors, senior-level educational leaders, or educational policymakers.

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#13 University of Illinois – Education Policy, Organization & Leadership 

With four different concentrations, this online edd program has a little something for everyone who’s interested in policy and practice especially those postsecondary settings.

Since it is 100% online, it is the best option for international students.

The concentrations are;

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Best edd programs online FAQs

What is the difference between a Ph.D. in Education and an EdD in Education?

The basic difference between a Ph.D. in Education and an EdD in Education is that the Ph.D. is more research-based, while the Edd is practice-oriented.
Hence, those with an EdD will tend to work more as education leaders and administrators, while those holding a Ph.D. will tend towards research, university positions, and scholarly writing.

What is the benefit of an EdD

Earning an EdD will greatly increase your knowledge and skills in educational leadership and administration. It will increase one’s potential to move into higher leadership positions. This will put one in a position to be more effective in formulating needed education reforms, increasing influence, and improving earning potential.

What are the career path you can follow with a doctorate degree?

Upon obtaining your doctorate degree in educational leadership, here are a few career paths to consider:
Chief Academic Officer.
Chief Learning Officer.
Training and Development Manager.
Education Administrator.
Social and Community Service Managers.
Postsecondary Teacher.
Survey Researchers.


An online edd program is for professionals who already have years of experience in the teaching field.

Since there are many specializations, professionals who wish to improve their careers and climb higher cadres in their chosen field usually go for this.

While some people pursue a Ph.D. program, an edd program will give you a wider exposure and more concentration.

We see you becoming a more knowledgeable expert.

Kiiky cares!



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