17 Best Online Drawing Classes  | Beginners & Pros

Putting a pencil to paper to catch our general surroundings has propelled craft workers for centuries. In case you’re keen on breaking out that sketchpad and pencil unit and submerging yourself in drawing, maybe, as an approach to loosen up or to keep on honing your creative speciality. Taking online drawing classes at home is simpler than ever in recent memory.

Whether you’re beginning with the basics, searching for a happy animation instructional exercise, attempting to dominate computerized drawing devices, or something different, there’s an online class out there for you.

We’ve outlined a rundown of the best internet-attracting classes to assist you with foreknowledge.

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What Is an Online Drawing Class?

An online drawing class shows you the craft of drawing on paper using apparatuses like pencils, pens, or ink. The classes outlined below address different disciplines of drawing, handling the essentials of line, structure, and viewpoint, alongside the mechanics of human life systems, scene drawing, and shaded pencil drawing.

How Much Do Online Drawing Classes Cost?

The costs for online drawing classes vary. The Getting Started with Drawing and How to Draw Perspective for Beginners on Skillshare classes are available with the cost of a Skillshare membership ($19.99 each month for a normal enrollment) and are free with the site’s 14-day free preliminary.

Other classes on Udemy also vary in cost. However, those greater expenses are quantifiable by the class’s power and the instructor’s aptitude and foundation.

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17 Best Online Drawing Classes in 2023

#1. Getting Started with Drawing

Are you hoping to get a grip on the structure squares of the drawing? This class from Brent Eviston, who learned at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, has been showing drawing for over 20 years.

This drawing class reworks drawing as an ability that everybody can master, as opposed to an ability. The Basic Skills class is the first of his Art and Science of Drawing series on Skillshare and will show you its basic standards.

In this class, Eviston will show you how to utilize the pencil like a craftsman, draw any shape, and examine and hence bring any subject by refining it into fundamental shapes. You can take Eviston’s further developed classes when you finish this course.

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#2. Best Perspective/ How to Draw Perspective

An expert artist and educator, Ethan Nguyen, looks to demystify the cycle with this Skillshare course, which is intended for those new to drawing point of view. To take this course, you need fundamental materials: a mechanical pencil with 0.5mm lead, smooth bristol paper, and a pencil set.

You’ll begin with the fundamental ideas of viewpoint, including the skyline line, evaporating focuses, the image plane, and every strategy for accomplishing profundity in a drawing.

Then, at that point, you’ll move on to the three most normal kinds of viewpoint and their guidelines, including one-point, two-point, and three-point viewpoints.

You’ll figure out how to draw each sort of viewpoint with clear-to-follow, bit-by-bit activities and charts to give you a more profound comprehension of the idea, finishing in the last task that have you attract a cityscape scene with three points of view.

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#3. The Ultimate Drawing Course: Beginner to Pro Level

Cost: $89.99

This Udemy course will teach you the basics of art and how to draw perspective. Draw the human face and figure, and realistic light and shadow.

The basic requirement is the zeal to learn as there’s a saying: ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’.

This course will take you from having little information in attracting to making progressed workmanship and having a profound comprehension of drawing essentials.

So what else is in it for you?

In this course, you’ll make over 50 unique ventures that will take you from amateur to master! Again, you will learn the following;

  • Still life drawing
  •  Line essentials
  •  Making surface
  •  Drawing the human face
  •  Shape and structure principal

You will get a certificate of completion at the end of this 11-hour course on Udemy. So, this online class is specially designed for;

  • People eager to put in a couple of hours to learn how to draw
  •  Those willing to add another skill to their tool bet
  •  Students willing to take action and start drawing amazing artwork

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#4. The Art & Science of Drawing/ Basic Skills

The Art and Science of Drawing is a surprising system showing you how to draw daily. The program is straightforward; you’ll watch one video exercise presenting fundamental drawing expertise every day and do the suggested practice afterwards.

This course is energetically suggested for anybody keen on painting too, and most expert painters concur that drawing is the principal and fundamental expertise for all painters. Essential SKILLS is the ideal introduction for anybody needing to figure out how to draw.

The abilities you’ll master here will drastically work on your craft and configuration regardless of your medium. The art and science of drawing series are intended to show the essentials of expert drawing.

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#5. How to Draw from Beginner to Master

Cost: $94.99

This class clearly conveys to you how to learn the strategies for impeccable drawing.

Before finishing this course, you will have learned and applied a bit by bit to deal with drawing. Also, with training, you ought to create scholastic quality drawings of any subject your heart wants.

The exercise plan comprises over 8 Hours of clear, expertly shot and altered substance.

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#6. Complete the Character Drawing Course

Cost: $89.99

Character Art School by Scott Harris is the best Character Drawing Course accessible online, with over 212,000 understudies previously selected and over 25,000 five-star surveys.

It is the one course anyone needs to get familiar with all the centre essentials and progressed strategies to drawing and portraying characters well. It encourages how to draw proficient characters for books, games, films, liveliness, manga, funnies and then some.

The course covers each centre feature of drawing creative and engaging characters well. It assembles the central information you need to draw expertly whether you are drawing with no preparation or you, as of now, make them draw insight.

This course covers top-to-bottom ideas about how to draw lips, eyes, and countenances, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, quicker than you have ever done.

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#7. Anatomy for figure drawing: Mastering the human figure

Cost: $89.99

This online course on Udemy takes its students through a special and simple-to-follow technique for drawing a human figure. It is outstanding amongst other attractive courses to learn life systems for the human figure.

Over 54000 understudies have effectively taken this online course by Neil Fontaine, a workmanship teacher, proficient painter and essayist.

Amateur and experienced specialists hoping to dominate the human figure can take this course. It is a magnificent fit for anybody seeking a vocation in proficient movement, similar to illustrators, comic craft workers, idea specialists, artists or storyboard artisans.

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#8. Character Illustration

Here, this course teaches you how to plan and draw animated characters. It covers all parts of the character outline, from drawing liquid postures to dominating looks. Additionally, it will teach you the following;

  • Drawing the four centre articulations
  •  Adding shading with an eye for differentiation and style
  •  Adding dress and shading that works for your person
  •  Investigating development and posture with figure drawing works out

This class is best for newbies who need to begin with character delineation.

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#9. Ink Drawing Techniques: Brush, Nib, and Pen style

This online drawing class offered on skillshare by Yuko Shimizu, an award-winning Japanese instructor, is one that allows you to explore the different techniques associated with drawing.

What you will learn are; nib, brush, and ink techniques, the art of calligraphy basics of sketching and scanning. It is interesting that this online drawing class covers a vast area, from the basics of drawing to the expert’s secrets.

Ink drawing techniques will also teach you how to remove unwanted ink without denting your drawing. However, you can use it for two months, but that’s on a free trial with an option to cancel.

This online class lasts for about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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#10. Improve Your Drawing Skills

Cost: Free (LinkedIn Learning)

On Lynda.com, there is a learning curve for you to follow to become an adept artist. This online class is comprised of 10 drawing classes that are spread across 26 videos.

This online drawing class equips you with the capacity to develop, modify, and freshen your artwork.

Online Art & Drawing Class is one of the many classes you will encounter. It is a community of artist learners who come to get a profound knowledge of what drawing is all about.

Upon signing up on creative bug, you will have unlimited access to online drawing classes, and your membership comes at a fee of $7.95 a month and an additional 7-day trial.

Although there are multiple classes that you can access on the creative bug, you can either choose to take a single class or multiple classes.

Interestingly, you can watch them anywhere and without restriction too.

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#11. How to Draw and Sketch for Beginners (Udemy)

This online drawing class is for those who want to master the art of drawing.

Whether or not you’re enrolling for this course for your hobby or graphics, something big awaits you on this Udemy course.

The instructor for this class is Rich Grayson, who, by all means, explores the basics of lines and shapes in drawing.

Additionally, you will learn how to shade, render, and make lines, curves, shapes, and volumes. By the end of the class, you would have become a better artist and up on the way to acquiring pro skills.

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#12. The Ultimate Drawing Masterclass (Udemy)

You wouldn’t know there is a huge line between knowing how to draw and being a confident artist till you have experienced both phases. But, you can feel confident if you enrol for this class and attempt to draw professional drawings.

I am glad to inform you that over 113,000 students have enrolled on this course.

Some key takeaways from this class are; access to lifetime course updates, design exercises, basics of drawing, and concepts like pro premium instructor support.

You wouldn’t want to know that this class lasts about 26.5 hours of on-demand video, and you can enrol using the button below.

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#13. Free Art Lessons (Jerry Artarama)

There are many free online drawing classes that you can find and enrol on Jerry Artaama’s website.

These lessons are prepared and compiled by professional instructors and artists alike. If you are a beginner, you can avail yourself of the time to learn under the tutelage of these pro artists while the video clips equip you with the techniques associated with art.

In this online drawing class, you will learn how to;

  • Share your drawings
  •  Do portrait drawings
  •  Draw a human figure
  •  Hold a pencil in drawing
  •  Draw shapes
  •  Draw the planes of the head, etc.

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#14. Best Anatomy

Giving the human body a defined shape is a skill most people are yet to perfect. So, this instructor, who is London-based, offers you a guide to mastering the components of the human figure.

While this may seem difficult, there is an approach used to ensure you cover the foundational techniques every artist should be aware of.

The curriculum for this online drawing class comprises; an introduction, skeleton, chest, shoulders, abdomen, upper and lower back, upper arms, forearms, Pelvis, hands, feet, and neck.

Each lesson is backed up with a video clip lasting up to 2 and a half hours.

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#15. Best Coloured Pencil drawing (London Art College)

What is drawing without colour? If you intend to make your work colourful with available materials, enrolling on this class sounds like a good option.

This certificate course should be spread across an entire year and equips you with the knowledge of how you can do the following; fur, feathers, eyes, skin tones, trees, and shiny objects using graphite.

You can count yourself lucky if you are re-granted access to the Botanical Colored Pencil, where you’ll learn how to bring drawings to life using light, shade, and colour.

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#16. Best Landscape: Intro to Landscape on Paint Basket Art Classes

If you are one who enjoys drawing your natural surroundings, well, this is an online drawing course to give you the push you need. They will follow through step-by-step and last for about 5 hours and 20 minutes.

An interesting part of this online drawing course is that the instructor, Dennis Clark, centres on how to sharpen best your drawing skills such that you can create distance in your landscape scenes, create depths, etc.

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#17. The Secrets of Drawing (Udemy)

Cost: $13.99

The magic you need to begin drawing almost immediately is embedded in this online course. With about 28 videos presented in High Definition, you can follow up on the classes and improve on your drawing skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are online drawing classes worth it?

Of course, they are. That is why enrolling yourself in one sounds like a great option.

Can I learn drawing online?

Talk about any skill you can learn at any age drawing is one. There are many online classes for both beginners and pros, paid and free classes that can equip you to become a wonderful artist.


The different online drawing classes that have been aforementioned all suit the beginner to pro level. There, you can learn the basics of drawing to a more vast aspect of drawing, such as; figure drawing, illustration, digital art, oil painting, acrylic painting and lots more.

Interestingly, you can have a certificate of completion after the classes, but they only come at a token if the classes you enrolled for were free. Therefore, maximize the opportunity by enrolling in one that suits your schedule.


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