20+ Product Tester Jobs From Home no Experience in 2023

Product tester jobs from home no experience are available in the UK. You can work remotely with national and international businesses.

Depending on the In-Home Usage Test assignment, the company promises employers working between 15 and 25 hours per week with income ranging from £18 to £32 per hour.

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What Exactly Does a Product Tester Do?

Companies and marketing agencies want product testers who can use their goods and provide candid feedback in exchange for payment or a free item.

There are numerous trustworthy businesses that provide opportunities for product testing. They also open opportunity doors for product tester jobs from home no experience.

How Can I Become a Product Tester?

You can sign up with a few websites we will introduce you to and get paid to review products from home if you enjoy trying out new items, taking surveys, and expressing your thoughts on them.

Preliminary surveys will be sent to you when you sign up and provide your contact information to see whether you are eligible to becoming their product tester.

You must have exceptional verbal and writing communication skills, pay attention to detail, and be sincere in your reviews in order to work as a product tester.

It’s easy to find a product tester jobs from home no experience. Companies are looking for people to train and make permanent staffs, you have the chance.

How Much Money Can I Make as a Product Tester?

The remuneration for independent product testers varies according to the complexity of the test and the products they are evaluating. Many product testing projects don’t pay, but the products are yours to keep.

Product tester jobs from home no experience typically earn a base wage of $19.06 per hour, according to Indeed.com.

Best Choices and Alternates for Product Tester Jobs from Home no Experience

One of the most flexible online job, paying up to $50 per hour with no prior experience required is proofreading.

There is a free software called Steady that allows you search for flexible part-time or work-from-home side jobs, income boosters, and grants.

The best website to get money while playing games, viewing videos, and reading emails. Get $5 free as well to get going is the InboxDollars.

The Swagbucks is a reputable website that offers product tester jobs with a good pay of about $20. Even the sign-up incentive is $5.

Gain access to numerous free product samples at least $3 per survey using Pinecone Research.

Best website for opportunities to take part in high-paying surveys and product tests. Earn money quickly in your spare time at Survey Junkie.

Are There Legit Product Tester Jobs from Home no Experience?

Yes, however you must be cautious when you look for a job performing product testing because there are some scams in the industry. The Federal Trade Commission warns that scammers might reach you in a variety of ways, including via paid advertising, social media, and online employment boards. Even radio and television advertisements may contain scams.

Many of the advertisements target people who want to work from home by promising them they can make a lot of money without leaving their homes. It’s usually true if something sounds too wonderful to be true.

Don’t go in with both feet if you see an advertisement for a product tester jobs that appeals to you. Instead, dip your toe into the water and see whether it’s real.

Some con artists, the FTC warns, don’t have a job available is a lie; they are only after your money and personal information.

For Home-Based Product Tester Jobs

Are looking for product tester jobs that are legit? We have a few trusted companies on our list.

Check out These Reputable Businesses:

#1. PINCHme

If you enjoy receiving free samples with no effort, PINCHme is the site for you. On every second Tuesday of the month, or “Sample Tuesdays,” this website provides free product samples to its users.

Simply fill out the registration form with all your information, take the survey to share your shopping preferences, and you’ll be eligible for the free samples.

After receiving the samples, you must provide comments on the goods.

#2. Surveoo

A well-known website for surveys and legitimate product testing employment is Surveoo. The surveys cover topics like politics, the media, health, etc.

YouGov occasionally hires members to test out its products in exchange for cash or gift cards.

#3. SheSpeaks

SheSpeaks is a website for product reviews that frequently provides members free things. Simple registration is required; once your profile is matched with the appropriate product, you will receive an invitation to complete the product survey.

Additionally, it hosts events and gives away products and gift cards.

#4. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) is a reliable business with a long history. It also provides new products and product ideas to its members for approval in addition to delivering questionnaires for market research. You can sign up with ACOP without cost and begin doing the surveys.

Per survey or research project, you can earn up to 5000 points. You can donate to a charity or pay out via PayPal with a minimum redemption requirement of 1000 points. Any user from anywhere in the world who is interested in product testing is welcome to join this panel.

#5. Opinionoutpost

In addition to highly lucrative surveys, Opinionoutpost occasionally offers users remote product testing tasks. It provides many opportunities to make extra money, like viewing videos and reading emails. Additionally, you can refer friends to receive a $5 bonus.

Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, and the UK all have access to this survey panel. Simply by signing up with this panel, you can earn $1.

#6. Toluna

One of the first survey sites, launched in 2000, is Toluna. As a Toluna Influencer, the website offers a ton of legitimate survey and product testing opportunities. 

The US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other nations have access to this survey site, and signing up is simple. 

#7. Nielsen Homescan

You can gain points as a member by taking surveys in particular studies. You can also receive automatic admission into sweepstakes if you participate on the panel.

Additionally, it provides members with exclusive discounts on its affiliated brands.

Users can apply for product tester jobs with Nielsen Homescan, a reputable market research company, through Homescan. You can download the program’s app or purchase the scanner once you register and join.

The work entails scanning the barcodes on the goods you purchase and sending Nielsen the information. You get points for scanning, which you may exchange for goods or gift cards.

#8. Swagbucks

Along with online surveys, Swagbucks occasionally offers product testing opportunities. With Swagbucks, you can do surveys, view movies, play games, and shop online if interested in making additional money.

The website has an A+ rating on BBB and more than 40 million users. Your “Swagbucks” can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.

It simple to sign up, and after you do so, you’ll receive a $5 bonus.

#9. Pinecone Research

Another website that frequently provides panelists with free product samples is Pinecone Research. With your demographic information, you can join this panel. After you test a product, there is typically a follow-up survey to get your feedback for the company.

Even though product testing is done on new products, there are times when you may need to test products that are already on the market or concepts for new products. Additionally, it provides surveys that pay a minimum of $3 each.

#10. Survey Junkie

Periodically, Survey Junkie has lucrative opportunities for product testing. To be matched with appropriate product tester positions, you register and complete your profile.

You must be at least 16 years old and a resident of the United States, Australia, or Canada to sign up for Survey Junkie.

Must complete a survey after being selected to test a product before you may receive the item. You will provide in-depth feedback about the product in a subsequent, more thorough survey, much like with other product testing jobs.

The BBB gives this survey panel a B rating and has over 10 million members.

#11. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a group of individuals that test goods and services for various companies. You will receive qualifying questionnaires following your online registration that will aid in matching you with the appropriate campaigns.

You must respond to some questions and submit an application to participate after being matched with a campaign. Bzzkits are delivered to you for testing.

You must use the product before sharing your thoughts about it on social media or in a thorough review. You must also complete a post-campaign survey to express your final opinions on the merchandise.

#12. User Testing

As a tester, you can help companies that need feedback on their websites and mobile applications. You may test the functionality of websites and apps through user testing and give feedback. This aids companies in refining their goods for increased customer satisfaction.

You can join User Testing and download their software to begin going. You start testing after being matched with the appropriate test. Each exam lasts roughly 20 minutes, and you are compensated $10 via PayPal.

For employment, you’ll need a strong internet connection, a webcam (for live interviews), and a microphone. Remember that since testing chances aren’t constantly available, this is merely a side hustle.

#13. Smiley360

This website Smiley360, you can receive free things in exchange for frank assessments of other websites and social media platforms. You must complete questionnaires after signing up so the business can learn more about your lifestyle and things you use. Enables the business to send the appropriate goods for review.

Fill out questionnaires, participate in debates, and establish a fairly extensive profile to receive free goods. You get notified through email if you are eligible for Smiley360 Mission.

You have ten weeks after receiving the product to try it out and post a review of it on its website and social media.

#14. Product Report Card

Product Report Card is a different website that assists market research firms in obtaining user feedback on free goods. It offers a variety of ways to make money, including live chats, online surveys, product testing, and research studies. Simply create an account online and fill out your profile.

You will receive invitations to the product testing surveys in your email based on your profile and preferences. The product is delivered to you for review if you are selected.

Product Report Card pays in Amazon gift cards or free merchandise for other tests and surveys.

#15. Product Testing USA

You receive free merchandise as a Product Testing USA tester in exchange for your reviews on social media and the company’s website.

By signing up online, getting started with this site is rather simple. Reviewers are chosen at random, and if you are chosen, you will receive invitations via email. The reviews must have a minimum of 500 words, photographs, and a video review.

Reviewers from the US, UK, and Australia are eligible for this opportunity, and you can register for any products if you’re interested.

#16. Home Tester Club

A sizable group of reviewers, The Home Tester Club participate in product testing and offer their unvarnished opinions. Enter your information and respond to a few questions about your shopping preferences to register on the website.

Pre-qualifying questions that determine if qualified for the product will be sent to your email. After being chosen, the products are provided to you within one to three weeks, and you can give feedback once you’ve used them.

Members are encouraged to post photo and video reviews and to compete for weekly prizes. Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom currently provide Home Tester Club.

#17. JJ Friends and Neighbors

Its simple to sign up for Johnson & Johnson’s Friends and Neighbors program to test and review complimentary items. This trustworthy business pays people like you to try out new products before they hit the market.

Only register and fill out all the required information to receive invitations via email. If you have any relevant studies, you can also examine the website. Once you accept the invitation, you can use the product and give feedback.

It also offers additional ways to make money, such as surveys, focus groups, consumer panels, etc. According to the website, your compensated with a gift similar to a prepaid visa card.

#18. Daily Goodie Box

Another service that offers free sample boxes for product reviews is Daily Goodie Box. How quickly you receive the boxes is not specified on the website, but according to Trustpilot evaluations, the wait is worthwhile. The majority of the time, you receive a box packed with full-sized products.

You must leave comments on the Facebook page after using products, and provide thorough reviews. Only US citizens are permitted to access this website.

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#19. SampleSource.com

On this website SampleSource.com, users are encouraged to “try before you buy” any things they are interested in. They deliver the things you enjoy and request that you complete a survey about each one, rating them as you see fit.

You can register, fill out your profile (which is crucial), and share your lifestyle and product preferences. You receive email invitations when the samples become available, and you can then ask to have the products sent to you.

It offers different items for food, cosmetics, beauty care, and home cleaning.

#20. ProductTube

ProductTube pays for providing your feedback about brands you enjoy, just like other product testing jobs. You may share your video reviews of products online or in-store once you sign up for free.

The films don’t need editing; simply post them using the website or mobile app to start earning Amazon gift cards.

#21. Homeschool.com

Product testing is done differently in homeschooling. Despite being primarily for homeschooling parents, the website also offers opportunities for product testing.

If you’re interested, you can sign up to receive invitations by email to test out new publications such as reports, homeschooling materials, and novels. Although you won’t be paid for this job, you get to keep the goods.

Is a Product Tester very Wealthy?

Product testing is typically a side job that should be used to supplement your income rather than as a primary source of revenue.

If you get paid at all for testing a product or participating in a consumer survey, which many product testing companies also provide, the pay isn’t great.

Some businesses compensate employees with points exchanged for gifts or the actual product.

Product tester jobs from home with no experience give you a better opportunity to make more money.

Product testers are wealthy people don’t need to be frightened because of experience, you have good potential as long as your looking for Product tester jobs from home no experience.

Amazon Work from Home Product Tester

Penetration Tester

Salary is from

Start of $111,600 per year
Type of Work Full-Time

The Primary Tasks of a Product Tester:

Follow the guidelines in the in-home usage test daily schedule to properly document the tests (screenshots, audio, video, product diary entries, etc.).
Use the product being tested carefully and with care.
The In-Home Usage Test Daily Schedule with each product testing project should be carefully read and adhered to.

It may contain chores like unpacking, reading instructions, keeping a notebook, providing feedback online or via a mobile device, using the product for a specific period, writing reviews, taking pictures, etc.

Participants may be required to use MFour’s Mobile In-Home Use Test Technology for some In-Home Usage Tests projects. This cutting-edge smartphone technology captures Point-of-Emotion® insights to acquire an unmatched depth of replies.

A market research company may occasionally offer a private chat room were the product under test is discussed.

For each project, complete the reviews as specified in the In-Home Usage Test Daily Schedule.

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The capacity to adhere to detailed directions
Excellent detail-oriented and inquisitive
Being able to devote yourself to a set schedule and work 15 to 25 hours every week
Possess a reliable internet connection and a computer or smartphone.
Have access to a digital camera or a smartphone with a camera -Be trustworthy and sincere.18 years or older Good communication skills are a plus.

For people seeking an entry-level opportunity, flexible or seasonal work, short-term work, or part-time work, a paid Product Tester position is ideal.

There is no requirement for prior experience, and the hours are entirely flexible.


Extremely favorable pay rate
Daily pay
Be flexible with your own schedule.
Discover a fascinating industry
Work remotely (from a home office, a workplace, or a school)
Most of the time, you can continue using the tested product.

Beauty Product Tester Jobs From Home

Beauty Consultant


(A component of the Walgreens Boots Alliance)

00949 Toa Baja, PR


Before you proceed to the firm website to apply, you must create an Indeed account.

Job Objectives and the Full Job Description

Provides customer care to all clients in a professional manner to maximize sales and brand exposure; offers unbiased, tailored expertise and guidance regardless of brand or price range.

Demonstrates a love for beauty and imparts motivational beauty information.

Focuses on the customer’s overall appearance while offering clients answers for their skincare needs, such as mini-makeovers.

Creates a unique and enjoyable client experience by modeling it.

To monitor and upholds the standards for the entire beauty department.

Visit Site

Task Associate

Ulta CosmeticsPostal code 93312

15.50 to 20.70 dollars per hour

Creates a unique and enjoyable client experience by modeling it.

To oversees and upholds the standards for the entire beauty department.

Overview of The Complete Job Description

Discover a place filled with vigor, passion, and excitement. For true beauty fans, is a location where the thrill of discovery and exceptional workmanship converge to produce amazing purchasing experiences. We’re changing the world at Ulta Beauty, one color, one lash, and one cut at a time, because power is in beauty.

Consider Ulta Beauty if you’re looking for a place with more meaning—one with a vision, mission, and lived values—where people’s opinions are valued and acknowledged and opportunities for professional development are plentiful. These opportunities cannot be found anywhere else quite like this.

Visit Site

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Beauty Advisor

San Francisco, California

Before you proceed to the firm website to apply, you must create an Indeed account.

The salary guide on Indeed

Not made available by the employer

According to Indeed, the compensation range for this position in San Francisco, CA is $40.6K – $51.5K annually.

Reporting an incorrect wage

Overview of the Full Job Description: $300 HIRING BONUS FOR JOINING TEAM!

The top travel retailer in North America is called Hudson. With more than 1,000 duty-free, duty-paid, and food & beverage establishments, Hudson has served tourists’ needs and wants for more than 30 years.

In airports, commuter terminals, hotels, and casinos, they couldn’t provide for the needs of their patrons, tenants, and partners without the ongoing assistance of our best resources: Team members. They put a lot of effort into finding and developing great team members committed to acting as the traveler’s best friend for the client.

Visit Site

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a stay at home product tester?

Select the products you want to test.
When ready for a career in this field, decide which products you want to test first.
Join websites that conduct product testing.
Finished screening.
Review the guidelines.
Review and test the product.

How do I become a tester without experience?

Without prior experience, how can you get a position in software testing?
Practice exams.
Learn how to become ISTQB certified.
Join crowd testing sites to receive your first project.
Join communities for software testing to expand your network.
Make changes to your LinkedIn profile.
Apply now for positions in software testing.

Is product tester a real job?

A product tester is what? Companies frequently use distributors or marketing agencies, which employ product testers to assess products, ascertain their capabilities, and ascertain the usage they can withstand. The corporation then makes claims about the product when selling it based on the product tester’s input.

Is product tester work from home legit?

Yes, however, you must be cautious when you look for a job performing product testing because there are some scams in the industry. The Federal Trade Commission warns that fraudsters might reach you through paid advertising, social media, and online employment boards..


Product testing is a terrific option if seeking quick ways to obtain free samples or a fun side job. Even though it only involves extra money or free samples, it is one of the simplest ways to earn money from home.

Who wouldn’t like free goods and the opportunity to express their opinions on consumer goods?

Finding Product Tester Jobs from Home no Experience is easier than you imagine. Just follow all the details above and begin to enjoy freedom.


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