World YWCA African Women Ambassador Internship Programme 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland (Fully Funded/CHF1’100/Month)


World YWCA African Women Ambassador Internship Programme 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland (Fully Funded/CHF1’100/Month)

Are you interested in women’s rights, economic empowerment, women’s health, peace and security? Do you come from Mali, Djibouti, Namibia, Sierra Leone or Swaziland? Then you might be the right person to join the World YWCA African Women Ambassador Internship programme in Geneva this spring.

This is a three month internship mentored by African Women Ambassadors in Geneva and organised in collaboration with the World YWCA.


The Geneva African Women Ambassadors

established an Internship Programme in collaboration with the World YWCA to provide international exposure and opportunities to five young women African students/professionals from less privileged backgrounds in the African context. The internship programme is intended to directly empower young, underprivileged and qualified women from Africa through on­the­job training in Geneva. These young African women will be from Mali, Djibouti, Sierra Leone, Namibia and Zambia.

The young women will be exposed to international intergovernmental processes, the link to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including the workings of the Human Rights Council. The interns will also have the opportunity to be mentored by the African Women Ambassadors for 3 months, attend different trainings, meet different ambassadors and work with World YWCA in areas such as programme development, leadership, advocacy and communications. They will get a chance to be involved in global issues particularly:

  • Economic empowerment including information and communication technology.
  • Women’s health issues (including Sexual reproductive health and rights and Maternal Health).
  • Transformative leadership.
  • Gender based violence.
  • Peace and security.
  • Refugees and Migration .

Internship Programme Objectives

  • To empower young, underprivileged and qualified women from Africa through on­the­job training in Geneva.
  • To expose these young women to international inter­governmental processes (including the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms) in Geneva.
  •  To introduce the young women to global issues.
  •  To build and facilitate the young women’s capacities on advocacy skills .

The internship programme in 2017

The interns will

  • acquire expertise in different areas and on the job training.
  • be mentored by the African Female Ambassadors of their countries.
  • be given opportunities to participate in the work of different organisations in different capacities .
  • network with other interns in Geneva be exposed to International NGOs and UN agencies.


Terms of Reference for three months interns 2017

  • Interns are accountable to the African Women Ambassadors through the World YWCA appointed supervisor.
  • Travel Participants must possess a valid passport and obtain any necessary visas. The World YWCA will cover the most economical and direct route airfare from and to the home country of the participant.
  • Stipend, Allowances and Insurance.

Each intern trainee receives:

1a). A return excess baggage allowance is available of no more than 50 kilograms of personal effects to be sent by the most economical freight from Geneva to the intern’s country of origin (available only for one­year interns). The World YWCA will pay the freight company directly. No allowance for excess luggage is available on arrival in Geneva. Any additional excess luggage expenses must be paid by the intern.

1b). Furnished housing with wi­fi access in a single hostel room is provided.

2a). Stipend payments for food and personal needs of CHF1’100 per month for the full period of the internship.

2b). Basic health insurance is provided to cover health problems arising during the internship, including monthly premiums and annual deductible costs, to a maximum of CHF 6’000 for the year. Swiss disability and pension scheme (AVS) as well as unemployment insurance and taxes (as required by law) are paid by the World YWCA.

2c). Interns will be covered by group accident insurance for any accident occurring both during and outside office hours and in Switzerland and abroad

2d). Travel insurance is provided while travelling to and from Geneva

3). A Geneva bus pass is provided for the period of the internship.

4). A settling­in allowance is given at the beginning of the term in the amount of CHF150.


  • The internship will be for three months in Geneva.
  • The deadline for receiving applications is 23 February 2017.
  • Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Details of costs covered, visa requirements and human resource policies can be found in the terms of reference page

How to Apply: Fill in the application form below, send your CV, motivation letter and degree specialization by email to the Human Resources Officer at:

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the World YWCA African Women Ambassador Internship Protection Status



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