STUDY ABROAD : Top 2 Countries International Students Can Work While Studying



Top 2 Countries International Students Can Work While Studying

Many students chose to take up part time jobs while they are studying abroad. However there are countries that’s extremely difficult to find job as a student and these countries include; Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Greece, Belarus, Cyprus, Philippines etc. So if you intend to study in any of these countries, ensure that you prepare yourself financially. There are also countries you can find part time jobs, that’s enough to take care of your living expenses and tuition fees as well. These countries include; USA, Australia, Canada, UK etc. So if you are preparing to study in any of these countries, you may not really have to worry much about money for your living expenses as you will be able to get part time jobs there. Today, we want to look at top two countries international students can work and study.


When compared to other counties in the list, the Australian government has bendable norms for International students who are coming to work and learn. International students in Australia are allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during their academic sessions, and unlimited hours during breaks and vacations. There is also no restriction for postgraduate research students, or students working for a philanthropic and unpaid work if registered as part of the course. The average hourly wage for jobs in Australia range from $15 to $30.

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The Canadian Government has the best possible study infrastructure as well as the employment opportunities compared to any other countries in the world. International students studying at a public university, a community college, or technical school are authorized to confer degrees and allowed to work on the campus of the institution they are attending without any work permit. Students are also given the provision to work for the institution itself, or for a private business located on the campus. The country has also eased out the Off-Campus Work Permit Programme, and international students can work part-time during regular academic sessions for 20 hours a week and full-time during scheduled breaks, such as winter and summer holidays, and spring break. The average hourly wage for jobs in Canada range from $15 to $25.The Canadian government have also been able to over time provide Canadian scholarships for Nigerian students and thre are also numerous scholarships in Canada for African students.


Students from across the globe seems to have a place in the scholarship  world in Canada,and for different levels too, there are undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for international students in Canada.

Worried about how to secure these scholarships?

At world scholarship forum we have adequate provided contents on how to get scholarships in Canada and also how to get scholarships in Australia, just to ensure that there you can find it as easy as possible to win any scholarship of your choice and also work within any of these countries

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    • To early able to study and work in these country, you need admission offer first. To have a good chance to be admitted and for visa as well ensure you have IELTS or TOEFL couple with your first degrees if you’re for Msc or PhD

      • Hi mr Adesina, i studied meteorology (,please how do I get admission to study in Canada for Msc . And what is IELTS and TOEFL

  1. Im eager to go to any tertiary institution mentioned above but im lacking financial assistance thus i’d be delightened to obtain a scholarship moreover be given the chance to further my studies

  2. I am an ACCA Affiliate, Maters in Business Administration and have banking experience. I need to study in Canada with my family. Kindly advise

  3. Hi Am from Malawi, its very hard for me here and id really like to study i canada as there are many opportunities there..please help

  4. I’m frome TCHAD ,but currently i have another nationalty ,sudanese and i have a strong desire to get myselfe inCanada for study ,
    I couldn’t fine any possiblety ,so how may i fine the best in order to get there.

    • Bonjour, je m’appelle KABURA Dieudonné,
      je suis Burundais, j’aimerai avoir une bourse d’étude Master en science biomédicale ou en épidémiolgie biomédicale appliquée au laboratoire biomédical au CANADA avec un job
      Je serai content d’en avoir

  5. Waat Simon South Sudanese national I just finished my senior four but I have no one to assist me in my study so I do requested you help me find scholars and be eligible to thanks may God help too

  6. Hello here!
    I am NGOMTANOUBA BARTHÉLÉMY student at African Institute of Computer sciences (IAI) of Gabon. I’m looking forward to master degree level 2 but I haven’t my own financial resource to continue. I’m ready to work and study.
    Nationality :CHAD

  7. Hello.i am from Cameron,i need To study in Canada with a full scholarship.i am a student in biochemistry of Cameron.

  8. I am Carolina Mmary from Tanzania I would like to know how can I apply for full scholarship in Canada program on Master of social protection …I wish u could get an opportunity.

  9. hello my names is morel kouakou, from the Ivory cost . i am second year in financial accounting and undertaking management. i very importante for me of take knowledge of data that you put to it student disposal in the purpose to continue on with their report. would i like knowing how to take myself there. to make that do candidates who want to pursue their report to canada or the USA go away? how to play back to profit in bags from the foreigner’s reports ?

  10. Bonjour! J’ai besoin d’une bourse d’étude pour me faire former en diplomatie bien en étant en train de travailler (n’importe où le besoin se fera serai content et reconnaissant si je l’obtient. Merci

  11. I’m a Cameroonian and wish to study medicine under your program. Will be happy being a choice

  12. Bonjour, je m’appelle FIAGBE Kokou Ezéchiel,
    je suis Togolais, j’aimerai avoir une bourse d’étude en Licence en mathématiques industrielles ou en mathématiques informatique ou en statistiques et programation au CANADA avec un job
    Je serai content d’en avoir

  13. Bonjour, je m’appelle FIAGBE Kokou Ezéchiel
    je suis Togolais, j’aimerai avoir une bourse d’étude Licence en mathématiques industrielles ou en mathématiques informatiques ou en statistique et programmation au CANADA avec un travail si possible.
    J’en serais très ravis et utile pour cela.

  14. I am Akanni Emmanuel Ayomikun from Nigeria, I really love to study and work in canada, help please

  15. Please am from Nigeria I need a scholarship to study in Canada I can also work anywhere during my cause of studying pls help me

  16. Bonjour, je m’appelle PYATI Moposah Agathe je suis togolaise j’aimerais obtenir une brousse d’étude en journalisme et un travail à au Canada durant ma formation. Ccela me serais d’une importance inestimable. Merci a vous

  17. Good Day my name is Kylie Hall i am a preschool teacher and want to advance my studies in ECD as well as work in Canada, New Zealand, USA or the UK please can anyone assist with a scholarship as i just do not have the funds.

  18. Hello there,

    I have been wondering whether this is an automated machine or someone really operates this web. If someone really does, then please consider the vulnerability of South Sudanese including me who throughout their life-time wish to upgrade their papers but fail to get chances because of economic implications and high demand of labour market. Please take time to review and get back to me. I have already dropped an email which I believe will guide you through what I need.

    Thank you,

  19. Je répond au nom de hamidou j’aimerais obtenir une bourse d’étude en génie électronique. cela me serai d’une importance inestimable en fin de contribuer au développement de ma nation. Merci à vous

  20. I am Emmanuel NGOE ABWE from Cameroon.Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography obtained from the University of Yaounde 1.Would be glad if offered the opportunity to study and work in Canada

  21. Bonjour, je m’appelle Juslin Kouadio. Je suis étudiant en Master 2 de Biologie Végétale option Protection des Cultures et de l’environnement. Je voudrais avoir une bourse d’étude pour réaliser mon projet de thèse. Merci de bien vouloir m’aider.

    Cordialement, Juslin Kouadio.

  22. Bonjour, je m’appelle Juslin Kouadio. Je suis étudiant en Master 2 de Biologie Végétale option Protection des Cultures et de l’environnement à l’université de Korhogo en Côte d’ivoire. Je voudrais avoir une bourse d’étude pour réaliser mon projet de thèse. Merci de bien vouloir m’aider.

    Cordialement, Juslin Kouadio.

  23. good morning, my name is Oluwaseun, am a stylist and also a musicologist in the making. I saw the scholarship update and I have 100% interest.

  24. Hello,
    I am shelmith from kenya.I would like to have a chance to study in Canada and get to expand upgrade my studies and learn from your country which i believe is among the best in learning. Kindly if you may please get back to me thanks.

  25. Please can someone help me, I need a scholarship to study abroad any country available will be much grateful Pls help me out .contact me on +233 542728889

  26. Please I need help to study and work as well either Canada or United States, Pls someone should help me out
    ++233 542728889

  27. Bonjour moi c’est Jeazet Kengni Boris
    Svp jai besoin de cette bourse pour étudier en génie civil afin de contribuer au développement de mon pays.
    Je répond au +237 670.643.772

  28. Bonjour moi c’est Jeazet Kengni Boris depuis le Cameroun
    Svp jai besoin de cette bourse pour étudier en génie civil afin de contribuer au développement de mon pays.
    Je répond au +237 670.643.772

  29. hi, i am Etiendem Dieudonne Nkongmic.
    i am a graduate from in civil and environmental engineering, i wish to work and continue with my masters please i do not know if you can help me out with a scholarship because i am financially unable.

  30. Hi my name is christin I’m from SURINAME. A country in south America. I need a scholarship in a country where I can study law. I can also work while I studied. I wish u can call or email me back. I hope for the best. Kind regards, Christin????????????????

  31. Please how do i apply for a Masters degree scholarship in USA and Canada. And i will be working and and studying as well. Am Chancellor from Nigeria. Thanks for your response

  32. Bonjour j’espère que vous allez bien.Je m’appelle MOHAMAR YOUSSOUFOU AISSATA je compte faire la terminale D cette année mon rêve est de faire mes études supérieures au Canada après l’obtention de mon baccalauré suis Nigerienne âgé de 17 ans mon désire est de faire des études au Canada raison je suis à la recherche de conseil et des divers critères qui son exigé pour la bourse canadienne.j’espère optenir de l’aide en écrivant ce commentaire je vous remercie

  33. Bonjour j’espère que vous allez bien.Je m’appelle MOHAMAR YOUSSOUFOU AISSATA je compte faire la terminale D cette année mon rêve est de faire mes études supérieures au Canada après l’obtention de mon baccalauré suis Nigerienne âgé de 17 ans mon désire est de faire des études au Canada raison je suis à la recherche de conseil et des divers critères qui son exigé pour la bourse canadienne.j’espère optenir de l’aide en écrivant ce commentaire je vous remercie
    Je répond au +227 80 16 77 05 / +227 92 60 35 74

  34. My name is Maureen from Nigeria, A lady with zeal and Passion to be a Nurse and contribute her selfless services to humanity but has no financial AID to go to school. Please I’m out here seeking for a fully funding scholarship support to study in Canada. Please I’m looking forward for this great opportunity to active this one passion of mine. Thanks

  35. Hello,am Elah Clement,from cemeroon a banking and finance under graduate student whish to study in Canada or US please any one of help.

  36. Bonjour je m’appelle fiston tshikoka,je suis étudiant dexième licence architecture à l’université panafricaine du congo rdc,j’ai besoin d’une boursse d’étude au canada,je suis capable de travailler dans n’importe quelle societé pour payer mes études.merci.

    • je me nomme Sedo koffi Samson suis togolais ayant le bac et une formation en shipping. je veux une bourse d’étude et de travail au canada

  37. Bonjour. je m’appelle Ismail Sow je suis étudiant en 2émme année de l’économie géstion et je suis très motivé de vos bourse,si bien que je l’intention de continuer mes études au Canada qui est un pays que j’admire beaucoup.

  38. I am Daniel ADJIBOICHA from Bénin Republic. I want to further my studies in Canada ….please help me…. I’ll be very happy for your help….

  39. Bonjour , je me norme LOKO Francine véronique ; j’aimerai obtenir une bourse pour pouvoir continuer les études. merci

  40. Bonjour je me nomme emmanuella SEGNON, jai 19anset je suis diplomée du Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) en communication dse entreprises. jai besoin d’une bourse d’étude au suis en état de travailler dans n’importe quel domaine pour payer mes suis joignable sur le +228 97887062 et je vis actuellement au Togo. merci

  41. Je me nomme Koffi Théodore, je suis titulaire d’un baccalauréat scientifique et bénévol dans une ONG de lutte contre le VIH- SIDA. Je souhaite obtenir une bourse pour continuer mes études tout en travaillant. Tout en espérant que ma demande retiendra votre attention, veuillez recevoir mes salutations.

  42. Bonsoir Mme/M. Je m’appelle TADIFFO KANO Cabrel. Qu’elles sont les conditions à remplir pour benéficier d’une bource d’étude doctoral en cinéma et audiovisuel au canada?

  43. I live in part of the world where l haven’t seen or heard much of scholarships. If this is true then I will consider the gods have visited us on foot. I have always wanted to travel study and work. My field of study is biblical studies. Could thiscbeca reality??

  44. Bonjour ! Je m’appelle DJAMEN Vincent De Paul, technicien en analyses médicales avec 3ans de formation. J’ai 26 ans et j’ai eu mon diplôme ce moi de mai. Cette bourse me permettra d’approfondir mes études dans ce domaine. Merci pour votre aide.
    Tel: 676079734

  45. Je me nomme Tony Sounkere. Je suis Béninois et je suis en 2eme année d’université. J’ai 19 ans. J’aimerais bien avoir accès à cette bourse pour continuer mes études en technologie. Mon numéro est le suivant: +229 60 47 85 58. Merçi pour la compréhension et de bien vouloir m’aider

  46. Am grace john from nigeria please i need asistant i have finished my secondary level i dont have any sponsor please i need a scholarship to study in canada and also work there pleas help god bless you.

  47. I’m shepherd Ndlovu from Zimbabwe and I am a diploma holder for education in natural sciences (biology and chemistry ). I need to work and study in Canada for a bachelor’s degree in chemical technology. I have financial constraints and therefore need a financial support.

  48. Hello everybody!
    My name is Roland from Benin, please kindly send me the scholarship for the Master. I have already passed the IELTS with 5.0 and I have my Bashelor!
    Thank you!

  49. Bonjour ! Je me nomme Coulibaly Awa Nandjo, etudiante en génie civil option bâtiment je souhaite de tout coeur obtenir une bourse d’étude pour étudier et travailler au Canada dans le but d’approfondir mes connaissance et de me spécialisé en architecture pour contribuer au développement !

  50. Bonjour je m’appelle SEDJRO AYAO OSCAR .
    Je suis TOGOLAIS ; j’aimerai avoir une bourse d’étude en licence en comptabilité ou finance au CANADA avec un job .
    Je serai très content d’en avoir.

  51. Hello house! I’m a Polytechnic Graduate in Business Administration And Management from Nigeria.; did i stand the chance to be awarded scholarship to work and study a Postgraduate Course related to my discipline in Canada or USA and what are the basic requirement. Please i look forward to sincere feedback.

  52. iam lokong mark in uganda.iam looking for ascholarship to take me up university am A LEVEL LEAVER IN 2015.i waz doing HEA/SMTC with am in total financial if given chance i would like to do education in economic or finance & accounting,so please i want your favor through this!
    +2784587783/781341892/ stay blessed

  53. Bonjour,je m’appelle Bizimana suis burundais j ‘aimerais solliciter une bourse d’etude là au Canada en Maitrise en Marketing.j’ai un Diplome de Licence en sciences economiques,et au cas où ma demande serait agrée j’espere que mes connaissances seront renforcées et je vais contribuer au developpement de ma nation etant donné qu’il m’est pratiquement impossible de continuer mes etudes sans appui.Merci pour la bonne reponse. mon telephone mobile est +257 79647202

  54. Hello good evening,
    I completed a Bachelors Degree in Internation Relations and Diplomacy 3 years back and i want to upgrade my profession with a Masters Degree in this course or any related field but i am not financially well . Therefore if am given an opportunity to study in Canada i am extremely ready to work so as to cater for my welfare.

  55. Hi, am James from Nigeria, it will be a very big previledge and opportunity for me to work and study in either Canada or Australia if given the opportunity. Thanks!

  56. Mon nom est ruphin ilunga. Je viens solliciter une bourse d’études au Canada, en vue d’apprendre et approfondir mes connaissances.
    Je suis gradué en sciences economiques.
    0823561654 en mon numéro de contact, au cas où ma demande est validée

  57. Bonjour je suis Ornela ALLADAYE je suis Béninoise, j’aimerai obtenir une bourse d’études niveau Master en biologie médical ou épidémiologie au Canada. Merci a vous

  58. Bonjour je suis camerounaise j’aimerais avoir une bourse d’etude au canada en DROIT INTERNATIONAL HUMANITAIRE.Aidez moi svp

  59. En effet j’ai une licence en Relation Internationale et avec une grande experience dans le domaine des enquetes,des sondages et aussi dans le domaine du medicament.En plus je serai apte à travailler dans n’importe quelle structure.

  60. Bonjour , je suis MAMY PÉTOI LOUIS. Je viens de finir mon cycle d’ingénierie en Électricité. Je prépare présentement mon mémoire sur l’énergie solaire.
    Dans le souci d’accroître ma connaissance et promouvoir ce secteur de l’énergie renouvelable, je sollicite continuer mes Études au Canada.
    Prière d’accepter ma candidature.

  61. Hello, I’m MAMY PÉTOI LOUIS. I just finished my engineering cycle in Electricity. I am currently preparing my thesis on solar energy.
    In order to increase my knowledge and promote this renewable energy sector, I am asking for my studies in Canada to continue.
    Please accept my application.

  62. hello, am wisdom nyirenda completed my secondary school 7 years looking for scholarship to study any field provided their is scholarship attached.i haven’t been able to further my educations because finance disabilities.therefore am ready to work and study

  63. Bonjour Madame/Monsieur, je me nomme TSOGBETSE Komla Mawunyefia du Togo, j’ai ma licence en science de l’homme et de la société mation sociologie de pratiques sociales, santé et développement, je désire très vivement avoir une bourse d’étude et de job canadienne pour continuer en master et en même temps acquière de solide base pour permettre le développement de mon pays ainsi que le continent Africaine. Mon téléphone : +22891396817, e-mail :

  64. Bonsoir, je m’appelle rokhaya Diouf. Je suis sénégalaise et je fais la licence en sociologie dans une université dont les cours se font en ligne à savoir l’université virtuelle du Sénégal. J’aimerais bien poursuivre mes études au Canada mon pays de rêve que j’admire beaucoup et d’avoir un travail en même temps. Merci!!!

  65. I’m Ajede Oluwaseun from Nigeria. I have a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, I’m currently a Master’s student in a notable institution in my country,Nigeria. I also have work experience in farm management and poultry production. Please I would like to share in this opportunity to study and work in Canada/USA. Thanks in anticipation

  66. je suis licencé en geologie et mine .
    je prefere faire le troisième cycle au canada car j’aime la formation de l’amerique et ça pourra aider mn pays d’aller un jour en avance

  67. Bonsoir je m’appelle Mabounda jefferson de nationalité Congolaise je viens d’obtenir mon bac scientifique j’aimerai solliciter une bourse d’étude en médecine afin de contribué au développement de ma nation dans le domaine de la santé chose que je ne peux pas faire dans mon pays car notre universités est en grève .Merci pour votre compréhension . mon numero est +242050543798

  68. my name is Twagirimana Athanase
    I’m Rwandan my lever is secondary in science it my dream to study medecine in can but finacial is unable please help me

  69. Hi lam Mututwa Kennedy from Zambia, l would to study and work there .l really need your help on how l should apply for a degree program. Your response will be appreciated

  70. Hi, I am a Zambian by birth and qualified electrical technologist aged 34years married.
    I wish to study in Canada on a scholarship award and have part time employment. Advice on the procedure to aid me realize my degree of becoming a formidable electrical engineer.

  71. Hi! Am Nzofou kengmeni Elvis by name,Cameroonian. I have BA in History, I wish to further my education,I will highly appreciate if I am giving the privilege to STUDY and work in Canada ????… Thanks

  72. Salut
    Je me nomme Wadlyne CHATELAIN. Je suis Haïtienne. Je vis en Haïti. j’aimerais bien faire mes études au Canada. J’ai toujours rêvé faire mes études dans ce pays. Je compte bien sur votre compréhension.

  73. Salut on m’appelle Minkem Donfack Rosmerline Alida , je suis une camerounaise âgée de 19ans je fais dans les sciences dentaires. J’aimerais obtenir cette bourse afin d’approfondir mes études et connaissances . Merci d’avance.
    Je réponds au +237680805610

  74. Bonjour chère Mr/ Madames , moi c’est Yolande DANGNIHIN je suis béninoise, licenciée en science économique et j’aimerais poursuivre mon master et faute de moyens je n’ai pas encore commencé. Svp je cherche une bourse d’étude afin de pouvoir commencer mon master. Merci bien pour la compréhension.

  75. Je répond au nom de AYATSE YAPO MARIO, je suis de nationalité ivoirienne. J’ai un master en sociologie de développement rural et je souhaite approfondir ma connaissance scientifique par le biais de votre bourse d’étude tout en me permettant l’obtention du doctorat au canada. Merci Et
    Mon contact : +22547907073.

  76. Hello im Bester.I really hope and believe you could give me the privilage of studying in Canada.I have a great vision in studying architecture and have the potential to do it.

  77. Hello my name is Hawanatu Kamara from Sierra Leone, i would like to further my education nd work in Canada pls i need your help thank u 4 your concern, Mobile contact 079414577

  78. Please can u help me, I want a scholarship to pursue masters programme in Canada and work there as will.

  79. Hello, I am Gordon Okal from Kenya, I have been really longing to get a scholarship to further study abroad. I don’t know the procedure please helps me on how to go about it.

  80. Hi everyone there
    I am Ezzadin Ibrahim from Sudan, I am Information System graduated & looking for immigiration to any of this two countries , I am currently staying in KSA but I am leaving by end of this year, I can departed to any of them if I found study with work or work only even.


  81. I’m Chinyere,a Nigerian. I want to work and start my Masters in Canada or Australia. Please kindly put me through. Thank you.

  82. Nongmo Gerard is my name. Need assistance to secure scholarship in Canada. From Cameroon, holder of a Master of Engineering Diploma in Industrial Maintenance & Production Engineering. My email:
    Thanks for ur help

  83. Hi..I’m VERA NJONG , a Cameroonian. I will like to study and work in canada. I will appreciate if you can put me through with some information including information on scholarship opportunities. ..thanks.

  84. My name is Queen. Please how do I apply for work /study in Canada. I will appreciate a positive response . Thanks

  85. Hi my names are Mengnjo Lucian ghaife I’m a Cameroonian studying economics management and science I really wish to get a scholarship to study and work in Canada a degree program please how do I do about it

  86. Hi I’m Mengnjo Lucian ghaife a Cameroonian I’m studying economics management and science I wish to apply for a scholarship in Canada to work and study there how do I go about

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  88. Hi am Nasia Fatuma from Uganda aged 36years and am married, am asocial worker by profession. I wish to further my education, I will highly appreciate if am giving the opportunity to study and work in Canada .thank you

  89. I’m abel siwakwi staying in zambia, I would like to do a postgraduate degree in public administration in Australia Or Canada. My contact number is 0966-798485. Thank you for your concern, I need your assistance.

  90. Hello
    Am Kema Vivian, am a certified registered nurse and a Nigerian, I solely wish to further my education in Canada as well as getting a part time job. Please I need your urgent response on how to put me through… Thanks and God bless. 08096060705.

  91. Greetings sir I wish to apply for a masters program in your scholarship program .am named achidi Eric zelewo .a degree holder in marketing contact +237679953121 presently living in Cameroon.

  92. i am greeting i am very interesting canada i need study in canada alsow i can work please contact me my no whastapp +252636532567

  93. I’m Ngudue Lilian Batinga by name and a Cameroonian. Saw this and wish I can be put through to apply for a Master degree on human resource management .I’m gladly waiting for a response from you people thanks.

  94. Good day…I’m Ngudue Lilian Batinga from Cameroon. I’m interested to further my education on human resource management.. Your response will mean a lot to me. Thanks

  95. Hi,I am Aiyedogbon martin gbenga from nigeria. I have my national diploma in mineral resources engineering, I will did like to further my education to study and work in Canada. 08163083943

  96. Hi my name is Ezema joy Nnedinso .I have a bachelor in nursing with RN andRM licence and I’m a Nigerian.pls I need your assistance to work and study in Canada as a registered nurse.

  97. Hi to day, am Rwandan Registered nurse with bachelors in general nursing sciences Iwould like to pursue my studies to masters kindly email

  98. hi my name is Temesgen Tadege
    from ethiopia
    have Ba degree in sociology and social anthropology and need this chance
    contact 0916284288/


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