STUDY IN CANADA : Looking for a Good University and College in Canada-Factors to Consider



Looking for a Good University and College in Canada-Factors to Consider

If you are looking forward to studying in Canada as an international student, you will agree with me that it’s quite challenging getting the right university or college to pursue your study. Going through a consultant or an agent might not solve your problem as some consultants know little about Canada and its universities and colleges. In this article, I will be providing some factors you must consider when you are looking for a good college or University in Canada.

Canada scholarships for International students are also available for students from any part of the world, both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships. This kind of programs too can help one decide as soon as possible and also serve as a motivation for intending students to sail..below are a list of factors scholars can consider!!!

  • World and National Rankings – Not all universities have good ranking. If you want a good university, you must first of all check the world and national ranking of such an institution before you start sending your application to them. World ranking associations are Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings.  QS gives rankings by country.  For example the University of Alberta is ranked number 4 according to the QS index.  Also a country’s national newspapers may help you find information on national rankings.
  • Teaching Excellence – You must also find out how qualified their professors and lecturers are, and even if qualified, can they teach?  These are important questions.  According to MacLean’s magazine, a well-recognised paper in Canada, Alberta has two of the best teaching universities in Canada.  Additionally, the University of Alberta has many professors who hold Excellence Teaching Awards.
  • Academics – In addition to ranking and teaching excellence the program and curriculum are equally important.  You must attend an accredited institution, especially if you want to have your degree recognised and also obtain a study permit to study in Canada.  Accreditation is granted to universities and colleges whose curriculum and etc. meets national standards.
  • Scholarships awards for international students – Some Canadian universities give good scholarships to international students.
  • Work and study – The Canadian government allows international students to work up to 20 hours per week while they are a student and this can be done both on and off campus.
  • Cost – not only does tuition cost come in here, but the cost of living.  The same cost of living doesn’t apply to all provinces, so when you are planning on studying in Canada, you will want to look at which province/city has an affordable cost of living.
  • International Centre – where workshops, cultural and recreational activities and helpful staff abound.  International students studying in Canada need this kind of support.
  • Health Services – what kind of health plans and on-campus services are provided?
  • Career Placement Services – many campuses offer both international and national students assistance in resume writing, interview workshops and job postings.  Also when choosing a university or college to study at in Canada, find out if it offers internships and co-operative work programs to their students.
  • Security – what kind of security is provided?  For example the University of Alberta has 24 hour security at their student residences.

Location – location is so important for several reasons such as climate, social life, cultural or religious relevance, cost of living and job opportunities once you graduate or even while a student.  For example, 88% of Georgian College’s graduates find employment after studying in Canada.

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  1. Sir,i am happy to write to you. I am a holder of B-Tech in electrical engineering and love to further my education in any part of your country in order to meet up with the educational level and practical knowledge. I will really be grateful if am among those selected , Thanks while waiting to hearing from you

    • Ji did my bachelor of Science in Hiv and AIDS management. I wish to study further my education at any one of your institution I Canada

  2. Je me nomme Abah Rubenson Guy et je suis âgé de 21ans. En fin de cycle BTS a l’Ecole Superieure Technique La Salle en Électrotechnique je souhaiterai obtenir une bourse en lignede continuer mes etudes au Canada

  3. Am TEHLOG EBAMI CANDIDE am reading port an maritime management in Cameroon I will like to come to Canada to forward it more because in cameroon we lack good teachers to help us i will be glad if i am chose through scholarship means to come foward my education

  4. Hello. I am Ruth from Nigeria. I have national diploma in Laboratory Technology and I am looking forward to furthering Bachelor studies in Canada. Pls I need help.

  5. Morning
    MY name’s Inácio Paruque from Mozambique, with 14 years working in Diferent Program of Health and Community Development so I would like Join this experience with Any formation related. How can i do.

  6. salut je suis un jeune étudiants ayant ça licence en sociologie et désireux obtenir une bourse et poursuivre c’est étude au canada

    • Salut ! Je suis un jeune diplômé camerounais de 26 ans: technicien en analyses médicales. Je souhaite avoir une bourse et poursuivre mes études au Canada.

  7. Hi I graduated from a bachelor’s degree in petroleum exploitation and currently doing the master 2 to get a master’s degree in oil production. I wish to obtain a scholarship to continue my studies in Canada as the country is one of the major oil exporters

  8. I want to study Health Care Administration in Canada in my undergraduate course. How can I get sponsorship and which University is best for me in Canada.

  9. Je suis étudiante en licence de sociologie je voudrais approfondir et continuer mes études au Canada alors je voudrais une bourse pour sa merci de m’aider.

  10. I would love to work and live Canada… I also want to do my MBA. Currently I had my Bachelor degree in business administration from University of Lagos with second class upper. Kindly response and advice on how to apply. Thank you!

  11. Hello,i’m in fourth year of university, in renewable energy, i have one year of experience in oil field and i like fourther my studies in Canada. So help me please.

  12. Good evening. my name is mohamed zongo.i got my bachelor degree in marketing management in BURKINA FASO.i am very excited to continue my master in canada. please help me to have a scholarship to continue my studies.

  13. i will like to study and work in Canada i have B.Sc in Library and Information Science and i will like to do an undergraduate course on Information Technology or Master on Information Science

  14. Hi my name is Fongwi TeyI’m Pila,ffrom cameroon.I like to study in Canada.What do I need and how do I go about?

  15. Hi! Iam Fiacre AHO from Benin Republic, I am willing to further my studies in Canada while doing a part time job. Please me give me an opportunity! Thank a lot in advance!

  16. I am Gracia nkunda from DRCongo I am willing to further my studies in Canada while doing part time in nursing as a Midwife. Thanks

  17. Bonjour,je suis MBOURRA DE FRED JHON TONY BELANGE,je suis Congolais et j’habite a BRAZZAVILLE,je suis detenteur d’un Bacalareat en serie D (science), j’aimerai avoir une Bourse d’Etude dans une Université du Canada,afin de me perfectioné d’avantage.A tout ceux qui liront ce message,Veuillez agree l’expression de mon plus profond respect

  18. Greetings Sir/madam
    Tamnjong Evert is my name. I’m from Cameroon and I wish to further my studies in public health in Canada. I need your help about the application procedures. thanks

  19. Hi my name is Millicent, I want to study in Canada and at same time work please help me, how will I get d sponsor as in the scholarship. Thank u

  20. I graduated from Taisolarin University of Education this year,my discipline is Agricultural Economics and I wish do my masters in any European country that have good economy

  21. My name is Ogunkoya Adesola,am a graduate of Health Information Management,I would like to work & study in Canade,pls how can I go about it,thanks.

  22. I am Jimmy Alfred from Uganda.Qualified biomedical laboratory technologist.Am interested in advanced area of study in laboratory medicine.Kindly help.

  23. Hello,
    I am Emmanuel from Ghana. A student and a sports man(soccer),also a degree holder in Bsc. Natural Resources Management. Am really interested in studying and fulfilling my dreams as a sports man in Canada. Please I need help on how to get a scholarship. Hope for a respond.

  24. je m’appelle Souleymane Kaba de la Guinée Conakry. Je suis licencié de l’université du Caire faculté de lettre et littérature françaises et j’aimerais bien poursuivre mes études supérieures au Canada

  25. Wilfrance TOUDONOU est mon nom et je suis souhaiterais étudier en science économique au Canada pour la préparation de ma licence mon Master et mon doctorat.Je vous pris de m’aider à réaliser ce rêve que je crois sera pour moi un tremplin pour une réussite certaine

    • I seek your assistance in helping me secure scholarship admission in Canada university to study Msc computer security systems.

  26. Je m’appel AUSSE AKPADU Junior, je suis licencié en science psychologique, option psychologie clinique de l’Université de Kinshasa. J’aimerai continué avec le master et doctorat chez vous au canada

  27. I hold a Masters in Environmental Science and interested in studying a PhD related to Environment Management related research.I kindly request for assistance with information and possible opportunities to study and work in Canada.

  28. Am Ndong Solomon Takang from Cameroon and i will be so glad if you people can permit me to continued my undergraduate program on tourism and hospitality in Canada. God bless you and i am waiting.

  29. Salute!I’m Idi Kane and I’m a lawyer at Sahel University at Dakar (UNIS).
    I need to go at Canada in order to study and adding knowledge at what I’m studying and discover others horizons to set how i can be useful for my country and the rest of the World!

  30. Slt je suis mamadou sadio,je suis senegalais j’ai fais 3ans de formations infirmier et j’aimerai postuler pour continuer mes etudes et travailler au canada. Je n’ai que le diplome d’ecole .svp aidez a comprendre le processus

  31. I am grateful for the information! I’m a graduate student, bachelor degree of special needs education and i would like to be funded for the masters degree on the particular course. Am ready for study – work in any country that provides that course!

  32. Am Ogunwande Sodiq from Nigeria. A bachelor’s degree holder in Mathematics (second class upper division). Aspiring to further with my masters while also working in Canada. How can you be of help as regards scholarship and necessary processes needed? I will be glad to receive your response on this. God bless you.

  33. bonjour je suis un jeune camerounais de 28ans sans emploi, et titulaire de deux master2 qui souhaiterait continuer ses études, à cet effet je postule pour le doctorat à l’étranger, je suis à l’écoute

  34. Bonsoir ou bonjour démons le moment où vous aurai mon appel à l’aide mon nom est Nah Joseph je suis un étudiant en science de la terre et de l’univers en deuxième année universitaire au vu de mon handicap financière à me payé une école de renommée pour mieux me formé je voir en votre ouvre une grande opportunités pour approfondie les étude c’est pour cela que je sollicité votre aide à travers cette bourse merci.

  35. Bonsoir,je me nomme Hema K.Aminata. Je suis née en juillet 1992. De nationalité burkinabé et résidant à Ouagadougou(Burkina Faso),Je suis titulaire d’une licence en Droit privé(option affaire).Par votre aide, j’aimerais avoir l’opportunité d’étudier et travailler au CANADA afin d’approfondir mes connaissances en Droit international et découvrir d’autres horizons. Bonne réception.
    Je vous remercie.

  36. Bonsoir,je me nomme Hema K.Aminata. Résidant au Burkina Faso,je suis titulaire d’une licence en Droit. J’aimerais avoir l’opportunité d’étudier et travailler au Canada. Aider moi s’il vous plaît. Merci.

  37. Salut mon nom c’est MAME BALLA DIOUF. Je suis sénégalais et j’ai eu mon licence en géographie physique à l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar. J’aimerai bien avoir une bource pour pouvoir continuer mes études de master au Canada. Merci

  38. Hello,my name is Ategwa john.a degree holder in law .wish to further my studies in Canada and gain experience so i can apply the experience back home.Cameroonian .no job.

  39. Bonjour ,je suis Tagro gnoleba Jean Saint-Clair ,je voudrais bénéficier d’une bourse d’étude afin de me perfectionner en informatique

  40. Am a graduate of Agricultural extension from Nigeria, i would be grateful if schorlaship can be granted to me to pursue my masters degree in agricultural science
    komolafe oluwatosin Tumininu

  41. Hii i AM asrar from Eritrea, but now am in Italy for medical issues. I completed the education of nursing practice and would Like to continue please help me to study and live in Canada.

  42. I’m Fath Matouba from Congo brazzaville, I’m a bachelor degree in sociology and I would like to reply for master degree please help me. Currently I’m staying in Accra Ghana.thank you.

  43. Please my name is Glory Ekama,I am a Nigerian, a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife, I would love to work and study in Canada,please give me an opportunity and the way I could go to make it a success. I also ask for a good university to continue my degree program and my specialty.

  44. Hi am sacdiya axmed from somalia.I graduated secondary and now am is sudan studing nursing.But i would like to learn bussiness administeration if i get this opportunity .thanks

  45. Am Ekhator osakpolor, I study Agricultural education, and I want to further my education please,how can I apply and also secure a job? Please help me


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