Why You Should Study in the United Kingdom


Why You Should Study in the United Kingdom

What sets the UK apart from other countries is having some of the oldest, best and highly rated universities in the world. Studying in the UK will help you in the labour market both in the country and internationally because your degree will be recognized all over the world you will have one of the requirements demanded by companies, which is a good command of English.

Also UK universities have a more practical approach than most Spanish speaking countries as they develop skills which are needed by the labour market than knowledge of theory which may not be needed by a student during his working life.


The overall duration for a course in the UK is three years in Wales and England and four years for Scotland. There are exceptions for career courses like Medicine which last for about five or six years. Degrees available in the UK include:

BSc: Bachelor of Science (degree in science, natural or social)

BEng: Bachelor of Engineering (Degree in Engineering)

LLB: Bachelor of Law (law ​​degree)

MB or BS: Bachelor of Medicine (medical degree)

BEd Bachelor of Education (Degree in Education)

BA : Bachelor of Arts (Degree in arts, humanities or social sciences)

Also the degree can be differentiated based on whether they are combined or not, as well as the amount of credits or the average score at the end of the course

Honours degree: Studying a course to a high level usually for three years, or about four years in the case of Scotland or special races. With test scores, we can get First Class Honours, Second Class Honours or Third Class Honours.

Joint Honours degree: This is honour degree but is a combination of two different courses. It is known as a double major degree because it is a combination of two courses with a single title given unlike a double degree where two titles are given separately. It lasts for three years in England and Wales and four in Scotland.

Ordinary degree: Studying of various subjects on a general level with duration of three years.

Combined Honours degree: In these courses three or more subjects are studied at a higher general level, where students have the opportunity to establish their own curriculum by choosing electives. This is known as Liberal Studies, or Liberal Arts and Sciences in the US

Grade sandwich:This is a degree in any of the degrees above but includes a year of internship which is usually paid or going abroad to study for a year making the degree to last for four years in Wales and England and five years in Scotland.

The advantage is that students have a year experience and have met many people which will increase their chances of getting a good job

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