West Africa Arts Program for Creative Entrepreneurs 2019


West Africa Arts Program 2019

Applications are currently been invited by the British Council’s West Africa Arts Programme #UKWestAfricaArts from Creative Hubs in Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and the United Kingdom to participate in a development programme for Creative Hubs from these countries. Applicants are reminded that on an application, they are to ensure that they have complied with the eligibility criteria

The Creative Hubs Programme will support hubs to strengthen their sustainability through a programme of facilitator-led and peer-to-peer learning and networking for hub managers or founders involved in day-to-day leadership or management of the hubs.

The Creative Enterprise Programme is designed to support entrepreneurs who are already in the process of setting up their own creative enterprise. The workshop content and activities are relevant to people whose businesses are up-and-running and those who are in the very early stages.

It’s suitable for people just starting out and for people who have been running a business for a long time, to take a fresh look at their business using new methods.

What You Need To Know About  West Africa Arts Program 2019

The Creative Enterprise Programme is a four-day practical workshop that equips creative entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Expert facilitators, as well as local market specialists, will provide face-to-face support to help entrepreneurs explore business ideas, develop their business proposition, and create a business model that suits their hopes and motivations.

This interactive programme brings Nesta’s Creative Enterprise Toolkit to life, and uses a mixture of practical exercises and activities that have been designed specifically for the programme.

Through the four days, participants explore key ways to:

  • understand the building blocks that describe and will shape their business opportunity
  • identify and better understand customers, and explore how the business will function and grow
  • visualise the main components of the business and bring together the key elements of a business plan.


The Creative Enterprise Programme builds on the Creative Enterprise Toolkit in a supportive peer-to-peer learning context. A Nesta workshop facilitator and creative business expert, who brings a wealth of experience, present the content and offers participants advice and guidance for getting their products and services to market. Through interactive exercises and activities, participants will gain a better understanding of how to develop their businesses.


Day 1: You and Your Idea

Focuses on helping participants understand the building blocks that describe and shape their business opportunity;

  • Explores values, vision and mission
  • Uses modelling to demonstrate what impact the business could have

Day 2: Your Customers

Encourages participants to identify and better understand customers and users. It focuses on exploring how the business will function and grow by;

  • Learning from other local creative entrepreneurs
  • Describing customer profiles and needs
  • Defining the business processes and the relationships needed to help them realise their business opportunity

Day 3:

Visualise the main components of the business and to bring together the key elements of participants’ business plans through a first draft of the Business Model Canvas (BMC). It provides supports participants to;

  • Understand the legal and financial considerations for running a business
  • Evaluate the business and plan for the future
  • Prototype a first draft of a business plan using the BMC

Day 4:

  • Hear from the experts and learn practical and applicable skills for your business.

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The scholarships are available for pursuing the  Training in Entrepreneurship

Host Nationality:

This Scholarship is to be taken in Abuja, Nigeria. If you are an international student and you wish to study in the UK, this is for you Complete Guide to Getting A UK Tier 4 Student Visa For International Students.

Eligible Nationality:

The Bursary is open to Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and United Kingdom. Read also if you wish to study outside your home country Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits:

The bursary will provide coverage of the following expenses: registration fees, tuition, prescribed textbooks, accommodation, and a living allowance. The bursary value will be dependent on the students household income.

  • Participation in the workshop is free.
  • There are bursaries available to support participants from outside Abuja with flights, accommodation and breakfast and lunch each day.

West Africa Arts Program Eligibility: 

All participants of the CEP must:

  • Be a creative business, working in the relevant creative industry – fiction and nonfiction writers, editors, publishers, journalists, screenwriters, scriptwriters, illustrators, graphic novelists, comic artists, playwrights, bloggers, and poets
  • Have an already established enterprise or be in the later stages of developing an idea. This is typically a business no more than two years old but can be a more established business wishing to pause and consider their model through the CEP lens
  • Be willing to share their knowledge and experience with the group in an open, supportive peer lead learning environment
  • Come prepared to work on their business/idea, to progress through the programme, considering peer feedback, to strengthen their proposition
  • Be open to supporting fellow participants in developing their idea through providing constructive feedback when appropriate
  • Be available for the full duration of the programme.

How to Apply: Please fill in the form by 30 October. Selected Hubs will be notified by 6 November.

Application Deadline: 30th October yearly

Visit the Program Webpage for Details


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