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Most people looking for jobs scare away from Temp agencies with the mindset that they are all scams. This is because they have little or no knowledge about how they work.

Reading this post will help you learn more about Temp Agency also known as a staffing agency and how it works.

For ages, there has been a misconception about Temp Agencies. While some folks believe that the agencies provide entry-level, some believe that they make workers work as slaves.

What they don’t know is that with a staffing or temp agency, they can get to find a wide variety of jobs and can even get a job as CEOs.

So, if you are looking for a job, carefully read this article to learn how everything about the Temp Agency and how to use one to land that your dream job.     

What is Temp Agency?

A Temp Agency, also known as a Staffing Agency, is a company that works with other companies and businesses looking for workers. Generally, Temp agencies work with companies that need temporary, part-time, or seasonal workers. 

Aside from the recruitment processes they handle, they also handle a company’s human resources department’s duties and work on niche industries. 

Basically, Temp Agencies are viewed from two points of view: Employers and Workers points of view.

While employers see the agencies as a major contributor to an efficient recruitment process, Workers view them as a last resort once getting a job is concerned. 

Before now, temp agencies focus on helping unskilled workers secure jobs, but now they have made room for highly skilled contract workers in fields like medicine, technology, publishing, and engineering.

What are the Duties of Temp Agencies?

Some duties of Temp Service include:

  1. They attend to workers in search of jobs.
  2. They enter into contracts with companies in need of temporary or seasonal workers.
  3. Also, Temp Agencies assign workers to companies that need their services.
  4. They pay workers on an hourly basis.
  5. Before placement, they are responsible for determining workers’ skills through screening exercise.

Advantages of Temp Agencies?

Temp Agencies help both the employers and workers in several ways, which have benefited both parties a lot. Some of the ways include:

  1. They help employers to save time and effort. Companies or employers need not conduct any screening process or job interview to get the right people for the job.
  2. Temp Agencies help companies get qualified workers as fast as possible.
  3. Also, they help employers save because the workers provided are not to receive any incentives like health insurance or leave allowance.
  4. For workers, Temp Agencies allows them to have access to varieties of job opportunities. 
  5. They also offer workers free placements services.
  6. Moreso, Workers can get full-time, part-time, or seasonal scheduling options that match their skill sets.

How do Temp Agencies Work?

Temp Services are important to employers that need temporary workers on contract bases. Some works are part-time, seasonal, and urgent. 

Once the employers get to them, the first thing scrutinizes the workers’ applications based on the job specification needed. Their major aim for taking such a step is to determine who would be a good fit based on their experience.

Then, workers that meet up to what the employers need gets the jobs. The successful workers get to discuss the pay rate and estimated timeframe for how long the job will last with the agency. 

The agency handles the wages and any other pay. That means that although the worker is working for the company, his direct employer is the agency. And once the worker completes the job, he or she can go back to the agency for another job is any.  

On some occasions, the worker gets another job immediately because of how relevant he or she is or how good the worker performed in his or her last job. Therefore, its important workers keep an outstanding work record. 

Factors to Consider when choosing Temp Agencies

Whether you are an employer or a worker, some factors are necessary that you consider when choosing a Temp Agencies.

Yes, there are so many Temp Agencies that offer services. Some are scammers, while some are not competent in the service they render. So to be on a safer side, it’s expedient you put the following factors into consideration.

Service Fees:

As a worker, no legit Temp Agency will expect you to pay any service fee. Normally, Temp Services are paid by the businesses looking for temporary workers. So, you better reconsider any agency asking you to pay a fee before they can get a job for you because they might be scammers.

Agency Reputation:

This factor is very important. Before you can consider any Temp Agency, ensure that the agency has a high reputation and trustworthiness. This is where a place of extensive research comes to play.

Well Organized:

There is every tendency that any agency that is not well organized or has a formal system is not legit. Ensure that any agency you want to go for is well informative and knowledgeable about the jobs they want to assign to you.

How does a Temp Agency Recruits?

Temp Agencies or Staffing Agencies have different recruitment processes. 

In as much as their processes differ, everyone of agencies is expected to the following: 

  1. Accept worker’s CV either for a specific job or on general resume submission.
  2. Review the application to ascertain those qualified or good for the job.
  3. Interview all the qualified applicants. The aim of the interview is to know the applicant’s skill-set and about the opportunity he/she wants, whether it’s a contract or a full-time job. 
  4. After that, the agency will help you polish your resume and provide immediate feedback–based on everything from professional appearance to answering key questions appropriately.
  5. Once a worker is qualified for a job, they will help the work learn and understand the job description.
  6. Then, send the worker’s CV to the hiring employer to decide whether to consider the worker for their position after reviewing your CV.
  7. After reviewing the CV, the hiring company reschedules the worker for another interview, which, if selected, the employment agency will work out details, including pay rate, necessary paperwork, and start date.

Before we wrap it all below is a list of top Temp Agencies you can go for.

Best Staffing Agencies

Bottom Line

With Temp Agencies, whether you’re an employer or employee, you have a lot of opportunities that can help you give your best.


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