What Does it Mean when you Dream about Snakes? Facts

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Snakes are one of the most deadly and creepy creatures in the world. Most women in pregnancy across various cultures get scared when they dream about snakes. Some others have one or two beliefs attached to dreams especially when it is tied to snakes during this period.

Is snake dreaming an omen or not during pregnancy? Or is it just a normal dream out of fear? Are you currently having snake dreams during pregnancy? Is it making you feel uneasy about post-pregnancy?

What does it mean to kill snakes in dreams during pregnancy? Is dreaming about snakes during pregnancy a thing to take seriously or not? I know we are curious right, then let us find out.

What is Snake Dreaming?

Snake dreaming is a kind of dream that involves reptiles mostly snakes and maybe fearful or interesting. This type of dream may have some meaning attached to it especially during pregnancy in women.

If you see recurring dreams of snakes during pregnancy, then it may symbolize many things as understood by different cultural ideologies. Some think of snakes to send shivers down the spines.

We have often been curious to understand the meaning behind a vivid dream, especially if it happens more often. Some ideologies also see it as a form of good luck and everlasting favours.

Now that we have examined snake dreaming let us look into what it means in some cultural ideologies below.

Sigmund Freud’s View:

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, examines his view on snake dreaming by buttressing that the dream of a snake is connected to our sex drives.

He describes the snake as a ‘phallic symbol’ that is connected to the male figures in one’s life. According to Freud, dreaming about snakes may show sexual interpretations.

It is interpreted with the male reproductive organ and a way in which it attracted a male to a female life.

On this note, as a pregnant woman with a feeling of intimacy or copulation with your man, it is logical to have a dream of a snake as it may help ease stress and lead to the fulfilment of sexual desires.

Religious View:

Certain religions like Islam and Christianity may see snake dreaming during pregnancy as a sign of bad luck or an enemy attack towards your unborn child.

For example, the Islamic religion argues according to a hadith by Ibn Sirin who interprets that; A dream of a snake coming out of your house may lead to destructions in life.

The Christian religion also believes it is an omen during pregnancy as it symbolizes the serpent just like the beginning of time with Adam and Eve.

If experienced, then it is important to kill whatever snake you dreamt of as soon as possible. Both religions believe in the negative symbolism of it during pregnancy as evil.

Indian View

In Indian culture and traditions, dreams about snakes during pregnancy means a lot of things that may be both positive and negative. According to Care Guru, “Snakes are the most mysterious creatures of the world and they even hold a special place in the Indian religion, tradition and mythology.

There is a wide variety of meanings, especially for pregnant women. Most of us don’t believe in the sign but dreaming about snakes during pregnancy are the signs from above.

They also hold the cryptic message or a warning about the potential events that can affect your pregnancy in a positive or negative way.”

It further argues with different snakes and means that;

“Dreaming about a green snake in the dream – If a pregnant woman dreams about a green snake at night, it signifies that the fetus in the womb will have a healthy development in the future. A green snake is a reason to celebrate and to be happy during the 9 months.

Red snake in the dream – red snake in the dream is often considered lucky for the pregnant woman. This is also a sign to show that someone close to the woman like friends or family members will be married or engaged in the coming days. This comes with the happiness in her life as she will be celebrating and enjoying in the coming months and will be healthy throughout her pregnancy”.

Indians are known for their high reach of cultures and traditions; snake dreaming is never a problem for pregnant women from a perspective of the Indian cultural ideology as it is part of what makes them whole.

African View:

We can examine African cultural ideology on snake dreaming during pregnancy with the Nigerian society. In Nigeria, snake dreaming may imply an evil attack on a pregnant woman which mostly means she may lose her pregnancy.

Nigerians believe it is from a spiritual attack by people who are envious, angry or even frustrated about one’s pregnancy. Snake dreaming during pregnancy symbolizes a satanic manifestation in the life of the unborn child and its mother.

However, it is to be noted that the major religions that dominate the Nigerian soil i.e., Christianity and Islam largely influenced this perspective.

For Nigerians, if it is a dream of killing a snake, then it is referred to as a pleasant dream because it signifies that you have overpowered the enemies that do not wish you well.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of snakes during pregnancy can be pretty frustrating, according to some cultures, and it could also entice from a perspective of other cultures or persons.

However, the major significances of these cultural ideologies about snake dreaming during pregnancy has been covered already.

Insofar said dreams about snakes during pregnancy is not worth the stress over. It should never be a problem or increase the blood pressure of pregnant women. Our answers to the questions above lie in our beliefs and known ideologies with snakes.

The questions are more of a personal than a holistic view. Dreams about snakes are neither good nor bad, we define what we think of them. The crucial question to ask will then be, is snake dreaming a good or bad thing to you?



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