Top 13 Unblocked Music Sites For Schools And Colleges


If you’re a student and you’re looking for unblocked music sites to stream music in your school or college area, this article outlines some of the best-unblocked music sites.

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”– Kahlil Gibran.

For a student, music could be the push they need to get through a tough semester – finish that paper or project. Sadly, most music streaming sites are often restricted by schools’ networks.

However, there are unblocked music streaming sites that the school network can access. We will be taking a look at some of these unblocked music sites.

The importance of music in a student’s life is enormous. It can’t be overemphasized as It helps them get through the roughest and toughest times in school.

I remember my college days, music streaming applications were not as rampant as they are, but of course, we needed music to get by- maybe even a little more than today’s students.

I’d come back to the dorm all stressed out and with no intentions of writing my paper, even as it was getting to the due date.

At these times I’d get my headset, put on some music, and zone out – sometimes even sleep off. But whenever I do wake up, I’d feel better and ready to get some tasks done.

Music was a sure stress reliever for me (same with rest and sex, but that a story for another day) as I believe it is for most students. But looking at the issues or how difficult It’d be to access the best music streaming platforms, we have a list of unblocked music sites for students.

13 Unblocked Music Sites For Schools And Colleges

Here’s a list of our unblocked music sites

#1. Live 365

A very popular Internet Radio broadcasting and listening network. Live 365 is one of the best destinations for indy music developers.

The platform has thousands of man-managed stations, to top it, every user can create their no matter their location in the world.

The platform is available to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users. More importantly, it is usually unblocked in most schools and colleges.

2. LiveXLive by Slacker

This is another popular music streaming platform, and it has recently started streaming videos as well.

Users of this unblocked music site gets access to millions of songs of their choosing.

The music streaming platform is available on PC, Android, and iOS. Users of LiveXLive can also create and share customized music stations.

#3. Grooveshark

Yet another well-known music streaming application and one of the best unblocked music sites. It’s online and offers users the opportunity to access millions of songs on whatever device they are using.

One of the best things about the platform is that allows you to organize your music into well-arranged playlists.

Additionally, other users of Grooveshark can access the playlist you create, the same way you can access others’ playlists.

Grooveshark also offers an excellent search engine and a music recommendation system.

So if you’re looking for an unblocked music site, look out for Grooveshark.

#4. PlayListSound

If you’re looking for an unblocked music site with impressive and massive collections of music in different genres, choose PlayListSound.

With PlayListSound you can even create an account and sync your playlist across devices.

Get the chance to stream music according to your choice, choose PlayListSound.

And you can make legit money just by listening to music

#5. StreamSquid

This unblocked music platform offers the function of a music streaming site and a Music Search Engine. You can easily find your favorite music on this platform In your college area.

And it’s totally legal and free.

StreamSquid partners with “Last. Fm”, and this enables users of the music site to be able to create a playlist. Additionally, they have a good collection and regularly updated their platform with new songs.

#6. PureVolume

Purevolume has been running for a very long while now, and, on this platform, users can find a very extensive collection of music in different genres.

It was before now known as Unborn Media and was initially launched to serve as a platform for new artists in the industry.

Even though its name has changed, it remains one of the best sites for amateurs to present their music craft to a large audience.

The music site isn’t just good for music listening purposes, it has no restrictions in your college.

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#7. TuneIn

This is another very popular internet radio service and audio streaming platform.

Unlike all other music or streaming sites we’ve talked about, TuneIn is unique. Unique in the sense that they don’t only stream music but also stream News, Sports, Weather forecasts, and Podcasts.

The Streaming site records over 75 million active music and other audio streamers Every month. And the best news; it’s available in your college area.

TuneIn’s headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

#8. AccuRadio

With this music streaming site, you get to listen to your favorite radio station and stream your favorite music at no cost.

The platform has a wide collection of music and is an internet-based radio and streaming service.

AccuRadio gives you the opportunity to select from hundreds of radio stations, and thousands of songs.

Their range in genre includes Classical, Jazz, Classic Rock, and even country music. If you can get all this for free, what else could u seek for free?

#9. Soundzabound

This unblocked music site claims to be the only “Royal Free” music library for schools. Soundzabound is equipped with the latest technological devices and has all the licenses needed for education.

The platform was specifically designed for education and by educators.

However, it’s still a good site to stream music and other sorts of audio materials at your school or college.

This unblocked music site has a large and interesting collected of old and new songs.

Finally, the platform allows you to bookmark your favorite music for your musical needs while at school.

#10. Google Play Music

As we know Google has lots of products out there, and in the music streaming business, they have Google Play Music.

The platform has an enormous collection of songs, albums, and even Podcasts. You’re sure to find your favorite songs on the platform, and you can do so by either searching for these songs by their names or the name of the artists.

Access to this platform also gives you the leverage to log in and sync your playlists across various devices.

This music streaming site is very popular with Android users, and it sometimes comes as a default application on some android phones. However, iOS users can also access the platform.

While this app is one of the best-unblocked music sites, it’s not generally available to all schools, colleges, and universities.

#11. Hulk Share

Hulk share doesn’t just give you access to music, it also gives you access to groups containing music lovers and artists. The platform Hulk share is totally free and is easily accessible in schools for music streaming purposes.

With the site’s rapid popularity, you can easily connect with other users, makes some new friends, and even share your own music on this platform.

It’s a perfectly suited music site for schools and also allows you to connect with other people.

#12. Jamendo Music

Reports have it that Jamendo is one of the biggest music service providers. It has a massive collection of music categorized based on various parts and has a number of filters for every music been played.

The unique thing about this unblocked music site Jamendo is that you can download your favorite songs to your phone at no cost.

The platform also has a feature that allows you to share the music you created with other users of the platform.

#13. SoundCloud

This site is known to have the largest library of music genre as well as additional features. With tons of features, the unblocked music site has an unending music streams selected from every song to date.

The site has customizable features with social media aspects and a favorable network with a great selection of music available to share.


There are no doubt numerous unblocked music sites available to students for students to stream music from in school areas.

However, some stand out. And in our usual way of bringing you the best crop of everything we outlined the 13 best-unblocked music sites. And we sincerely hope these sites meet and exceed your music expectations.

Remember. music itself is life, stream it, live it and enjoy it.



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