Transcribeme Reviews 2021: Is it Legit or a new Transcription Scam?


Putting your thoughts down is a tedious process. Most times, it takes a lot of hours to transcribe what you may describe as a few words into written form. So, I believe this is why a lot of people ventured to listen to podcasting.

Spotting this problem, a lot of developers got to work developing transcribers that can help individuals turn speech into text immediately.

Despite the plethora of transcribers in the market, Transcribeme has positioned itself and built a wide customer base. And I want to do a proper Transcribeme review so you can understand this business and their offerings.

What is Transcribeme?

Transcribeme is an opportunity for clients and professional transcriptionists to work together towards transcribing audio or video files to written documents.

Since their existence, they have grown into a team of over 1.8 million people with an ability to speak different languages. More so, they have become experts in curating, training and management.

Transcribeme has one of the lowest prices for the quality of work they do and it is just terrific.

How does Transcribeme Work?

Transcribeme is a tool that helps an individual perform a variety of functions such as transcription, translation and data annotation. Hence, the workability is really simple as you get access to all the amazing features after paying a fee.

Every function you need to perform will be done on the mainframe of the web platform.

Login & Registration

On this platform, you can basically register or login either as a transcriptionist or as a client.

Client Registration

To register as a client on Transcribeme, you need to input certain details which include;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password

After clicking on the signup button, you will get a link to verify your email which will take you to your dashboard. On your dashboard, you can hire a transcriptionist to help you transcribe your video, audio into the written text at a fee.

Transcriptionist Registration

The registration for a transcriptionist is not as straight-forward as that of a client. It demands a lot of credentials for validity and professional reasons.

So, the registration process requires the transcriptionist to fill a form with details such as:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Paypal Account
  • Country
  • State
  • Time Zone
  • Preferred Notification Language
  • Gender
  • Employment
  • Transcription Experience
  • Transcription Languages
  • Phone Number/Skype Account (Optional)
  • How You Heard About the Platform

After your registration, you can help clients with their transcription jobs for a fee.

What are the Features of Transcribeme?

A lot of things have made Transcribeme unique but there are key features that my research identified that stood out. So, this Transcribeme review will outline and discuss them. These features include:

  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Data Annotation


The transcription feature of this Transcribeme review is the core feature of this company.

You can upload your audio files from the web or cloud storage and the system will transcribe them under 24 hours.

There are three plans under this feature for clients to use which include:

  • First Draft – $79/min
  • Verbatim – $2/min
  • Standard $1.25/min

All the plans offer Speaker ID’s and Timestamps but only the standard plan gets your work done within 24 hours; the others give you a 1-3 day delivery period.


With Transcribeme, translating your document into any language got easier. Whether it is an audio file, written file or a video, Transcribeme will translate it for you to any language you desire.

All you need to do is upload the file, exercise some patience, and you will receive your translation.

However, before you get this done, you must get a quotation from the company for your job depending on its size and language. There’s usually a discount offer that you can easily leverage.

Data Annotation

In data annotation, Transcribeme will empower your AI with a global network of expert workers that deliver the highest quality annotated data.

In this form, your AI will function with a supreme level of human intelligence.

How Does Transcribeme make Money?

Making money in this sort of market is tedious. However, our Trascribe review can show you that this business is running – which makes it profitable.

By helping clients transcribe and translate their files, they keep getting turnovers that have helped them grow.


I hope this Transcribeme review has shown you they are one of a kind company in the marketplace. And their reputation keeps bulging as they deliver on their promises to every client.

You can take advantage of their promo offers and get a transcription job done now!



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