Tomorro Reviews 2022: Are People Winning At All Or Is It A Scam?

Tomorro Reviews
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Tomorro is a website that purports to send giveaway alerts directly to phones. Tomorro, a company that claims to be owned by ROKT Pte Ltd, is the subject of lots of controversies.

This article is a Tomorro review that answers those questions that have burdened the minds of giveaway enthusiasts and clogged the minds of those who would like those questions to be put to rest.

A look through tomorro’s website shows an assortment of pictures and opportunities available for grab.

The questions that have disturbed the website’s visitors are “Are people winning at all or is it a scam?” and “How sure are we that the website doesn’t capture details of the website’s visitors, saves it, and uses it for something inordinate?”

This article explains all there is to know about Tomorro, Tomorro reviews, and how many people have benefitted from the platform.


A keen look through Tomorro’s history brings to mind a phenomenon known as black ice. If you have ever encountered black ice at any point in time, most dangerously when driving, then you can immediately tell where this review is headed.

For people who need or are very keen on getting cash giveaways or just giveaways in general, everyone and everything is a potential savior. In this search for giveaways, is where black ice has the most likely potential to appear.

What is a Tomorro giveaway?

A giveaway is a promotional draw where rewards are given to the persons selected at random. To win this draw, you have to participate at least. These giveaways are mostly not for free as some are geared towards increasing engagement or just expanding a customer base.

Three types of giveaways

#1 –Sweepstakes

are prize giveaways where the winners are chosen by the luck of the draw. Prizes can be almost anything you can think of, from handmade cards to an all-expense-paid trip.

#2 – Contests

choose a winner based on some merit. The winner is chosen based on some criteria such as the best photo, most votes on a video, the best recipe, etc.

#3 – A lottery

is a prize drawing where people must pay money to buy a chance to win. Lotteries are highly regulated and should not be run without consulting legal counsel. Most promotions are sweepstakes and Tomorro’s website says that it is one too.

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The way to determine which type of promotion is going on.

#1 – Prize

Are we winning something? Are the others winning something? Can I win something? Is it a winner takes all kind of situation? What is this prize? Do you have what it takes? Knowledge about what you are participating in.

#2 – Chance

Is it pure luck? Does anyone stand the chance of winning the grand prize? Some skills or a voting requirement help with a chance but it is often difficult to manage and greatly limits the number of people who will enter.

#3 – Consideration

Requiring someone to “like” you or “follow” you could be construed as consideration. Even more important, asking an entrant to go to a third-party site, navigate to find a product or service, and then report back to your site is even more likely to be deemed consideration.

Understanding the type of promotion going on will determine if it will be classified as a legitimate giveaway or a scam.

What is black ice and how does it apply to legit or scam?

Black ice is a thin coat of highly transparent ice. The reason it is transparent is that it blends in with road pavements since it is so thin, making it nearly impossible to see. It’s called black ice since it looks black, like the color of the road pavement it forms on.

As a metaphor, it depicts danger. The kind you never see coming. The kind that shakes your reality and perception and opens your eyes to terrifying truths after you’ve encountered them.

When someone mentions black ice, it represents a warning, one that should be heeded. Websites like Tomorro that offer giveaways have increased tendencies to be black ice situations.

What does Tomorro do?

Upon opening the website, and heading to features, there are information blocks that reveal the kind of things the website offers. The page is full of headlines like “holiday prize winner,” “annual $30k competition,” “cash competition” etc.

The website rewards people randomly for doing things they require. A post on the features page reads thus “Imagine getting a call that you thought was too good to be true only to realize it was indeed the surprise of a lifetime.

That’s the kind of excitement Lynda Powers felt when she was informed she won Tomorro’s 2018 – 2019 Holiday Competition! Like most people who enter competitions online, Lynda didn’t believe this could be happening to her but as we love to say here ‘Any dream is possible at Tomorro.”

This tells anyone reading this the nature of how things work in this system.

What are Tomorro’s requirements?

Tomorro requires that you sign up, and then go after competitions you can see open. Currently, while the signup option loads endlessly without opening, the website has its own reviews that depict what it requires to get in on these competitions.

A certain Lynda who commented on the site is quoted as saying “It’s so easy to enter because once you go into it you can go to all the competitions and go enter, enter, enter, enter, and so of course, I did! So it’s really user-friendly and an easy process.”

Lynda is further quoted as saying that her “My 7-year-old daughter wants to go to Disneyland and my 4-year-old son wants to go to MonsterJam so I definitely think the USA is on the cards and hopefully we will get over to Canada as well.

We don’t really know yet as we are still coming to terms with the fact that I won. For my kids to see Disneyland, without this competition there’s no way in the world that would’ve happened. So it’s amazing. We are blessed.”

Tomorro review

As at the time of this article, the website appears to be deserted and inactive, and like a desert, if you find yourself in the middle of one waiting for some miracle to happen, then you really would have to blame yourself if something happens to you and your money.

This Tomorro review hereby screams “black ice.” If you suddenly see a notice of a cash giveaway that has not occurred on the site for a couple of years, and you fall for it, then all the blame is yours and no one else.

Conclusion: Tomorro scam or legit?

While this Tomorro review may not outrightly call Tomorro a scam, it may very well be. The behavior of what the website purports to do and what is obtainable on the ground does not match. Look before you leap!


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