Textbroker Reviews 2021: Legit or Online Writing gig Scam?


As a platform, textbroker empowers both writers and businesses. This Textbroker review for 2021 shows you how it works, whether it is a scam or legit, and the pay you will receive.

Don’t sign up for Textbroker as a client or writer before reading this. These tips will also help you maximize your income.

Content writing has become a very popular and profitable way to make money online. One of the most popular content writing platforms is Textbroker.com. So, if you are looking to earn money by writing, then, you would love to sign up on Textbroker.

However, can you make real income with it? Let’s find out!

Textbroker serves as a bridge between businesses that need articles and blog posts and people who are willing to write these posts. In fact, it is best known as a content mill.

Freelance writing always in demand because all websites need content. The table of content below is an overview of textbroker history, testimonials, and more to determine if they’re a scam or legit.

The textbroker review below highlights all you need to know about textbroker.

What is textbroker?

Textbroker is a content marketplace that connects freelance writers with clients. In fact, textbroker serves as a bridge between businesses that need articles and blog posts and people who are willing to write these posts. 

Whether you need captivating blog posts, straightforward product descriptions or snappy advertising copy, textbroker has thousands of reliable, verified US authors who write articles that are optimized for search engines.

Here, customers sign up with the site to order different articles, and authors choose from a pool of writing assignments to complete.

Textbroker operates all over the world with writers in various different countries. Founded by Jan Becker-Fochler in Germany, Textbroker is now headquartered in Las Vegas. Also, it was the first content mill to go online in 2007, and one of the most popular content marketplaces.

Who Is Textbroker For?

Well, if you love getting paid to write, then textbroker is for you. Freelance writing always in demand because all websites need content. In fact, the great thing about freelancing is that you diversify to add many sources of income.  

There are many freelance writing services you can also sign up to if you want to make more money. Remember, it is financially healthy to have more than one stream of income.

You can also make money doing things like online surveys, watching videos, writing reviews, etc.

Do you have to be a professional writer to get hired by Textbroker?

Great news! You don’t have to be a professional writer to get hired by textbroker. Awesome, right?

Well, this is one of the most attractive things about the site. In fact, even if you are still in high school level with no previous professional writing experience, you still have a shot at getting on with Textbroker. As a matter of fact, they hire writers at different levels.

In addition to this, no matter what level you are hired in at, there is room for advancement.

When you apply, you’ll have to write a really short writing sample for them on a topic of their choosing. The levels are 2, 3, 4, and 5. Level 2 pays the least and level 5 pays the most.

Therefore, if you are new to freelancing, this is a great opportunity for you to get paid doing what you love.

What are the benefits of Textbroker?

On textbroker, every word counts. As a hirer, using textbroker services will bring you more good than harm. You will enjoy benefits such as the following:

  • You can order content very quickly and easily. Asking for edits and reviewing content submissions is also streamlined. This speeds up the entire process from getting content written to publishing it on your website.
  • There are no contracts or monthly subscriptions. You order content when you need it.
  • You will never get plagiarized content.
  • The user interface and dashboard are easy to use and navigate.
  • Take advantage of Textbroker’s API to automatically publish content.
  • Orders can be exported to your WordPress account if you use it as a CMS.
  • Spreadsheets can be uploaded such as content calendars for bulk orders.
  • Work with writers who specialize in your industry.

How Does It Work?

In the past, Textbroker only paid out twice a month. However, it now pays writers weekly.

After you’re initially hired in, every article you write for a client will be looked over by Textbroker’s team of editors. They will rate each article you do and leave comments on improvements that could have been made.

Please note that the client will get the article before the Textbroker editors. Also, the client has the only say as to whether or not your content goes through.

The Textbroker editors just look over what you write in order to help you improve and so they can advance you in level if they think you’re doing a good job.

 If the client likes it and accepts it, the money goes into your account. However, if the client doesn’t like it, they have to give you one chance to make a revision. You can either choose to do the revision or let the title go back to the open order board.

In addition, Textbroker now has a forum so their writers can all get together and complain about the strange obsession with comma usage the editors there seem to have.

Textbroker Login

Before you log in on textbroker, you have to sign up first. Signing up begins by clicking the “Sign Up” button from the top navigation on Textbroker’s homepage.

Afterwards, choose between registering as a client or an author depending on your purpose of signing up.

How do you become a writer on textbroker?

The steps below reviews how you can become a textbroker writer:

  • Register for free, and verify your citizenship.
  • Submit a writing sample.
  • Get your rating.
  • Complete your author profile.
  • Start writing for cash.

The Textbroker Rating System

Textbroker has a star rating system that determines how much you are paid per word.  As a matter of fact, when you first begin writing for Textbroker, your rating is determined by the quality of your initial writing sample and the tests you take.

In addition, the site’s editors review every fifth article you write for grammar, spelling, content, etc. In fact, submitting high-quality content helps you improve your rating. You are permitted to accept writing assignments that are categorized in your star rating or below.

You do have to be careful to maintain the same quality writing level or you risk being demoted to a lower star rating. However, if you improve your writing, you can move back up and regain your ranking; It is not permanent.

(To become a 5-star author your writing has to be nearly perfect. You also have to pass a complex proofreading test).

How do you get a 5 star rating on Textbroker?

As an author on textbroker, if you have maintained an author rating of 4 for at least ten articles and have passed the proofreading test are eligible for an upgrade to level 5. 

After you write and submit your first five articles, the textbroker editor will temporarily freeze your account while your articles will be manually edited for quality. Afterward, you will have to submit your W9 tax form before you can get paid.

Is Textbroker only for US citizens?

It’s important to note that textbroker’s US site only accepts US citizens. However, the site’s FAQ section does imply that if you are a US citizen based in another country, you can still work for them if you send through proof of your identification.

However, textbroker has no country restrictions for clients. This means that you are free to use their platform for outsourcing content writing no matter where your company is located.

Also, textbroker is no longer just for U.S. residents. Check out these:

How Much Does Textbroker Pay?

Textbroker pays you per word. In fact, your pay is determined by your rank(2 – 5 stars), which is set by Textbroker’s editorial staff. Also, how much you earn depends on what type of order it is.

Here’s how much you’ll earn for OpenOrders:

  • 2-star rating: $0.007 per word.
  • 3-star rating: $0.01 per word.
  • 4-star rating: $0.014 per word.
  • 5-star rating: $0.05 per word.

Here’s what you earn for other order types:

  • For direct orders, if you have a rating of 3-stars or above you earn a minimum of 2¢ per word.
  • For team orders, if you have a rating of 3-stars or above you earn a minimum of $0.01755 per word.

Textbroker payment methods

Just like every other freelancing website, textbroker has its payment methods for both clients and writers.

To use the system efficiently, you’ll need to have a Payoneer account. This is the preferred method Textbroker uses to pay its authors.

As a client, you can deposit money into your account via PayPal or major credit cards.

Also, authors, on the other hand, can only withdraw earnings to their PayPal account.

PayPal is completely free to sign up for, so ensure you have an account set up with them before applying to become an author with Textbroker.

Textbroker Reviews 2021: Is Textbroker a Legit or an Online Writing gig Scam?

Firstly, I am glad you heed to my advice to read through this textbroker review before signing upp as a client or writer.

Indeed, textbroker is exactly how it represents itself. The interface is excellent, it is rare to find a shortage of available jobs.

I really don’t know what you may have heard or read about textbroker, but one thing you should know is that this platform is legit, and freelance writers also get paid. So, how could they possibly be a scam? 

Is textbroker an Online Writing gig Scam?

No, textbroker is not a scam. This is according to my research on Better Business Bureau(BBB) – a non-profit institution that has the #1 goal of business transparency.

They have an A+ rating which is determined by their advertising, customer service, and general business practices. This is a good sign they are trustworthy and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Truly, some content marketplaces have a reputation for doing things like cancelling accounts for no reason and finding creative ways to avoid paying their writers. However, that’s not the case with Textbroker.

Overall, textbroker is a great platform for earning money as a freelance writer. I hope these textbroker reviews help you make a good choice. Don’t let a few bad reviews discourage you.


Freelance writing always in demand because all websites need content. In fact, the great thing about freelancing is that you diversify to add many sources of income.  

Textbroker serves as a bridge between businesses that need articles and blog posts and people who are willing to write these posts. Their pricing model is average in the sense it’s based on a per word basis. The individual rates are affordable and better than some other content writing mills.

But how does a company like Textbroker pay its authors? This Textbroker review for 2020 shows you how it works, whether it is a scam or legit, and the pay you will receive.


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