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You know, there is no better way to find out the pros and cons of a product if not availing yourself the time to go through reviews for it. That way, you can draw your judgement from what others think of it.

So for, you can check out various reviews from users on how it works and whether it is legit or scam before deciding to work as a freelancer or not.

Going through reviews saves many people out there a lot of damages they could have encountered if they didn’t heed to the opinions regarding the same thing or platform they are about to buy or join even.

What is

One may want to ask what is. Well, it is a company that specialises in transcribing and rendering captioning services to companies who need these services.

Interestingly, they have two categories of staff which are the in-house staff and work-at-home freelancers. Overtime, has had to be featured on sites like The Wall Street Journal and its likes.

Platforms as this work in favour of those freelancers who are not yet ready to be committed to something more engaging.

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What Jobs Can I Do for as a Freelancer?

If you have the intention of working as a freelancer and for, there are 4 positions where you can bring your skills to play.

The following are the positions you can work including your job descriptions.

  • Sub-titler: All you as a Sub-titler is to translate spoken words on the screen and add subtitles to video contents.
  • Captioner: Here, you add captions to the video and translate spoken words too.
  • Translator: You could make yourself available translating for other purposes more than just video subtitles.
  • Transcriptionist: A transcriptionist converts spoken English audio into a written document.

How Much Do I Earn Working for

The rate at which you get paid at solely depends on the service you provide.

Transcriptionists earn between $.24 to $.90 for each video/audio minute while captioners earn between $.45 to $.75 for audio/video minute.

So, with the ability of transcribing or captioning about 20 minutes of the aforementioned contents in an hour, you could arrive at making about $8.00 to $15.00 for an hour.

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How Does Work?

The way works for freelancers is that it provides a free online editor that simplifies the act of listening to a file and typing at the same time.

One perk that accompanies working for is the fact that you are in absolute control of your schedule.

Another reason you may find being a freelancer for interesting is its flexibility.

How Do I get Started on

To work either as a transcriptionist or transcriber, there are three easy steps to follow.

  • Take a quick test to exercise your grammar skills
  • Submit a transcription or caption sample and ensure it satisfies customer expectations.
  • Once approved, you can register and start raking in some cool cash for yourself.

Is Legit or Scam?

Before delving into deciding whether it is legit, it is important to note that your job as a transcriber or any of its sort demands speed as a typist.

So, if you are bad with your typing skills, you don’t run back with your bad complaint to discourage others who may have worked on that flaw and trying to make an honest living for themselves.

Reviews on Glassdoor show that isn’t a scam. If it were, you wouldn’t see people who will stay longer than a minute. So far, so good, the reports have just been from people who worked with them for a year and even more.

If you are so good at what you do, you could work your way through converting the job to your major source of income.

Moreso, your benefit as a freelancer isn’t complete if you cannot do your job where you want it and when exactly you want to.

Therefore, avails you with all these and many more to make your work life interesting and worthwhile.

To further make concrete the fact that isn’t a scam, they have a Facebook page with over 11,000 followers and staff pictures.

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Is There a way I Can Reach

Of course, you can always reach out to either by phone or mails. You can do them a mail to the mailing address below.

222 Kearny St, 8th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108


Call them on the number below.
888-369-0701 Reviews: Final Thoughts is on a mission to breaking the fetters around geography posing a hindrance to your professional life. Therefore, it created a marketplace where it offers remote jobs worthwhile. reviews show that you get to do your job on a user-friendly interface without a need to encounter a glitch.


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