15 Passive Income Ideas That’ll Make You Rich in 2022

Passive Income Ideas That'll Make You Rich
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Passive income ideas are things you do or services you render that do not necessarily require your physical presence to carry out. They do not interfere with your regular 9 to 5 jobs and in most cases, they require less “active” work.

For instance, if you are a Digital Creator (one who creates digital products), you could create an ebook or video course (which would pass a piece of information on a particular thing across to your audience), then put it up for sale on your website, social media handle or an online store.

The only work required of you is to keep updating the content of your ebooks and video courses from time to time so that your buyers will stay up to date on the information they get.

That way, you make money even without being physically present to teach the buyers of your products, you also receive credit alerts even while asleep.

Having a perfect paying 9 to 5 job with attractive allowances is super great, however, it might not give you the financial stability you desire.

As a result, you decide to come up with a passive income idea that will give you the flexibility and extra cash as well.

At the start, you may not be earning a very huge sum at a go from your passive income idea but doing it consistently for a long period could make you gain financial freedom.

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Why Have a Passive Income Idea?

The benefits of having a passive income idea are numerous. This sought-after way of generating income has a lot of benefits attached to it – ranging from the flexibility to work at your own pace, to the extra cash you make for yourself, to the less effort required as well as the less amount of “active” work you do and so on.

With a passive income, you earn money from your comfort zone, and even while asleep.

A passive income not only boosts your regular paycheck, furthermore, other benefits include flexibility, financial stability, and security. 

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Can Passive Income Jobs Make You Rich?

Yes. Whether you are receiving a stable paycheck from your 9 to 5 job or not, having a passive income can make you rich with less stress and effort.

If you are looking to build lasting wealth for yourself, then you should consider starting up a passive income job.

There are various passive income ideas to build wealth, all you have to do is take out your time and research on them and decide on the one to choose.

Remember, you cannot build wealth using one source of income, that is why you should consider a passive income idea.

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15 Passive Income Ideas that Will Make You Rich

This sought-after method of generating income could sound demanding and confusing. However, there is a passive income idea you can start today regardless of your current status or what you do.

There are ones with fewer investments, ones you can do from home or as a student. Just find out the one(s) that suit your skills and make sure you are committed to the job.

As interesting as this may sound, it requires a lot of nurturing at the beginning. After you must have nurtured it to a large extent, they begin to generate steady income for you in the long run.

Check out these passive income ideas that will make you rich.
1. Sell digital products
2. Start an affiliate marketing business
3. Sell DIY/handmade products
4. Invest in real estate
5. Start a taxi business with your car
6. Become a dropshipper
7. Start up a blog
8. Open a fixed deposit account
9. Sign up as an online language instructor
10. Become a social media influencer
11. Become a freelancer
12. Invest in agriculture
13. Establish a courier business
14. Food vendor
15. Mini importation

1. Sell Digital Products

Digital products are intangible assets or pieces of media that could be sold online repeatedly but cannot be touched physically. They are downloadable products in the form of MP3s, PDFs, videos, plug-ins, and templates. 

This passive income idea with less investment requires little effort. All that is required of you is to create the digital product (podcast, video course, ebook, etc) and put it up for sale online.

This way, you can sell it repeatedly without having to be physically present, although you will need to update the content from time to time.

Another good thing about selling digital products is that it is not limited to a certain location (it is accessible to anybody irrespective of their location) and you keep making continuous sales as long as that digital product remains online.

This is a great passive income idea for students.

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2. Start An Affiliate Marketing Business 

Affiliate marketing has to do with earning a commission for recommending a retailer’s product or service. It is one of the fastest-growing passive income jobs that actually work.

One good thing about affiliate marketing is that you earn money when people buy a recommended product or service. Apart from that, it is easy to handle and involves low risk (it doesn’t cost you money to become an affiliate marketer).

Affiliate marketing is a rewarding job that will generate more income for you. It does not require any financial investment, just your time is all that you need to execute this.

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3. Sell DIY/Handmade Products

Selling DIY/handmade products is a good start to making a passive income.

With the billions of people connected to the internet today, you can make a tangible amount of money if you start up an online business where you make beautiful products (it could be beauty products, knitted accessories, etc) and put them up for sale in an online store.

This might require a little amount of money to buy the materials you need. Your time will be needed as well.

4. Invest In Real Estate

Real estate has been and will continue to be a long-lasting method of building wealth. It used to be a complicated business to undertake because it requires a lot of expertise, time, and effort.

Nonetheless, there are currently real estate investment apps that could be used to build wealth from your comfort zone.

Investing in real estate involves buying, selling, and renting landed properties. Therefore, you can decide to get involved in either or all of them.

Furthermore, you could spread out your portfolio by investing in different markets such as Airbnb, Sujimoto, etc.

5. Start a Taxi Business With Your Car

If you are a car owner, this is an opportunity you should leverage on especially if your car is just parked in your garage.

You can make money from it by registering it with professional taxi companies (like Bolt, Uber, In-driver, etc) and giving it to an experienced driver who will do the taxi business and in turn, give you a percentage when due depending on the agreement you both had.

6. Become a Dropshipper

Dropshipping business is a simple way to start an internet store and make money with little or no work.

only need to choose the products you want to sell and the vendor will produce, store, package, and dispatch them to your buyers.

All you have to think about here is the advertising.

7. Start Up a Blog

Starting up a blog is another good way to make passive income, although it requires time, effort, and some level of expertise.

It wouldn’t be easy at first because you will need to build an audience and generate traffic for your blog by writing regularly and understanding what your audience likes.

You can also earn from your blog by selling ad space on your blog.

In a case where you don’t know how to start up a blog or you don’t want to go through the stress of starting up one, you can choose to buy an already existing blog that has an already established audience and cash flow.

This is one passive income idea you can start today.

8. Open a Fixed Deposit Account

This is a passive way of generating income even with a 9 to 5 schedule. A fixed deposit account allows you to invest a certain amount of money for some time at an agreed interest rate.

When the time is due, you can decide to roll over or it can be returned to you with an interest earned.

9. Sign-up As An Online Language Instructor

You can generate income by becoming an online language instructor. Some people prefer having a live session with their tutor for a better understanding.

People from non-English-speaking countries like Germany, France, Italy, etc go online to search for tutors who would teach them the English Language.

Merchants and students also search for tutors online who will help them gain fluency in languages for the sake of business, school, etc.

That way, you also build your social network because you get to meet and connect with people from around the world.

10. Become a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are people with high rates of social media visibility, an impressive number of followers, and high rates of social media engagements and they earn from making sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, etc.

Of course, this wouldn’t be an easy one to undertake because you would need some level of expertise as well as an impressive portfolio. They pay social media influencers hugely.

Becoming a social media influencer is one of the best ways to generate passive income.

11. Freelancing

Freelancing involves working at your pace from your comfort zone. There are a couple of freelancing platforms online.

The majority of them (for instance, Upwork) require that you have digital skills before starting while platforms like Fiverr do not require a digital skill to start.

So you can choose whichever one that suits you and begin with it. All you need to do is sign up on their platform, fill in the required details and start sending in job proposals.

You will get hired and paid hourly or weekly, depending on your agreement with the client. You work for people virtually which gives you flexibility.

12. Invest In Agriculture

Agriculture has existed since the beginning of mankind. It encompasses both fish farming, poultry farming, snail farming, etc.

Although it requires time and expertise, you can hire professionals to do the job while you go about your usual daily activities and reap the benefits.

This is an interesting passive income idea that actually works.

13. Establish a Courier Business

Courier services involve the delivery of packages to different locations. It is used by virtually everyone as long as purchases are being made and items are transported from one place to another.

You can make passive income from this by having a dispatch rider who picks up and drops off items at a particular rate while you get your income from it.

14. Food Vendor

Food is a commodity consumed by everyone, whether raw or prepared. You can make passive income from the comfort of your home or during your usual 9 to 5 working hours by employing someone who will help sell the raw food or prepare the food and deliver it to those who placed an order for it. 

In the case of prepared food, you can accept orders from clients until a certain time of the day and stop taking orders such that you can deliver the already taken orders.

It can come in form of an online restaurant. In the case of raw foods, you can employ someone who will sell to customers then you reap the benefits in the end.

15. Mini Importation

Here is another best way to generate passive income for yourself. It is common among youngsters and the working class too.

What they require here is to buy a few products from any country of your choice (directly from the manufacturers) and import them In fee quantities, then sell them off to customers while you have the profits.

Moreover, you will need some money to start up this passive income idea, a functional mobile number, an android phone/laptop, a good internet connection, and mobile data to achieve this. Once all these are available, you are in for a passive income.


1. Can a student earn a passive income?

Yes. Passive income jobs give you the flexibility of time you need for studying, lectures, and so on. It also makes you independent of your parents.

2. Can a passive income make me rich?

Yes. A passive income idea if taken seriously can make you rich.

3. Are there some passive income ideas with little investment?

Yes. Several passive income ideas require little investment.

4. How much can an individual earn from a passive income idea?

There is no definite answer to this question, although the revenue generated will gradually give you that financial freedom you desire.

5. What skills do I need to generate passive income?

Even though all passive income jobs might not require skills, you could need one or some of these high-income skills to help you. They include copywriting, graphics design, software development, etc.


You can boost your wages with passive income ideas this 2021, as well as build significant wealth which you cannot build with your 9 to 5 job alone.

Also, you can decide whether to combine your 9 to 5 job with your passive income Jib or quit your 9 to 5 job and focus on passive income job fully.

You will make a lot of money from any area you choose. All that is required of you is to get started.


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