Organo Gold Reviews 2022: Benefits & How It Works


Pills, drinks, and waistbands acclaimed to aid weight loss sell very fast in today’s market. Virtually 7 out of 10 plus-sized ladies’ research shows subscribes to new weight loss products.

For Organo Gold company, weight loss and improved health ingredients are infused in their coffee products. Following the displeasure faced by users of weight loss drinks and pills, it is not out of place to seek the efficacy of Organo Gold before purchasing a pack.

And, Organo Gold Review is clearly written for this purpose. This article explains the major components of Organo gold products, potential side effects, benefits, and overall customer reviews.

Also, reading through this piece will give you more insight into the multi-level marketing structure of Organo Gold and how you can earn money from Organo cold coffee products.

The table of contents below highlights the order in which these sub-topics are duly answered.

What is Organo Gold Company?

Organo is a global network marketing company. It claims to be on a mission to change lives by helping people reach new levels of balance, freedom, and well being.

The company intends to achieve this feat through its premium products and business opportunity.

With three employees in a small shop in Richmond, B.C., Canada, Organo launched its powerful vision in 2008. Basically, the company seeks to spread the knowledge of Ganoderma to the entire world.

Its official websites posit the company has an unprecedented and exclusive collaborative relationship with The Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Organo Gold and Multi-Level Marketing

Organo provides a multilevel marketing platform to individuals to distribute their coffee products.

Bernado Chua is the Chief executive officer of Organo Gold company. He supervises the company’s selling plaform with Shane Morand , the network marketing veteran.

Its muliti-level marketing structure allows Organo Gold distributes its products through individual distributors. To become a distributor, you are to sign up on the platform, purchase coffee from the warehouse and earn 50% commission as compensation.

Read through to see reviews from sole proprietors partnering with Organo Gold.

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What is Organo Gold?

Organo Gold refers to the commercial name of a coffee product of the Organo company.

The coffee contains elements of the fungus Ganoderma lucidum which is scientifically proven to improve people’s health in all areas.

Organo Gold company infuses the Ganoderma into its Organo gold coffee to make it more palatable to consumers.

How Does Organo Gold Work?

The main ingredient of Organo Gold is Ganoderma. The company -Organo Gold Company claims this fungus is a potent adaptogen that maintains a healthy and robust body by adapting the internal clock of the body and its surrondings.

According to the company, the mushroom boosts immune health, treats infections, and aids weight loss.

Organo Gold coffee products contain the best antioxidants – Ganoderma. It increases the IQ and trains the memory. This fungus also stimulates the immune system and makes it more resistant alongside eliminating waste from the human body.

What are Organo Gold Products?

Organo Gold company continually churns out products that aliens with their vision statement.

The company boasts of so many coffee products serving slightly different purposes to their target users. There latest treasures are Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Cafe Mocha and Green Tea Organic.

All Organo Gold products contain Ganoderma. The next blocks will define categorically the function of each product.

#1. Black Coffee

This Organo gold product contains organic Ganoderma and serves as a better alternative for coffee lovers. When mixed properly, it appears dark with a bitter taste and intense aroma. According to Organo company, Black Coffee stimulates your senses.

#2. Gourmet Moca

This product from Organo Gold Company contains Ganoderma Lucidum which combines with cocoa and other ingredients to give a rich sweet taste. This product serves as an energizing drink. In fact, it is apparently the best “Dessert in a Cup”.

#3. Gourmet Latte

Organo Gold Company mixes high quality coffee grains with 100% pure Organo Gold Ganoderma extract.

Gourmet Latte as coffee gives a soft, creamy, and sweet taste. It energizes and revitalizes the muscles making this organo product an excellent start each morning.

#4. Gourmet Hot Chocolate

Organo Gold blends mild chocolate flavor and Ganoderma extracts to produce Gourmet Hot Chocolate. The product extracts comforts and protects immune system during cold days.

#5. Organic Green Tea

Organo organic Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and it lowers the chance of getting some health conditions.

#6. King of Coffee

This is explicitly Organo Gold product that blends premium organic coffee with licensed Organo Gold Ganodemra powder infusion.

The product contains high quality beans and antioxidants rich in Ganoderma.

Are Organo Gold Products for Weight Loss?

Organo Gold claims that Ganoderma which is a powerful medicinal fungus aids in weight loss.

Ganoderma is a top Chinese traditional medicine that dates back to 5, 000 years ago. Ganoderma provides the body with great therapeutic virtues.

It offers numerous health benefits; however, there is no data to support if it aids significantly in weight loss.

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What are the Benefits of Organo Gold Products?

The benefits of Organo Gold stems from the inclusion of Ganoderma. Research shows the efficacy of Ganoderma as traditional medicine. Hence, the benefits of Organo Gold products are

Anti-agingProtector  Digestive 
one of the best antioxidantseliminates wastes from human bodyProtects the liver
 powerful anti-agingeliminates toxins from human bodyfacilitates digestion
 increase the IQ and train the memoryprotects respiratory systemprotects against intestinal infections
Increase vitality and combat decaystrengthens the immune systemeffective in treatment of jaundice
Strengthens and stimulates the adrenal glandsfights allergies
increases anerobic and anabolic resistancepotent analgesic and anti-inflammatory

Does Organo Gold Products Work? Organo Gold Reviews

Just like most weigh loss products, Organo Gold products does not perform magic as some advertisements will posit.

Well, I had purchased packs of Organo coffee with the conviction that they will perform some magic. Unfortunatly, I was met with same utter dismay as usual.

Ganoderma which is the main ingredient of Organo Gold products is a natural ingredient quite beneficial to health. However, there is no connection between the products and weight loss.

Since it aids in metabolism and facilitates digestion, it may aid though not significantly in weight loss. To loose weight, you must merge weight loss products with a healthy diet and regular exercise to achieve the desired result.

In 2016, Organo Gold was sued for its coffee products. The prosecutor claims Ganoderma Lucium causes serious side effects. Obviously, consuming high doses of this medicinal plant will amount to side effects and contraindications. So, stick to one or two cups a day.

Organo Gold Products Review- Users’ Experience

So many users testify to the refreshing creamy and strong taste of Organo coffees. But, others simply can’t relate to why it sells as a weight loss product.

Alison M. Russell who purchases Organo Gold Coffee products from Amazon while sharing his user experience, says:

Great stuff…I’ve been drinking this coffee for over 5 yrs now and it’s still the same quality as it has always been. Tastes way better than Starbucks, Caribou, Dunkin’ Doughnuts (insert whatever other brands) coffee even for an instant
This is literally the only brand of coffee I will drink now. As an added bonus, I truly believe that the benefits of the Ganoderma reduce overall inflammation in the body. I seem to experience fewer aches in my lower back when I drink this coffee, so I can only imagine what other health benefits I am getting from it. I like to drink it with a little bit of Amaretto syrup flavoring…..what a delicacy!

Is Organo Gold Scam or Legit?

This article clearly explains the term Organo Gold, Organo Gold products, and Organo company multi-level marketing strategy.

Basically, Organo Gold company is a legit company that produces coffee products with rich ganoderma extracts.

The company’s products are rich in taste, great instant coffee with numerous health benefits. However, Organo Gold products are not connected to weight loss as there is no data to support this fact.

Although Ganoderma which is Chinese traditional medicine and the major component of Organo coffee products is yet to be proven as a weight-loss dietary product. So, Organo Gold Scam emanates from its sale as a weight loss coffee.


Organo Gold company is known for their quality coffee products. But, the controversy lies in the efficiency of their products as weight loss organic tea.

Organo products contain Ganoderma which is an effective Chinese medicine that accrues a lot of benefits to human health.

Wondering if one of its benefits is weight loss? Read through this article to discover the amazing benefits of Ganoderma and the effectiveness of its coffee products.

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