How to Sell App Ideas to Google and Get Paid Heavily in 2021

How to Sell App Ideas to Google
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Google has complete control over what we see on our phones, and they’re exploiting it to get even richer. Yet, they’re still planning to expand their reach, if possible, to space.

This opens them up to accept ideas from those who want to sell apps ideas, as long as it’s innovative.

Being Google, only top-notch apps’ ideas catch their mind. So how do you handle such a situation to sell app ideas to Google and get paid?

This article opens up a secret that can help you sell those app ideas you have to Google and still get paid awesomely.

How to Make Money from an App Idea?

If you’re asking this question: What is the best way to sell my app idea and make money from it?”

News flash, it’s close to impossible.

No app developer is really interested to buy app ideas. Because if they’re capable of working for months to make an app, it means they must have tons of app ideas on their own.

For instance, this is what happens when you open either a casual or business conversation with an app developer.

“Hey, I have an idea for an app. It’s like [Tinder/Uber/Angry Bird], but for [a particular niche]. If you build it, we can share the money 50/50”.

Couple of times, 9 out of 10 app developers get offended by this conversation.

They often feel they are capable enough to come up with their own app ideas. So if you really think yours will stand out, you shouldn’t come out with the aim of making money immediately.

Because your billion-dollar app ideas starts having actual value when the proof of concept is developed.

This means that an app idea has no innate value itself.

To create an app idea worth millions, you need to spend a lot of time on market research, project management, capital raising, mobile app development, and marketing.

And these are the elements that add value to your amazing app idea.

If you know how to do it all, you can earn money with an app.

But if you’re like, “Hey, I have an idea for an app,” but you’re not ready to work on it; then no one will want to pay you for it.

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How Much Is an App Idea Worth in Google?

The fact remains that the worth of any app you wish to sell to Google solely depends on the execution done on your app idea.

The execution here means making sure that your app can stand out among other apps existing in Google play.

For instance, Android’s Google Play has about 2.5 million apps. In history, this is the largest app store in terms of the number of apps published.

Google has millions of apps existing. So if you say “I have an idea for an app”, make sure it is unique.

Because if you don’t make it stand out, the value might be $0.

And frankly, if Google chooses to take your app idea without paying, you won’t do anything about it.

Rather, you will be glad for being enlisted in their history book of app developers. And that’s enough credibility to your resume.

On the contrary, you can make your app idea worth billions of dollars if you can gather your team and work towards making your app top-notch. With this, it can reach a million-dollar value.

Examples of such apps that stood out in time are Angry Birds, Tinder, Uber, etc.

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How Do I Protect My App Idea?

There’s no specific way to protect your app idea other than making sure you share your idea with people you trust.

This means you ought to be selective that people you share your app ideas with.

Even among these people, make them sign an NDA before your discussion begins, including your potential investors.

Yeah, your potential investors!

You can protect your app idea from your potential investors by either building and presenting the prototype or an MVP before you reveal the real app to them.

Also, it’s advisable to thoughtfully choose your professional relationships, especially the team that will build your app with you.

So, better get smarter and start by developing an MVP model.

How to Sell App Ideas to Google and Get Paid Heavily in 2021

It stated nowhere that Google does not accept ideas. That’s why Andriod’s Google Play has about 2.5 million apps. 

They actually accept them as long as it’s unique. But they don’t pay for your proposals, rather they treat them as their own.

So, if you say “I have an app idea to sell to Google,” start by checking the Google Play Store to see if there is anything similar to that.

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If there’s none, that’s a pleasant prospect for you to make money.

Now, how will you make money from selling your app ideas to Google since they don’t pay for your idea?

If you want to make money by selling your app ideas to Google, you should first develop your high-quality app, market it, and make sure Google notices it.

According to the recent report from Business Insider states that Google considers purchasing “Firework” – which is a big competitor to TikTok.

This means for Google to notice your app, the products need to have the kind of quality that will help the organization outperform its rivals.

Here are intrinsic steps to take to Sell App Ideas to Google and Get Paid Heavily in 2021.

Step 1: Patent Your App Ideas

Google will accept no app ideas that don’t have patent. Having a patent to your idea means you’ve every right to sell your invention.

Yes, Google is a vast place that offers a useful platform for communicating our ideas to the world. However, your idea can be vulnerable to potential risk because of the widespread reach.

Hene, it is extremely important to first patent your app idea. This is the only way Google can consider your app worthy enough for payment.

Step 2: Create a Presence for your App Idea

Another step to follow is to create a presence for your app in Google places.

You can create online profiles with Google’s places pages and run ads within Google’s popular online directory business.

This can help increase your app visibility within the Google local business center.

At the same time, create a website to boost your app idea to Google.

Strategically place keywords throughout the content on your website. It can help you achieve optimum Google search engine results.

Once it starts pulling up and Google considers it competitive to their similar app, they buy it off.

This can fetch you your billion-dollar app idea you’ve ever aimed.

Step 3: Explain What Problems your App Helps Google Solves

Most Google apps have something important it offers to users. It can be saving money, users’ easy experience, saving time, or other alternative reasons.

If your app idea can address any of these problems, will make your app more appealing to Google.

For example, the Tiktok app enables people to make short 30-second videos, and it’s now a favorite platform for younger video creators.

In fact, it’s creating more dominance than Youtube as it’s very easy to use.

App idea like this can compel Google to buy it for tons of million dollars.

Keep in mind that your idea also has to be unique to stand out.

Step 4: Show How You Will Monetize your App to be Profitable to Google

While pitching your app ideas to Google, make sure you show how to monetize your app. Because there are just a few ways to make apps profitable.

And sometimes, the monetization method you choose can depend on your target audience and how they use the app.

So it should convince Google enough for them to buy your app ideas.

For example, the dating app Bumble is different from Tinder. On Bumble, only women can start contact, leading to stronger, safer matches unlike in Tinder.

This two apps, although similar they are both monetized differently.

Step 5: Build an MVP Model of your App Idea

Investors are always willing to buy a fleshed out idea. Sama with Google.

Create a prototype, often called MVP of your app, and present it to Google.

Make the MVP as great as you can, or if you trust Google enough, you can release the app to increase your chances of selling it.

For example, if you’re designing a fashion app, you might program the app to search for or save outfits.

Step 6: License Your App Ideas

Finally, on our list of steps to selling your app ideas to Google to make money is to license your idea.

You license your app to prove to Google the value of your idea.

Licensing is similar to renting your idea because it gives you control to revoke the license at any time.

For example, if you develop a unique video software, you can license it to Google Technologies through your website for a limited time until it proofs the value of its service.

Interestingly, you can remain the sole owner of the idea you’re giving.

Licensing your app idea can lead to a big payoff in the end.

Other Places to Find Investors for Your App Concept?

That Google didn’t buy your app doesn’t mean you can’t sell it to other cooperation.

To find investors is not so difficult; the only thing that is difficut is to make them interested in your app idea.

Just the way you couldn’t sell your app ideas to Google for them to buy, you can also lose when you sell to other investors.

So apply a minor change to your proposal before you meet another investor.

If you’re asking “Where exactly do I find investors to sell my idea for an app?”

Here are alternative options for investors if you couldn’t sell your app ideas to Google.

#1. Startup Platforms

Startup platforms are places where people wishing to sell ideas for apps can register as well.

It is the fastest way to start if you want to make money selling your apps or app ideas.

This is only feasible if you’re prepared to personally bring your concept to implementation.

Example of these startup platforms are:


#2. Professional Social Networks

The advantage of building your social network is much. You can turn your connections to your own greater advantage.

And the more contacts you have on social networks, the better for you.

Anytime you make a post about your app idea, you’re surely going to get an inflow of investors.

#3. Business Angel Networks

Angel networks allow you to establish contacts with people capable of personally managing each stage of the launch of a project.

They are fully motivated by the proposal. Hence, make sure your idea is thoroughly researched and validated.

You can get them on a platform like

#4. Crowdfunding Websites

Crowdfunding is one of the newest ways of funding any project. The people who offer to crowdfund are not professional investors but common people willing to invest their surplus capital in startups. 

The most popular crowdfunding resources are

#5. Business Incubators and Accelerators

These are organizations that can help you turn your concept into a profitable, well-rounded business venture by providing the expertise and investments of the participants.

They usually provide help locally, so be prepared to look for investors where you live.

Check out resources like

#6. Private Equity Markets

This is the last on our list. Try to contact companies that specialize in investing in commercial projects or buying commercial ideas as a whole.

Your success in this end will determine how you present your app to them and how the investor considers it to be.

The more offers you send to multiple companies, the more likely you are to sell your concept successfully.

How Will Your App Idea Generate Money?

App ideas are considered investments, and any investment is there to make a profit.

So, if you’re thinking “how to make money from an app idea?”, you are in the right place.

They are ways to sell your app idea and generate profit from it.

Here are several ways that you make money from an app. We’ve mentioned the points below and talked in detail in the blog.

  • Go for Paid App Model
  • Pro App Paid Model
  • Include In-App Advertisements
  • Implement In-App Purchases
  • Selling User Data (Legally)
  • Selling Virtual Goods

Final Thought

If you’re really bent on selling your app ideas to Google, you should follow these steps below:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome.

Step 2: Go to the Google proposal submission page.

Note: By submitting a proposal, idea or feature request on this page, you give Google the right to use it freely without compensation.

Step 3: Choose from the category of ideas you have for the company.

Step 4: Fill in the form with your name, email address, URL, description of your company, and your proposal in the fields of the form.

Note: It’s alright to put a pdf document if you have any, but not compulsory.

Step 5: Click the “Submit” button.

This is the simplest way to submit app ideas to Google, but not the only way.



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