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Tom once told me in a conversation that one of his hobbies is visiting the cinema to see movies. Unfortunately, he hardly does that nowadays not because he doesn’t want to but because the cost of getting a cinema ticket has skyrocketed.

That is touching, right? Having constraints when it comes to doing what gives you joy and satisfaction can be quite annoying.

Not to worry, I will be giving you the tips I came Tom on how to get free Cinema Tickets. But, before we continue, let me give you a brief insight about the cost of movies ticket currently.

According to, the cost of cinema tickets has been increasing rate. In 2019, moviegoers in the U.S. and Canada had to pay an average ticket price of 9.16 U.S. dollars. 

Despite the rise in prices, the frequency of cinema visits among people is still high. That means it can be higher if many gets opportunity to get free or cheap tickets.

In this article, I’ve pulled together some insider secrets we know on How to Get Cheap or Free Cinema Tickets. Although you might know some, with these hints I assure you, you’ll learn a new trick.

How Oo Get Cheap or Free Cinema Tickets

Cheap and free cinema tickets are easier to come by than you may think. Here are 11 ways to get a cinema ticket for free or without paying much.

#11. Go to the Mid-Week Cinema 

You can get cheap cinema tickets on Wednesday. During off-peak hours, a convenient way to get cheap movie tickets is to go. If you go on a Saturday or a Tuesday, is the movie going to be the same? 

So save yourself some cash and get a 15-20 percent discount from Monday to Thursday when you go before 5 pm. This refers to the major Odeon, Vue cinemas, and Cineworld chains.

Vue cinemas also sell discount tickets on ‘Super Tuesdays.’ The same discount varies by venue. So go to the movies during the week and do something like that.

#10. Look for Movie Fare Offers 2 for 1 

Do you need travel insurance or insurance for your flat? When you sign up for insurance for a whole year, many insurance providers offer two for one cinema tickets. If you share the price with a pal, it’s a perfect way to get cheap cinema tickets. 

Remember, for as little as £3; you can get a day-long travel insurance policy. It could be a smart idea to have it for the cinema discounts only.

If you are a student and subscribe to the Times student edition, you will receive a 2-for-1 Odeon ticket that you can use on Saturday and Sunday. And you will even get to see the free screenings.

#9. Skip the Screenings in 3D 

And way on how to get cheap or free cinema tickets is by trying to avoid the screenings in 3D. To get a standard ticket to see a film in 3D costs around £ 2.00, which is high. 

#8. Get Movie Tickets for Free 

Yes, you can go and watch new movies for free. Cinemas often deliver free previews of upcoming films. 

You can watch movies for free with the Free Movies, Show Film First forum,, Picturehouse Cinemas, and Total Film Screening Club.

Odeon provides unseen previews for individuals on their mailing list with discounts. Interestingly, aside from watching movies free, you can get paid to watch videos online.

#7. Go to independent movie Cinemas

Going to independent movies Cinemas is another way to get cheap or cinema ticket deals. Usually, independent cinemas are cheaper than large chains.

The screens are usually a little smaller, and the big blockbusters may not always be shown, but you’ll get to see a lot of great indie movies that won’t always make it to the bigger screens. 

These screens often have a bit more atmosphere around them with quirky bars and restaurants, and they often put on movie marathons, fancy dress screenings, and sing-alongs!

#6. Indie Cinemas Support 

Local independent cinemas may offer you better value. In the United Kingdom, there are dozens of unique and affordable indie cinemas. 

For a seat upgrade, you might not have to pay more, and the washrooms might be cleaner. A try is worth it. With this, you can get good free movie tickets.

#5. Purchase bundles of discounted theater Gift Cards

Another way to get a cheap or free cinema ticket is by getting discounted theater gift cards in bundles. This saves a lot of costs. You can get a cinema gift card from Costco at a very low cost. 

For example, instead of £40, you might buy two x £20. Vue Cinema gift cards as a package for £34.99. 

There’s a minimum order of two bundles, so you’d spend £69.98 on purchasing cards worth £80. It’s going to save you £10.02. 

#4. Attend a Free Screening

Attending a free screening is one of the ways to get free movie tickets. Gofobo and SeeItFirst are among the numerous movie companies that sometimes, as a way to create hype, set up free screenings of movies before they are officially in theaters. 

All you have to do is to subscribe to their free subscription and get alerts when free tickets are up for grabs in your area. 

#3. On weekdays, go off-peak on 

Going for off-peak on weekdays before 5 pm can help reduce the cost of your ticket price. 

You will agree with me that Cinema tickets for evenings, weekends and bank holidays cost the most, predictably. Some offer discounted tickets between Monday and Friday during peak times. 

For instance, Empire Cinemas sell cheap tickets (from £4.25 each on a Tuesday at most of their cinemas.

Bank holidays, Impact, IMAX, D-Box screens, Luxury and VIP seating, Empire Extra shows, 3D movies and special presentations are exempt from the deal. 

On Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, both of which come on a Tuesday this year, you can’t take advantage of this deal. 

At most of its cinemas, Vue has Super Mondays, which provides discounted tickets on Mondays, but you need to sign up for this deal. In this offer, bank holidays are not included.

#2. Go for Tickets for Seniors 

Most cinemas sell tickets for seniors at a discounted rate. Besides that, they also give free hot drinks and snacks that can help you enjoy watching the show. 

These screenings seem to happen on Wednesday mornings regularly. You should check out when the cinema around you offers this discount because it might differ.  

Usually, the ticket comes with a free tea or coffee cup and a biscuit and can cost as little as £ 3.

#1. Screenings for Free Preview

Some cinema uses free previews to get more support for their films. They do give away free tickets. Just that only selected titles are previewed, so as they are published, you will need to sign up for unique sites to get hold of screening codes.

To get screenings for a free preview, you can join the E4 Slackers Club through Facebook or get a Picturehouse cinema membership card.



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