Sirius Radio Prices: How Much is Sirius Radio a Month?

How Much is Sirius Radio a Month
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A few months ago, just before the pandemic lockdown, my uncle had bought a new car. Though not frugal, he wanted something new and he got one to satisfy his pleasure.

One of the first features he activated on his new ride was Sirius radio services. Well, he didn’t have to pay for the first six months because he was on the trial package.

However, “how much is Sirius radio a month” became a regular question he got from friends and family within this period. And, many car owners and lovers of this radio are asking similar questions.

To satisfy this curiosity, this article answers the question “how much is Sirius radio a month?” and it goes further to explain in detail what Sirius radio is alongside how to get the perfect subscription package.

A glance at the table of contents above will reveal the order in which these questions are duly answered.


Sirius radio is a pretty great option for standard radio. It has features that augment the shortcomings of the standard radio. For instance, unlike standard radio, you don’t have to get worried about coverage when you drive far away from home with SiriusXM.

SiriusXM is a satellite radio service for cars though you can also stream it on your phone, pc, or tablet. This radio service grants you access to a bazillion different channels to always keep you entertained.

These channels cuts across sports talk, comedy, news, traffic, and weather report, and other miscellaneous channels. An advantage it has over standard radio is that it is practically available everywhere. It offers a solid radio service that may only be interrupted when you get surrounded by mountains or stuck in a tunnel.

Sirius satellite radio costs for cars are usually charged monthly. To stream on your phone and other gadgets, you need to subscribe to certain packages also.

How Much is Sirius Radio a Month?

SiriusXM is a radio service in the vehicle. Its recent reports show that over 34 million people pay for their services. The statistics also show that over 117 million vehicles on the road are equipped with their radio service.

This brings us back to the initial question of how much is Sirius radio? Well, Sirius’s satellite cost is charged per month.

But, some subscribers who know their onions pay less either by subscribing during promos or through some of the hacks explained later in this article.

Depending on the package, Sirius satellite radio cost ranges from $5 a month to  $20.99 per month. Below is Sirius radio prices per month and their packages:

Sirius Standard Pricing: $5 / Month

This standard Sirius is the basic plan for your car. The Sirius satellite radio costs $5 per month for 12 months.

This Sirius package is void of subscriptions which allows you stream Sirius radio services on your phones, tablets, or PCs. This offer is usually for new subscribers and lasts for only 12 months. Afterward, the price increases to $15.99 a month.

Sirius standard pricing is of three tiers explained below:

#1. SiriusXM Select:

This tier charges $5 a month for 12 months; then, the price increases to $15.99 a month. This subscription package gives you access to 140+ channels on your vehicle only.

#2. Premier Streaming

This Sirius standard pricing isn’t for your vehicle. The package charges $5 a month for 12 months and allows you to stream on your computers and phones. Just like Sirius XM Select, the price increases to $15.99 a month after the initial 12 months offer.

#3. SiriusXM All Access

Unlike the first two packages of Sirius’s standard pricing, this package allows you to stream on your phones and also in your car for just $8.25 a month for 12 months.

After this period, the price increases to $20.99 a month for both streaming and car use.

Generally, all the offers of Sirius standard pricing increases your subscription pay after the initial 12months.

Best Deals: 6 Months for $25

The best deal you can get for your Sirius subscription package is a 6 months for $25. This doesn’t come often. In fact, you may have to call a number of times to convince call representatives that you love Sirius XM but can’t afford the price.

You should expect that some representatives would not help even when you ask for it. But, you can simply hang up and call again a few times. Luckily, you will get this offer.

If you are subscribing to this best deal package, you must pay attention to details and take note of when this promotional period ends.

Basically, at its expiration, you will be charged based on the full price immediately. It is an automatic renewable package, so you may not get any warnings.

However, you can mark your calendar or set up notifications to remind you as the time gets near. Once you get a reminder, call them up again and if you’re lucky you could have the deal extended.

If they don’t bulge to your wishes, you should cancel. It will only cost you a few months without Sirius radio services. In a month or two, you’ll get a “winback” offer.

What are SiriusXM Radio Packages?

Sirius XM satellite radio offers basically three different packages. The basic difference between these three packages is the channels subscribers have access to and the variety of channels.

#1. Mostly Music Sirius Radio Package

This Sirius radio package grants subscribers access to 80+ channels of music. These channels will cut across news and talk channels. Also, subscribers get access to a few commercial-free channels in its lineup.

This Sirius radio package cost $10.99 per month with a subscription. This offer is best for people who love to listen to music. Interestingly, you may get paid listening to music if you follow these steps.

#2. Select Sirius Radio Package

Subscription to this package grants users access to over 165+ channels. The variety of channels cuts across music, sports, talk, news, and entertainment. Subscribers will also gain access to traffic and weather report channels.

The music channels that come with this Sirius radio package is commercial-free. And, Sirius’s satellite radio cost for this package is $16 a month and a 45% discount on the first 12 months. To see details of this offer, see the table below.

#3. All Access Sirius Radio Package

This package is a top tier package that grants access to over 175+ channels. These channel option cuts across commercial-free channels, news, sports, entertainment, traffic, and weather.

Just as its name implies, an all-access package allows you to stream on SiriusXM on all your devices. So, you can use this in your car, phones, tablets, and PCs. The table below summarizes the features of the three packages.

All Access
Mostly Music

SiriusXM VideoSiriusXM video online and on the app SiriusXM video, including Howard Stern video, online and on the appSiriusXM video online and on the app
Listening Outside the CarIncludes 5,000+ hours of On Demand shows, performances and interviewsIncludes 5,000+ hours of On Demand shows, performances and interviewsIncludes On Demand shows, performances, and interviews
Personalized Stations Powered by PandoraCreate customized, ad-free music stations online and on the app
Ad-Free Music ChannelsAll of our ad-free music channels.All of our ad-free music channels.A selection of our ad-free music channels.
Exclusive Artist-Dedicated ChannelsThe Beatles, Garth Brooks, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, and moreThe Beatles, Garth Brooks, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, and more
24/7 Comedy ChannelsComedy Central Radio, Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Roundup, and moreComedy Central Radio, Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Roundup, and more
FOX News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg Radio, NPR, and moreFOX News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg Radio, NPR, and more
Some channels and programming are only available with the Select package on certain radios.Tell us what type of vehicle you have and we can show you what’s available with the Select package on your specific radio.Set Your Car2 Dedicated Channels
NFLNFL game plus 24/7 Exclusive NFL® Talk Channel
NASCARRace Plus 24/7 Exclusive NASCAR® Talk Channel
MLB MLB game, Plus 24/7 Exclusive MLB® Talk Channel
NBANBA Game, Plus 24/7 Exclusive NBA® Talk Channel
NHLNHL Games, Plus 24/7 Exclusive NHL® Talk Channel
PGA TourPGA TOUR® Coverage, Plus 24/7 Exclusive PGA TOUR® Talk Channel
College Sports24/7 coverage of men’s and women’s major college conference sporting events.24/7 coverage of men’s and women’s major college conference sporting events.
& Weather
Dedicated ChannelsDedicated Channels
100+ online Xtra channels for every mood or activity100+ online Xtra channels for every mood or activity

What is the Cheapest Sirius Package?

Cheapest Sirius packages can only be gotten during promotions. $4.17 per month is the cheapest package on Sirius radio services.

Each month this promotion deals come up. They are usually the cheapest offers you can get. For instance, during the month of September, SiriusXM Select subscription was available at $30 for 6 months.

Other top deals in this month include:

  • SiriusXM All Access with Satellite and Streaming – 6-month subscription for $50
  • SiriusXM Select Service – 12 month subscription for $99
  • Get SiriusXM Outside the Car for $8 per month
  • Get SiriusXM Premier for Students for $4/mont

Wondering How Radio Stations Make Money Aside Subscription Charges? Read this full business model.


SiriusXM satellite radio offers non-stop entertainment and has wider coverage than standard radio. A recent statistics released indicates that over 117 million vehicles are using the Sirius radio services.

These 34 million users do not pay the same amount each month. Depending on what channels are important to you, you can choose any of the Sirius radio pricing that suits your budget.

This article compiles the features of the different Sirius radio packages for your reading pleasure. In addition, you will find the best deals and cheapest packages for your SiriusXM radio service.

Do not subscribe yet if you haven’t read this article. Especially, if you just got a new ride. Read through to see how you can benefit from the six months trial giving to new subscribers.

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