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A healthy lifestyle improves your self-esteem, self-image, and general well-being. To reiterate the importance of living healthy – Health IQ rewards you.

Being health-conscious will reflect deeply on your choice of food, exercise routine, and general disposition to health. Interestingly, reading through this article will evince you how to get rewards for your healthy lifestyle.

Health IQ reviews state the pros and cons of this health insurance company. Also, you will find a clear description of what Health IQ does, its cost, its features, and who should use this company.

What Is Health IQ Review?

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle is of immense benefit and to encourage this feat – Health IQ rewards everyone who chooses this life pattern.

Health IQ is a health insurance portal with a clear mission that states its commitment to rewarding people who choose to live healthy lifestyles.

After Munjal Shah an Indian American Entrepreneur sold his first company to Google for 100 million dollars, the birthing of Health IQ came into view.

During this sale, he suffered chest pain, which got him bedridden. This propelled him to decide of living a healthy lifestyle.

Besides living a healthy lifestyle, he made commitments towards teaching others the importance of leading active lifestyles.

Following a Health IQ research in 2013, Munjal let people know that taking better care of your health aids you live longer and healthier lives too.

So, Munjal founded Health IQ in 2013 to celebrate those who are already making responsible decisions. Yogis, weightlifters, vegetarians, or even diabetic patients who take measures to take care of themselves get applause from Health IQ.

This is usually done by offering Health IQ insurance discounts to people in this category. Initially, this began with initial funding of 35 million dollars. Today, Munjal’s Health IQ is one of the biggest life insurance industry in the world worth over 29 billion dollars.

The statistics above include – life insurance and coverage issued.

How Does Health IQ Insurance Work?

Health IQ pairs you with partner companies offering insurance policies. It acts as a health insurance middle man.

After scoring you for a discounted rate, Health IQ pairs you up with life insurance companies providing insurance policies.

Basically, the company assigns credits for every category you qualify for. Depending on the category, you may receive 8% savings for health literacy, 9% savings for leading an active lifestyle, and over 24% savings for other underwriting factors.

To enjoy these benefits and more, you would have to go through a rigorous signing process which involves answering quizzes. To sign up, you would have to take the:

Step 1 – Basic health quiz

Questions at this stage of the registration seek to understand your current health status. If your response fits what they are looking for, you will receive a free medical exam at home.

Step 2 – Health IQ Quiz

After the basic health quiz, you must complete the health literacy test. Questions in this section test your knowledge of basic health information.

Variety of the question that pops up on your screen is related to your own health as well as healthy living principles.

This Health IQ literacy test results generate insurance quotes that will reward your healthy lifestyle choices and knowledge.

Step 3 – Healthy Lifestyle health IQ Quiz

The next step while registering is a quiz section that tests your knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Basically, you need to verify how healthy you are; then you choose a plan.

Step 4 – Verifying your healthiness

The application process allows you to prove your level of fitness or activity. Here, you verify your healthy lifestyle. Majorly, you can verify your healthiness through the following ways:

  • Running: You need to complete an 8-minute mile or an age-based equivalent
  • Cycling: You need to complete a 50+ miles ride
  • Swimming: Applicant competes in a meet
  • Other forms of exercising.

Step 5 – Choose a Plan

The last sections of the application process pop up a screen where you can choose a life insurance policy. Here you can choose a life insurance policy from more than 30 partners like – Mutual of Omaha, Prudential, and John Hancock.

Actually, if you sign up with Health IQ for these top brands, you will receive much lower rates than signing up directly with these insurance companies.

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Who Should Use Health IQ? Health IQ Review

Following is a commitment towards rewarding people who choose to live a healthy lifestyle, Health IQ is obviously not for everyone.

The app is best for the following set of people:

#1. Active and Healthy Persons

This appears to be the only language Health IQ understands and encourages. So, if you wish to benefit from this life insurance app, you must be active and healthy.

You must be health conscious and qualify for living an active lifestyle. Qualification can be ascertained through running, swimming, cycling, competition training, yoga and or weightlifting.

#2. Healthy Dieters

To enjoy Health IQ benefits as a nonactive person, you must be a healthy dieter. Basically, vegans and vegetarians are considered people with healthier food choices.

This is because research opines that plant-based dieters are at less risk of contracting things like cancer and other mortality diseases.

#3. Athletes

Athletes are another set of people who could benefit from health IQ insurance services. First, they are active people by virtue of their profession. And they have a higher BMI count than that of an average individual.

#4. Health Literates

This one way may not be certain, but holds a chance. Health IQ research posits that individuals with a high level of health literacy show a lower 35% lower risk of untimely death.

So, this means they are aware of what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. Doing the Health IQ quiz, this will reflect. If they actually live a healthy life may not be taken solely into consideration.

Health IQ life insurance believes that knowing more about health makes you healthier. This is what health IQ may reward.

Who Should Not Use Health IQ Life Insurance

Health IQ Reviews opines this app are definitely not for everyone. It is not ideal for people who do not take to heart their health needs.

If you fall into these categories:

#1. Food Bingers

Health IQ is definitely not for you if you love to munch your favorite food without bothering about calories. Health IQ won’t help you out much. Well, you should try taking the health quiz. Maybe this will help you appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

#2. Impatient Persons

If you find filling out long forms annoying, Health IQ is apparently not for you. Applying to Health IQ is a long application procedure that involves answering a series of questions.

If this is a herculean task, just skip health IQ and go its competitors.

What are Health IQ Insurance Services?

At the core of Health IQs’ existence is coaxing society to live healthier lifestyles. This they do by bestowing better insurance rates on people who are taking care of their own health.

Some of health IQ insurance services are:

#1. Life Insurance

Although Health IQ doesn’t offer insurance policy, it acts as a middleman between people living a healthy lifestyle already and top insurance companies.

With health IQ, customers can save as much as $11, 000 over a 30-year policy. By factoring in all conditions, Health IQ can lower insurance rates for its customers. This Health IQ insurance service is one of its essential services.

#2. Medicare Supplement

Health IQ rewards seniors who have high literacy on health issues. This Health IQ insurance service is solely provided by Health IQ life insurance.

#3. Life Insurance for Well managed Diabetics

Health IQ research posits that a healthy lifestyle can decrease the mortality rate among diabetic patients.

So, it offers a specialized plan for all diabetic patients who are managing their diabetic condition well. This Health IQ insurance service serves as a reward plan for individuals who are aware of their health challenges.

#4. Disability Insurance

This insurance covers disabled individuals who can’t work- because of an injury or an illness.

While taking the health quiz, Health IQ takes these and more into consideration to get you a better rate.

How Much Does Health IQ Cost?

Health IQ is totally free for everyone; however, customers will pay the specific life insurance fee according to the free structure.

The basic difference is you get the lowest rates possible using Health IQ rating system.

With this, you can save up to 41% on typical policy rates. Health IQ life insurance has a different pricing model based on only three areas of health – A customer’s

  • current health status
  • level of health literacy
  • lifestyle activity level

In a nutshell, Health IQ is free and you get life insurance discounts for living a healthy life.

Is Health IQ Legit or Scam?

Health IQ is obviously one of the best life insurance comparison tools.

A more critical thought that may arise reading through this piece is how does Health IQ make money?

Although Health IQ claims to reward people for healthy lifestyles, the technical explanation behind the discount they offer is – you are less likely to fall sick.

A research carried out by this organization posits individuals who live healthy lifestyles have a 36% lower risk of untimely death, 57% lower risk of heart disease, and 88% lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

Using these statistics, Health IQ receives several sign-ups but fewer patients. With their selection criteria, you are unlikely to fall ill if you already have a healthy lifestyle.

So they give a large number of people who may cost them fewer discounts on their insurance policies.

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of using Health IQ.

Health IQ Reviews – ProsHealth IQ Reviews – Cons
Takes important factors into considerationApplication process is rigorous and tiring
Your activities are used to boost your general health statusLimited partner companies to choose from
Offers you the best discount rates when compared to other big brands in the industryPoor Customer service experience
Users can save up to 41% off life insurance policyNot a great choice for other un active or unhealthy persons
Diabetic patients get a plan that compensates them when they manage their conditions well.
Offers flexible seniors plan that gives active health conscious seniors discount rates too
Disabled individuals can benefit from their specialized life insurance plan


If you have cultivated a healthy lifestyle and do not have an existing insurance policy – Health IQ is a great choice.

With your healthy lifestyle, you are bound to get amazing offers as a reward. And, if getting a reward means a thing to you, read through this piece to get started on an amazing journey.

Basically, Health IQ is legit and not scam and it has interesting offers for you. Their little way of saying thanks for choosing a healthy lifestyle.



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