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Is hashflare.io Scam or legit? This is one of the questions on the lips of most beginners looking to venture into the fragile world of cryptocurrency. Are you a newbie in the crypto market? Are you familiar with the term, cloud mining services? Do you wish to learn more about cryptocurrency and hashflare in particular? This hashflare.io review tells you all you need to know.

Since the advent of cryptocurrency in 2009, the crypto world has boomed beyond the projected estimation with millions of investors from around the world seen their worth soar within the shortest period of time.

The boom in the crypto world created opportunities for other related markets and this is where hashflare comes in. Companies like Hashflare, Genesis Mining, Luno, and other related crypto companies were established to help people like you and me who have an interest in cryptocurrency.

But as with other industries, there are genuine and fake companies with an interest in cryptocurrency. This has put the legitimacy of Hashflare and other related companies in doubt with many people (especially newbies) taking to the internet to search questions like is Hashflare.io scam or legit?

This Hashflare.io review answers all questions about the site and provides additional information to help you make excellent decision as you venture into the world of cryptocurrency. All you need to do is sit back and spare just 5minutes as we walk you through step-by-step of all you need to know about Hashflare.io.

Overview of Hashflare.io Review

Hashflare is a cloud mining company that helps regular crypto users like you and me mine cryptocurrencies in a very simple and straightforward way. Without companies like Hashflare, mining cryptocurrencies would be hell to regular users especially beginners.

Before the advent of third-party services like Hashflare, users need to be extremely grounded with crypto jargons before they could mine but since these companies came on board, mining became a lot easier.

What does Hashflare and other related services do for users? These companies came in to take away lots of barriers in the crypto world, paving ways for newbies to mine cryptocurrencies with very little knowledge about the market.

The solution they provide include but not limited to the following;

  • They cover the exorbitant cost of crypto mining rig
  • Covers the extensive and tedious knowledge base one would have required to acquire before venturing into mining cryptocurrencies
  • They cover the normal cost of operating and maintenance of personal mining hardware

This is why you need services of companies like Hashflare if you wish to venture into the crypto world, but is Hashflare.io scam or legit? The answer to this question is contained in detail in subsequent sections. Keep reading to learn more about the Hashflare.io reviews.

How Hashflare Cloud Mining works.

Hashflare is an Estonian company with an interest in cryptocurrency as you already know. You could visit the site through their official website www.hashflare.io

The best way to look at cloud mining is to see it as a rental service.

Companies like hashflare have extensive knowledge in the world of mining cryptocurrencies. What they do is to have their team of expert create hundreds of mining rigs which regular users like you pay to use.

They place these crypto mining rigs in archives completely outfitted to allow the mining hardware to mine cryptocurrencies at the most optimal rate possible.

Hashflare thinks of several possible variant to the mining hardware’s efficiency including providing their own independent power grids, generators, back up batteries, and creating a cool environment so the hardware doesn’t overheat.

This is done so that users, especially beginners skip the daunting task of learning the A-Z of mining cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is rent one or more of the mining rigs out of the hundreds created by experts working at Hashflare.

To get started with mining, you pay for what is called hashrate. There are different hashrates, the higher ones help you earn bigger because they work faster and are able to solve crypto blocks to earn you good reward.

So this is how it works, the more you pay to Hashflare, the higher the rate which leads to better working speed that turns in high revenue.

Companies like Hashflare are here to solve the puzzles that come with mining cryptocurrencies, users don’t need to be expert in order to mine cryptos, thanks to Hashlare and the likes, all you need do is put up some amount of money and allow the company’s system do the mining for you.

Hashflare.io Review: legit or scam?

Answer the question is Hashflare.io scam or legit? I can boldly say that Hashflare is legit and not a scam company. I understand why some people are skeptical about Hashflare because as with other industries, there are fakes and impostors but I can boldly say, Hashflare is not one of those, the company is 100% legit.

The company charge some maintenance fee which many people are often not pleased with but aside this, there is nothing suspicious about Hashflare. You get exactly what you pay for

Now, having established the fact that Hashflare is a legit company, the next line of question should be how secured is the company?

Hashflare Safety and Security

How secures Hashflare.io? It is worthy to check the security of companies with interest in cryptocurrency because of the scams and irregularities that bedevils the crypto world.

Scam in the crypto world is major call for concern because of tons of reports of scams especially at the advent of cryptocurrency. When cryptocurrency was newly introduced, some tech savvy individuals took advantage of the young and fragile nature of the market to rip off unsuspecting investors.

This made Bitcoin and other coins suffer setbacks at the onset, but we are pleased to learn that companies have invested massively in the safety and security of investors in the crypto world and Hashflare is not left out.

The company uses two types of security software to ensure their clients are safe from malicious attacks. To maintain extreme privacy strict security regulations of it operations, Hashflare employs two main types of security system which include;

1. Secure Socket Layer (SSL):

If you are surface knowledge of tech security then you should probably know about SSL. Hashflare uses a specially modified SSL to encrypt all transactions on their website.  

When you login into your account, you would see the green padlock with the “https://”, that’s how you know it is safe to put your credit card information or any personal information on that site because that information is fully protected from hackers and thieves.

The letter ‘s’ in the https:// stand for security and it shows the color green in your browser.

2. 2-Factor Authentification (2FA):

This is the second security system employed by the company to ensure hackers and thieves are unable to steal user information, especially your credit card information.  

The 2FA requires two processes before one one could gain access to your account with hashflare.

The information includes a password and email verification. What this simply means is that when someone tries to log in to your account with a new or suspicious device, the system sends an email to you to verify if you are actually the one trying to login to your account or a hacker.

Features on Hashflare

Now that you are conversant with Hashflare cloud mining and know the site is well secured, there are a few other details about the platform we thought you might learn in this Hashflare review.

You need to know the countries eligible to use the platform as well as the languages available on the platform. Without further ado, lets hit the ground running.

1. Supported Countries

Are a US citizen? Are you from Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia? Hashflare.io is available to all from all over the world, regardless of your country or geographical location.

Provided you have access to the internet at your location, you can visit the website and sign up to become a member. Hashflare has got no geographical limitation.

2. Supported Language

Hashflare.io is available in 11 different languages of the world. Users can change the settings on the site to reflect their preferred language. Some of the languages supported by the platform include English, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish etc. visit the site to learn more.

3. Supported Cryptocurrencies

Only five cryptocurrencies are currently available on the platform but more are on the way. The supported cryptocurrencies are;

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • DASH

Funding your Hashflare Account

What are the payment options accepted on the platform when you want to credit your Hashflare account? To buy a hashrate, you need to first fund your account and the accepted means of payment include Bitcoin, credit card, and payeer.

Funding your account through BTC is quite easy and straightforward, but payment through credit card or payeer depends on your country. You need to check-out the payment method on the site to see the method available to your country.

Payouts in Hashflare

Payouts are only made on four cryptos on Hashflare despite having five cryptocurrencies available. This is simply due to the fact that after mining on the platform using Litecoin, you don’t get paid on Litecoin but bitcoin.

With Hasflare, you could cashout on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, or Dash but not on Litecoin. Having said, that, payouts on Hashflare looks like this;

  • Bitcoin: Script Algorithm – payout in BTC
  • Ethereum: SHA-256 Algorithm –payout in ETH
  • Litecoin: ETHASH Algorithm –payout in BTC
  • ZCASH: EQUIHASH Algorithm – payout in ZEC
  • DASH: X11 Algorithm – payout in DASH

Withdrawal Limit on Hashflare

Like most cloud mining platforms, Hashflare has got a set minimum withdrawal limit. Each coin has its own withdrawal limit. The limits for the coins are given below;

  • BTC: Minimum withdrawal of 0.05001944 BTC, with a fixed transaction fee of 0.00001944 BTC.
  • ETH: Minimum withdrawal of 0.1006 ETH, with a fixed transaction fee of 0.0006 ETH.
  • ZCASH: Minimum withdrawal of 0.1003 DASH, with a fixed transaction fee of 0.0003 DASH.
  • DASH: Minimum withdrawal of 0.10003 ZEC, with a fixed transaction fee of 0.00003 ZEC.

My Final Thought on Hashflare.io Review

Having highlighted basic points about the company, I hope have satisfactorily answered the popular question is hashflare.io scam or legit? Again, let me reiterate the answer, Hashflare.io is not a scam but a legitimate platform for crypto mining.

So I say, if you are looking for a mining platform where you could mine cryptos and earn money, www.hashflare.io is one of the trusted platform to go-to.

Users have reported a few lapses here and there about the company, but this should not be mistaken for scam. Just like any other company, Hashflare has got it weak points but this certainly does not make it a dubious platform.

Public Opinion

While I have a personal opinion about the platform, I have learnt a few contradicting opinions about Hasflare and I think it would be decent to share the opinions with my readers as I project transparency.

I have learnt some users report that most hasfflare.io reviews you see online or playstore are sponsored reviews. I learnt the platform pay people to make positive reviews about the site. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.

I encourage prospective users to shun such claims as false. from my findings about Hashflare, I can boldly say the site is worth using.

However, I think it would be nice to do a little more digging about the platform before investing on the platform.

I hope this reviews answers most if not all of your questions about Hashflare? If you figure out that you need to make a contribution about the review or if there is any section of the review not clear enough so that you have a question to ask, please do use the comment section below to let us know your thought.

We are team of dedicated authors are always on ground to reply you.

I wish safe investing using the Hashflare cloud mining platform.


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