Gohenry Reviews 2021: Legit or Scam, How it Works

Gohenry review

Children spending money without having the mindset of saving and you not keeping track of how they spend can be a lack of attention. The easiest way to manage and keep track of your children’s finance is by using Gohenry.

This is an innovative way of familiarising children with financial responsibility whilst maintaining control with the parents.

Also, gohenry review is a tool that teaches youngsters how to manage money while giving you access and control as a parent over your children’s allowance and spending.

So, relax and carefully read through this article to know more about Gohenry reviews and how it works. You will get to know if Gohenry is legit or not after reading.

What Is Gohenry?

Gohenry is a financial service that helps to teach children between the age of 6-18 about handling money. A parent can have full control over their children finances through an app.

With this app, you can control, monitor and transfer money to your child’s debit card. Gohenry is one of the leading money apps and bank substitutes for parents in the UK.

Before we go further lets talk about gohenry a little

Founded in 2012 by parents looking to aid young people in understanding and managing their own money. Since then, gohenry has gained over 500,000 customers in the UK and beyond which made gohenry the biggest company of its kind.

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How Do Henry Works?

Many banks offer a bank account aimed at children, but don’t offer any form of parental control. The primary difference between gohenry and high street banks is the level of parental control available. Below we look at some parent control features.

  • Instant Notifications – Each time your child makes a transaction using the card, there will be a notification on your phone through the app.
  • Age Restriction – gohenry automatically blocks certain spending activities such as pub purchases, betting shops, and age-restricted websites. This gives you the peace of mind that your child cannot make age-restricted purchases whilst using gohenry.
  • Spending Limit – You can ensure your child does not spend more than a set figure weekly.
  • Control Over Where your Card is Used – As a parent, you can control where the card of your child can be used by blocking online payments and withdrawals from cashpoints.
  • Custom Cards – Gohenry offers a special custom card where you can get the name of your child on the front of the card, for example, gosarah. Also, they can choose from a range of colors and designs like animal and sports designs.
  • Rewards – gohenry offers rewards for completed tasks. They will pay money directly into the child’s account once they have done their homework or listen to instructions, etc.

In addition, gohenry offers an invaluable learning experience. It teaches children how to handle money at a young age, aiding them with budgeting and encouraging independence.

How To Sign Up?

Once your child has the card in hand, then you get started by downloading the app in your Android or iOS, sign-up and start managing your account by

  • Establishing a weekly allowance or tasks with a fixed value to get funds sent to your child’s card automatically from your primary account.
  • Set savings goals, weekly limits, and onetime exemptions as needed by visiting the Rules section of your parent account.
  • If you don’t have enough funds in your primary account to cover the monthly fee, Gohenry will pull from the attached debit card.
  • You can contact the company for enquiry using the FAQ on the Gohenry website or via phone, email or live chat weekly from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Gohenry

Pros of Gohenry

  • Two months free to test out the service.
  • Teach and encourage good money management skills from an early age.
  • Full parental control.
  • Family members can send/receive money. For example, for birthdays or Christmas.
  • Manage up to 4 child accounts per parent account all from one app.
  • Children as young as six can use it.
  • Reward system for completed tasks.

Cons of Gohenry

  • No interest payments.
  • Only one free top-up to the child account a month.
  • Safe, but not as safe and regulated as a bank.
  • Apart from the monthly fee, fees to use the card oversees and to top up also apply.

Is Gohenry Legit or a Scam? Our Honest Online Verdict Review.

It is important to find out if the gohenry verdict review platform you are signing up for is legit or a scam.

Gohenry is an amazing tool that teaches children how to use and spend money with unique parental control.

Technically, gohenry is not a bank. This means that FSCS doesn’t protect all the accounts which are a scheme that most banks used to protect the money held.

Essentially, gohenry is just a prepaid debit card, this is the same for other similar cards.

The good thing is that all gohenry debit cards are regulated by the FCA meaning they hold all funds in segregated accounts. This means that in the rare occasion that gohenry is compromised, your funds are safe and secure.

Also, They will block or freeze your child’s card immediately via the app, if the card loses meaning it can’t be used for any transactions from that point onwards.

In addition, parental control is an important inclusion by gohenry and providing an excellent service for parents looking to help their child learn about money or looking for a more efficient solution for handing out pocket money.

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What Are Gohenry Fees?

After the go henry 2-month free trial, for new customers, the go henry account costs £2.99 per month per child. This include:

Firstly, free payments and free cash withdrawals in the UK. Parents can transfer money from the parent account to the child’s account once a month for free. Any additional transfers will cost a further 50p per transaction.

Secondly, using the card oversees incurs a 2.75% currency exchange fee. Each cash withdrawal from a foreign cash point will cost £2.

Also, replacing a lost or stolen card would cost £5 per card.

What To Expect In Gohenry Review

Gohenry reviews still lead among when it come to parental control and a perfect choice for any parents who want to teach their kids how to manage money from a young age.

The company financial tool for children comprises:

First, A parent account which can access through an app, use it to top up the child’s account and to apply parental control on children’s spending habits.

Secondly, The child’s account. Children can see their balance, and the spending limits you’ve established for them in the app.

Lastly, A Visa prepaid card. Children can use the card to make purchases in shops and online and withdraw cash from ATMs.

Note: Gohenry is designed for a very specific demographic. The benefits only felt by those who are new to handling money. 


Gohenry is a secure company, where your child’s finance can be safe. I believe it will impress you with the progress your child will make in their financial understanding, responsibility, and forward-thinking because of using go henry. So you can give it a try.


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