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You can’t avoid writing essays entirely in life. Either as partial fulfillment to a course or as a task in the office, you are bound to write an essay in life.

If you find writing essays interesting; then, you can make extra bucks off it. Numerous online platforms are willing to pay for your writing skills.

All you have to do is write a good essay on a given topic, submit it, and get paid as much as $50 per essay.

You can get paid to write essays for students or companies if you have a good command of English and understand the nitty-gritty of essay writing.

A glance at the table of contents below reveals relevant information you need to get started.

Why Write Essays to Get Paid?

Quite a number of students work to make ends meet. This leaves them with little or no extra time.

Also, companies saddled with bigger responsibility can get external bodies to write essays for presentations. These two sets of people are willing to part with some dollars to get the work done; while they attend to other issues at hand.

If you love writing, getting paid to write essays will be a big plus to you. Basically, you are doing what you love doing and making extra bucks off it. Below are notable reasons to write essays for money online:

#1. It Widens your Knowledge Zone

Writing essays will increase your knowledge bank. Most essay topics you may need to write on demands you conduct some form of research.

Through this research, you are bound to learn more, get more ideas and have a clearer perspective to the topic.

So, writing essays for money is equivalent to being paid to learn more. Also, writing essays will enhance your writing skills and editing skills.

While you are doing this to turn in a near perfect work to get paid, you are painstakingly increasing your efficiency.

#2. It Pays Better than some Writing Gigs

While there are other writing for money online options, writing essays for money pay better than others.

Students are willing to let go of some cash to get their assignments done. Likewise individuals or organization looking forward to a beautiful essay. Most essay writing gigs pay more when compared to content writing.

#3. Flexible and Steady Gigs

You should write essays for money because the gigs are readily available. You will always find an essay to write to make extra cash if you sign up on the right platform.

Also, writing essays for money can stand out as a side hustle. Because it is flexible, writing essays for money can be done alongside full-time employment.

Another exciting reason to write essays for money is the quick payment. Simply, write an essay, and upload it. Then, the receiver acknowledges you have done a great work. Without hesitation, you get your pay.

What are the Requirements to Write Essays for Money?

The idea of writing essays for money online sounds interesting. But, it is quite demanding.

To get more writing gigs, you must have good command of English language or the language of communication.

Also, you must have basic writing skills abd be willing to advance in short time. Nobody pays money for a shabby work.

In addition, you should have basic idea of the topic. If you have no knowledge of a topic, writing an essay on such topic may be fruitless effort.

For instance, writing an essay on ” Non-destructive Method of Foreign Object Detection in Food Products.” requires technical knowledge drawn from Mechanical Engineering.

Some essay topics can only be written by people of certain ages. Usually, topics bothering around sexuality, sexism, and other related issues are for writers eighteen years and above.

This age is subject to your state opinions and rulings on adulthood. In a nut shell, the following requirements are important to write essays for money:

  • Good Command of English Language (or chosen language of communication)
  • Basic writing skills
  • Wiling to learn

How Do I Get Paid to Write Essays for College Students?

If you have the skill and good command of the English language, you need to find ways to let people know you can do the job.

You are likely to get more gigs to write essays for money online. So, you should find a freelance website that best suits your need. In choosing which freelance network to join, you should put the following into consideration:

  • Pay per essay
  • Mode of payment
  • Availability of essays and
  • Time frame (how long to complete a task)

Where Do I Get Paid To Write Essays Online?

You can find get paid to write essays for money online through any of the following freelancing networks

#20. Aish

Freelance writers can earn $200 for essay publications on this website. However, to write essays for money, you must write in first-person narrative on the positive influence of Orthodox Jewish beliefs on everyday life.

Basic knowledge of frum life is essential to succeed in Aish. Send a mail to or click the button below to start writing essays for money.

#19. Cosmopolitan

On this platform, you may earn for writing essays for colleges. Writers may earn as much $100 for essays about college. Also, essay writers on this platform may write assignments too.

#18. Dame

Dame magazine pays $200 for essays. Reporting features and happenings around as essays to this platform earn you extra bucks. How much you earn on this platform to write essays online varies.

#17. Guideposts 

If you are a Christian, you can write essays for money online on Guidepost. Simply submit essays that bothers around the Christian Faith. Payment for Christian essays on this online platform pays as much as $250.

#16. Lighthouse

Visually impaired or blind writers can also write essays for money. Lighthouse explores the writing talents of blind people and pays $100 for each good uplifting essay.

#15. Narratively 

Narratively explores writers’ abilities on different topics. So, you can write essays online on specific topics. Each essay must contain 2000-2500 words and writers earn $200-300.

#14. New York Times Modern Love 

If you love discussing love matters and you have good writing skills, you can write essays for money on Modern Love. This New York Times column pays as much as $300 for essays on any topic that could be classified as modern love.

#13. The Alpinist

You can get paid for writing essays about climbing destinations on The Alpinist. Mountain climbers are eager to read personal stories of experienced mountain climbers or individuals new to the sport.

Essays on the climbing Life or Off Belay may fetch you some good cash. This platform pays $0.25/word for 250 to 500-word essays. For every 4 words, you earn a dollar. An essay of 500 words should fetch you $125 on average.

#12. Brain, Child 

For Penne Richards, writing about the ugly incidence of the daughter’s death brought healing. So, His Brain Child magazine is a platform for individuals to share their stories for money.

There are different subject areas and topics to choose from. Brain Child magazine pays $300 for 1,500 to 4,500-word essays.

Click the button below to select from the wide range of subjects. Then, send your essay to the publisher Marcelle Soviero for editing and publication.

#11.  The Bold Italic

This online magazine pays 50 per essay on the gig economy, online dating, mental illness, and a range of other topics.

These experiences are acceptable from individuals who live in San Francisco, or have a connection to The City By the Bay that’s changed the way they see the world?

#10. BuzzFeed

It is fact that writing complex topics increase your knowledge bank and widens your horizon. Writing essays for money on Buzz will surely give you more exposure. Your essay will get viewership and criticism from over 168 million unique visitors per month.

Buzz pays $0.13 to $0.27 per word for your personal essays sharing your point of view or telling an experience. Buzzfeed editor posits “Whatever that experience is, it must offer insight into an ongoing and relevant cultural conversation for readers.”

#9.  Christian Science Monitor: Home Forum

The Home Forum of the Christain Science Monitor pays you to write personal essays on a wide range of topics. Mostly, you earn $75 to $150 for 400 to 800-word essays o topics like travel, parenting and community.

Other topic areas to explore include: family, gardening, home.

#8. Extra Crispy

If you love gisting about food; then, write essays to make money about breakfast on Extra Crispy. Basically, write a personal essay about not skipping breakfast.

You must add a recipe of what people can have for breakfast. Your essay must be witty, smart, and approach typical breakfast from a spectacular angle. Crispy pays $0.47/word for 800 to 1,000-word essays.

#7. Bugle Magazine

Writing personal essays about elk hunting, land use issues, conversation, and wildlife management could fetch you extra bucks.

Bugle Magazine pays $0.20/word for 1,000 to 3,000-word essays. So, submit a personal essay for a review to get paid for writing essays.

#6. Motherwell 

Share your opinion on raising kids on Motherwell magazine in an essay of 1200 words. This can fetch an extra $50 per essay. Randi Olin says

“We’re looking for evocative first-person narratives that have a unique focus, or take a novel angle, on a slice of the parenting experience,”.

Simply submit completed essays up to 1,200 words for consideration.

#5. Slice

Slice magazine provides a platform for writers to share excerpts from their books or poetry.

Maria Gagliano posits “We’re looking for anyone with a fresh voice and a compelling story to share—basically any work that really knocks our socks off,”.

This platform is best for writer who seek to become literary legends. Slice pays $250 for essays up to 5,000 words.

#4. SmartSet

Founded in the early 1900, the magazine folded in 1930. However, it now functions perfectly at Drexel University in Pennsylvania recently.

It publishes personal essays on different topics and pays 0.07/word for 1,000 to 3,000-word essays. To write essays for cash online, click the button below.

#3. The Establishment

You can do essays for money on this online magazine. It accepts personal essays that share individual ideas. Run by women, essays bothering on women are likely to get more attention.

Contact the editor to get topic ideas or click the button below to start writing essays for money online.

#2. Lifezette

 Write essays on parenting, politics and faith to make cash online. You can also get paid for writing essays on health and pop culture on Lifezette.

Lifezette pays $100-$200 for essays 1500-3000 words.

#1. CEO Hangout 

Write essays for cash on CEO hangout. You can earn $50 per essay on success stories of CEOs. CEO hangout pays individuals to write essays on the lifestyle of business moguls and other reported features.


Writing can be fun and educative, but it can also pay your bills. This article compiles a list of places you can write essays for money online. In addition, it itemizes the basic requirements to write essays for cash.

Reading through this article avails you an opportunity to determine which of these online writing platforms is best for you.

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