13 Ways To Get Paid To Share Links Online In 2022

Earn money by sharing links online
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Some time ago, I felt the only legal business was one that involved you waking up at the early hours of the day and rushing out of your house in a bid to meet up with office opening hours. Later on, I realized that there were other legal businesses one could do at the comfort of his home, eating a bag of chips!

One of such businesses is making money by sharing links online. Sharing links online is one of the ways to keep the internet alive and moving.

If you are not new to social media, you might have copied links once or twice on a profile, well that’s the exact thing you’d be doing but this time, you’d be making money from sharing those links.

On the other hand, if you’re not new to social media, you can still tap into this.

Sharing links is a simple act of copying and pasting links on various sites, it could also involve you leaving links out there for others to copy and paste while you get paid.

Below are thirteen ways you make money by sharing links to other sites and profiles.

  • Open a Patreon Account
  • Add Advertising to Your Link
  • Sell Your Own Products
  • Sell On Websites
  • Start Your Online Store 
  • Promote Products as an Affiliate
  • Share CPA Offers to Others
  • Posting Links on Google
  • Split App
  • Payment Links
  • Sponsored Partnership
  • Sell Paid Directory Listings
  • Share Links on Social Media

1. Open a Patreon Account

When you open the account and complete your profile, go ahead to create membership tiers and attach price tags.

This Patreon account works better if you’re creating videos online or posts online and works best if you already have fans who love your posts and videos already on various social media platforms and are ready to pay for your services. You can monetize your posts and videos through this Patreon account.

Your content is what will draw and convince your fans to pay for your content especially if your prices are low and affordable at first, this has a way of keeping your fans and making them Patreon supporters.

Once your account has been set up and you have content for your fans, simply get your fans to visit your Patreon account by sharing your profile links with them.

You can also copy the link and paste it on your next post or video on any social media platform, with that people get to click on your links and you can start getting paid.

Short ads of about five seconds or thereabouts can be added to your link, but it should have a skip button for your fans to view the main content. These ads allow you to earn money whenever someone clicks on the link and sees the ad.

Websites like Adfly, Oui.ioshorte.st can shorten your links and place ads on them.

3. Sell Your Own Products

This may not sound new to you but you might have heard that it’s difficult to sell your products online, but I’ll show you how easy it is.

Firstly, create your own products for sale, secondly, share your store and product link to others, thirdly sit back and watch others purchase your products while you earn your bucks.

4. Sell On Websites

Content creators with fans already can sell their products and services on websites.

Websites like Amazon, Teespring, or eBay allow for the selling of products while websites like Teachable allow you to create an online course and share your knowledge with others and still get paid.

Most persons who have knowledge but not visible products stand a chance to make money by sharing their knowledge for some bucks.

You can now share your merch store links with your fans and get paid.

5. Start Your Online Store 

This is a major way to take your selling to the next level. This means investing in your own e-commerce website where you have your own store and can allow others to sell through your website.

Shopify allows you to create your own online store and guide you on how to set it up.
Once that is done, all you have to do is put up your products for sale and let others know about it, share links to various platforms and when people find something that catches their interest, they end up paying for it and you at the other end gets paid.

6. Promote Products as an Affiliate

This is simply done by recommending other products and services to others, the task involved is sharing links and getting paid while the others take the action.

Most companies have affiliate programs, where you register and get a special link for promoting the company.

The beautiful thing about this is that you make money and the seller on the other hand makes money as well.

7. Share CPA Offers to Others

CPA represents Cost Per Action, the task here is getting someone to take action on a particular link either by signing up, taking a survey, clicking on the link and you end up making your money.

All you need is to get an account on websites that allow you to share CPA offers.

These websites get a notification that you got someone to take action on their special links and get to pay you your money.

To be able to make money online with Google, you need to have your own site or blog. After you have created one, then you apply to Google Adsense to get a publisher ID.

After you have been approved, you can put those links on your blog. If someone clicks on the ad, you would be paid a certain amount of money. 

9. Split App

This is an app that allows you to share links to others through texts and emails and get paid for sharing the links.

This is a convenient way for individuals to start collecting online payments for goods & services online via a simple URL or QR code. Once you create a payment link, you can share this link anywhere you want: on your blog, your social media accounts, email, Whatsapp, and so on, and get paid immediately.

11. Sponsored Partnership

If you have a large following, companies may offer to pay you to post about them. You’ve probably seen celebrities post about companies on their social media and use hashtags like #ad or #spon.

If you grow a loyal following for your business and come across a company that you believe in and support, you can work out a sponsored partnership deal and share their links on your page for others.

12. Sell Paid Directory Listings

This is a smart way to get paid, instead of putting adverts on your sidebar, you have a directory on your blog where you link to different company’s and websites in your industry and charge a premium for the listing.

Lots of companies will pay you to perform social media activities such as liking and commenting on Instagram posts, sharing links on Facebook, like and following their Facebook page, watching and subscribing to their youtube channel, which enables you to earn money by posting ads without investment.


Listed above are thirteen easy ways to get paid by sharing links online, I believe it’s not as difficult and tasking as you might have thought it to be.

I hope this serves as an encouragement and inspiration to take action and change your income for the better.


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