Get paid to move to Vermont in 2022: Earn up to $10,000 Immediately

Get paid to move to Vermont
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Ever heard of the city known for its snow season? The Green Mountain State where people are more outgoing and welcoming to newcomers? Is the city popular for its maple syrup and sugar candies? Does the United States of America come to mind? Great! You are on the right track; welcome to the short story of how to get paid to move to Vermont.

The seasons

Allow me to introduce to you, Vermont. A city in the US known for its snow season, warm neighborhood, and locale feel away from the everyday city rush. Vermont is the ancestral land of the Abenaki.

A city uniquely known for its summer, fall, winter, and mud seasons.

Contrary to the summer, autumn, and spring seasons, winters can get pretty snowy. Just like you would carry along some extra pieces of warm clothing and bedding, don’t forget to bring a pair of snow tires as well. Some microspikes will ease your walking through the snow.

Fun fact, you could go skiing or snowboarding in the morning, thanks to winter!

In addition, Power outages are common at this time, but a woodstove or a generator will do the trick! This should be the least of your worries because the good news is you can get paid to move to Vermont.

The people of Vermont are known for their friendliness. They have a population of fewer than 70 people per square mile as of 2018 meaning you can always borrow some heat from your neighbour. But you must have already established a relationship with them. 

This indicates that if you are looking to move to Vermont, reach out often, and they can offer a helping hand.

Also, asking a Vermonter out on an adventurous hike, would not hurt. Because you never know when you might need the help as well. Always remember, warmth has to be natural, keep that smile and regularly say hi. That said, let’s go through a bit of what you should expect in summer.

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Vermont in Summer

While during winter, on the east side of the mountain, you will find the trail of one of North America’s top ski resorts, Sowe, Vermont’s lushness during summer is a plus.

A moment you would enjoy while at the top of the state’s highest point, Mount Mansfield, a 4,393-foot mountain that does not require you to bring along your climbing gear.

There is also locally grown and produced food. From gourmet popcorn to the state’s famous maple syrup, craft beer, and cheeses, along with hard cider crafted just for you.

These are some benefits to move to Vermont along with getting paid.

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The opportunities of moving to Vermont

Is it all for free? No. The good thing is, opportunities are in plenty.

If you enjoy your car rides, a food delivery job would be a perfect fit. This allows you to cruise through the breathtaking landscape while cashing in enough for your bills and rent.

Driving for Uber or Lyft, will give you the benefit of quickly learning your way around the rich hub. Imagine this, some 8,000 miles of unpaved road through covered wooden bridge surrounded by summer or fall foliage. A scenic view worth dying for. 

But if that doesn’t click for you, several ideas would work perfectly.

Writing. Yes, writing. Know what that means? You effortlessly work from the comfort of your home while taking care of your bills. Are you able to grind out good content within a couple of hours? Perfect! You could make a living out of writing for several publications.

Now let’s get you started on how to get paid to move to Vermont. 

Will you get paid to move to Vermont? 

You might be asking “so why exactly would I get paid to move to Vermont?” Here are the reasons.

Despite the growing population in the city. Most Vermonters are older folks. The growth rate is a little too slow. Thus, they record the lowest birth rate in the country, with a state population ranking as the second-lowest in the nation.

As Vermont witnesses a decrease in the workforce and a shrinking tax base, the state government has since been welcoming more out-of-staters into the city.

The majority of occupants are new Vermonters, so you should be at home. 

With a $10,000 incentive by the government up for grabs as from 2019, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to not only live in such a warm, peaceful, and exciting neighborhood but also with zero costs to it. 

Do you now see reasons people get paid to travel to Vermont?

Is it expensive to live in Vermont?

Here is a little fact you need to know as you get paid to move to Vermont. Even though Vermont is less of a city-like space, the rent is a little high, likewise the market rates, property tax, and utility bills. 

People who wish to migrate should be aware of this. Maybe not to scare you, but a little caution is important.

Consider also the low internet speeds, especially if fast Internet aids your job. Are you already rethinking moving to Vermont? Remember, you’ll get paid to move to Vermont.

How to apply for Vermont moving grant

Every golden opportunity comes at a cost. The living expenses might scare you off a bit, but Vermont’s grant program is here to cushion you against the additional costs.

Due to numerous applications coming in from across the world to relocate to the city of snow, the state is now offering grants to new Vermonters on a first-come, first-served basis.

The program lays down an outline of eligibility criteria and a 4-step process for making your application. We wish you the very best as you proceed with your application but don’t forget “time waits for no one”. Your only guaranteed chance is NOW.

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Steps on how to get paid to move to Vermont

With that said, here are few quick steps on how to get paid to move to Vermont: 

  1. After going on through the eligibility criteria on the New Worker Relocation Grand Program, and you are eligible, complete your application and submit it. Keen to remember is that these applications are sorted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2. After that, you will need to provide proof that you are employed by an organization outside of Vermont and that you have moved in as a resident of Vermont.
  3. You will then receive reimbursement for your expenses. These grants cover but are not limited to: relocation expenses, living and working expenses, computer software and hardware, broadband internet and access to a co-working space. If you are a member of the program, you will simply need to submit your invoice.


Vermont is without a doubt the city majority are getting paid to move to, with an added $10,000 incentive to boost as you continue to search for sustainable options.

But think this through the warm sunshine, the friendly people, talk of the lush landscape, natural beauty as you watch sap dripping out of tapped maple trees, the crafted sustenance – all at your disposal.

The big question is: are you willing to get paid to move to Vermont? If yes, what are you waiting for? $10,000 is up for grabs, but time is running out! The choice is yours.



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