How to Get Paid to Date Cougars in 2021 | 5 Best Ways

Get Paid to Date Cougars

People date for different reasons – fun, pleasure, path to marriage and lots more. The choice of whom they date also differs depending on preference.

While female folks who date elderly men use the term “sugar daddies”, the male folks who date elderly women call them “cougars”.

One constant factor between dating cougars and sugar daddies is the pay. Hence, this article explains in detail how you can get paid to date cougars in 2021.

Currently, the dating industry is booming rapidly. In fact, the covid-19 pandemic lockdown increased the number of single men and single women. With both parties looking for love companions.

A survey carried out on 3400 members shows that more than three-quarters of single women (77 per cent) and more than half of single men (46 per cent) feel lonely after spending seven weeks in lockdown.

About(39 per cent) are intimidated by the prospect of dating virtually. Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) said they would actually prefer a virtual first date over meeting in person even when lockdown ends. 

Whatever your reason may be, either fun or as a profession, you can get paid to date a cougar. The table of contents below highlights all you need to know on how to get paid to date rich women.

How To Get A Cougar Online

If you want to date a cougar, you can be confident that the fastest way to find some may be online. There are countless sites that happen to be dedicated with respect to cougar dating.

If you do a search on Google, there are a lot of sites. You should have no problem finding the one that matches your requirements and choices. When you match a cougar online, you might have a chatter with her and explore the things that you could have in common.

The process of finding a cougar online is easy. You will have to go into some information about yourself. A number of the information you have to give include the male or female you prefer, age, name, colour, level, ethnicity, figure, eye colour, and hair colour. Once you do this, this website will send you several photos of people who fit these criteria.

Then you certainly will have to enrol in an account. On the site, you will be able to reach some personal information that includes your actual age, height, marriage status, passions, and other appropriate information.

Prior to you take the first step and sign up for a cougar on the net online dating service, make sure that this website is legit. Most of them are not. You will need to make certain you have done your quest before signing up for the site. 

How To Get Paid To Date Cougars

Cougars who are looking for companions are willing to pay their lovers. You can actually get paid to date cougars online by simply doing the following:

  • Find the right app
  • Create a catching profile
  • Be matured in your interaction with cougars
  • Be ready to spend a little (a strategy to get them to trust you and make them also willing to spend on you) or let the cougars know from the onset that you are available for hookups and instant payment services.

Is There An App For Cougars?

Yes, there are numerous apps to help you find a cougar. Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to get paid to date cougars.

Online dating sites have evolved so that all users can find what they’re looking for, regardless of age. We’ve put together a complete list of the best cougar dating sites out there, so you can find your perfect match.

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5 Best Ways To Date A Cougar

If you want to meet the most attractive women and get paid to date cougars on dating sites and apps, you need to show her why you’re a better catch than your competition.

How you present yourself online is crucial – but don’t worry, you’ve got this.

#1 – Be Eye Candy – No Matter What You Look Like

She’s looking for a fun, energetic younger guy – make sure your photos deliver.

Your primary photo has the biggest immediate impact, and it needs to make her think, “Now there’s someone I’d like to spend time with.”

A bright, vibrant pic taken outdoors at an interesting location is a huge step in the right direction. Leading with anything that’s reflected in a mirror – especially if it’s your bathroom mirror, is the equivalent of waving a sign that says “I don’t get out much.”

Whether she’s looking for a hookup or a significant relationship, she still has standards. And if you want a chance to meet a smoking hot cougar, those standards are likely high.

Here are a few things you can do to catch her attention online:

  • Eye contact is crucial for sparking a connection, so skip the sunglasses.
  • Choose a shot where you’re not fading into the background – more contrast is better than less.
  • Simplicity work best in the primary spot because the brain has a strong preference for images that are easy to process. So: no filters, good lighting, crystal clear quality, and just you in the frame. Preferably from mid-chest up for the most visual impact.

#2 –  Username = First Impression

CougarLife, one of the best dating sites out there, requires a username. Chances are your real first name is already taken, and you want to get more creative than “Brad11223.”

But if you don’t know what makes a username attractive, getting creative can backfire in a big way.

These 5 username tips for cougar dating sites will help you avoid making the same mistakes these guys did:

  • Don’t use any variation of the word “Mom.”

Virtually guaranteed mood killer.

  • Don’t make an age reference.

She doesn’t need to be reminded why she’s on a cougar site.

  • Don’t suggest that you require libido-enhancing drugs.

In fact, don’t mention drugs of any kind.

  • Don’t hint at deception, dishonesty or anything negative.

Why make her think twice about checking out your profile?

  • Don’t reference what you want from her.

Instant turn off – she needs to be impressed by you first.

#3 –  Write A “Clickable” Headline

Some cougar sites and apps include a teaser or headline that’s prominently displayed next to your photo and username in her search results – and what you put there can have a huge impact on your results.

#4 – Don’t assume all she wants is sex.

Cougar dating sites and apps attract women looking for the entire spectrum of relationships, from hooking up to a long-term romance.

If all you want is sex, then be upfront about the type of relationship you want to have (in a classy way). Don’t give your matches any reason to think you’re seeking a long-term relationship.

And on your first date, it’s likely a good idea to reiterate that you’re just looking to date around and have fun. That clarity can help make sure she doesn’t feel disrespected during the date, or later on down the road.

#5 – Be genuine.

You want to present your “best self” online and in your message exchanges, but the key is authenticity. If you’re a guy in your 20s, don’t try to act like you’re in your 40s just because she’s 40+.

She’s interested in younger men for a reason – so be true to yourself. Misleading her about where you are in your career, or exaggerating your financial status because you want to impress her isn’t sustainable – and it’s a bad idea.

Most women on dating sites are already concerned about catfishers and the like, so don’t give her a reason to ghost you.

But don’t go overboard on the honesty – there’s no reason to highlight your flaws in your dating profile. Focus on a few of your personality traits and qualities that make you a great date, and leave it at that.

There you have it! You can have fun and get paid to date cougars if you are willing to use the information in this article and i’ll advice you to do that. Register on any of the cougar dating apps or sites mentioned in this article and get started

5 Websites You Get Paid to Date a Cougar

Finding the best website to date a cougar might be tasking. Basically, there are a couple of sites and of course, apps to get to your dream cougar.

Below are some of them:

#1 MilfFinder

The chances of finding cougars who match your taste are high here. The process of registration to be a part of this online hook-up is easy – register, login, and make money. Specific charge just a little charge after you earn your money from using our platforms.

Different ways to go about it like webcam chat, phone chat, or messaging. Identities and phone numbers are all hidden depending on how you want it because your privacy and safety are the priority.

Quick hook: $1:00
Most popular: $29.95
Best value: $9.99

For more information click on the link below.

#2. Cougarlife:

Here you have a staunch believer that age is just a number when it comes to love and sexual pursuit.
Registration takes 3-5 minutes.
I month; 40USD
3 months; 87USD
12months; 144USD.

#3. AdultFriendFinder

This website is dedicated to one-night stand dates. It is a great place to meet rich older women.

On this swinger community, you can get paid to date cougars because they have a lot of mature members who are seeking lovers. The app relies on tthe “swiping” system to make matches.

On the hookup section of the platform, users can meet people and socialize virtually or in real life.

To get started, sign up on the app and find a hot cougar who interests you. Send her a message to get the ball rolling.


This site offers its users a very positive experience. It is full of attractive hot cougars and younger men. You can get paid to date a cougar on this site. It attracts a fairly large user base.

Younger men can sign up as “younger man for Milf” while older women sign up as “cougar for cubs”. Milftastic is simple and easy to navigate with great user experience.


Match is one of the dating websites to meet mature women. It is available as an app and has a great matching algorithm.

Basically, the app matches cougars with cubs. Users can also find local cougar events that allows them to meet cubs in real life.

Unfortunately, Match’s free features are fairly limited. To enjoy these features, you have to pay $2.99 per month to $129.99 per month.


Dating cougars for money can be fun and pleasurable. However, you need to play your card well to get the best of dating. Simply be yourself and a strong male, play your cards well and the world will be at your feet.

To get the best of your cougar, lower your pride, be civil, never compare her to girls your age, and don’t play games. Lastly, allow your cougar to take care of you in all manners.



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