Get Paid To Click Unlimited Ads: 10 Best Website To Make Serious Money In 2021

Get Paid To Click Unlimited Ads
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Do you want to make some more extra cash aside from your other sources of income? You could get paid to click unlimited ads on PTC sites and be offered this reality.

Do you also love to surf the internet, visit different sites and watch movies? You could appropriate this time of yours, to get paid to click unlimited ads as a monetary value for your hard work.

Paid to click (PTC) is a way of participating in online advertising. It’s very much similar to pay per click. When it comes to PTC advertising, the paid-to-click sites get paid, likewise you. 

What Paid to click sites do is help advertisers promote their product(s) and services to you by paying for ad views.

These advertisers focus on leads and sales, through advertising. In other words, they spend their money to sell their products or generate the leads they want for their services.

So whether or not you make an action, sale, or opt-in, you will still get paid to click unlimited ads or view the same.

I know you want to make more money. I know you would also want to avail every opportunity too. To this end, you could explore several other online side gigs to make easy money. These include: watching videos, take surveys, read emails, voiceovers and read books, making referrals, e.t.c.

There are many legit paid-to-click sites, where you can get paid to click unlimited ads.  With this, you could accumulate decent profit every day.

Unfortunately, that is not the case and you can only view a specific amount of ads every day. However, there are some sites though that offer many ads every day or in some cases with no limit. This article seeks to help you out with them.

Can One Make Money By Clicking On Ads?

Yes, you can make more money or get paid to click unlimited ads. 

Here’s how to…

All you’ll need to do is create an account with the supposed paid to click sites. . After which payments can start running for you

Note that, registering with these paid-to-click websites is totally free. 


In getting your payments for the hard work you do, you would definitely need the help of payment processors. To disregard them is to disregard cashing out or other rewards for the hard work, you have sure put yourself through. They include:

  • For cash: Paypal; Payoneer; AirTM
  • For Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin wallet; ETH wallet; LTC wallet.

A trick I would suggest you play is, signing up to multiple paid-to-click sites. That way you have enough access to ads to click. It is true that different platforms provide unlimited ads for users. Even at that and considering how much you could get paid to click unlimited ads, you could still sign up with multiple sites and earn more. Earning more is the real deal, the goal, I suppose.

Indeed, you must know that how much I can earn how many ads you are able to click, how much hard work you are willing to put in, your knowledge of the paid-to-click sites, and pretty much, how much patience you can indulge.

Are Paid To Click Sites Legit?

Truth be said, whilst this article will spew a list of paid-to-click sites that are legitimate. In contrast, there are also paid-to-click sites that aren’t legitimate.

How you will find out is to first, check the forum and the past activity of such paid to click website. If the forum is inactive or if there is any suspicious activity, it only sends a scam signal.

Another way to you can identify illegitimate paid-to-click sites will be by their payment options. 

Finally, you can look out for the script of the users and the history of the paid-to-click sites, to decipher the websites’ legitimacy.

10 Best Paid To Click Websites

The 10 best paid to click websites this article seeks to divulge are;

  • Leadsleap
  • Rotate4all
  • Ayuwage
  • AdBTC 
  • AbBCH
  • AdDOGE
  • PTCShare
  • Paidverts
  • Innocurrent
  • ClixSense(ySense)

1. Leadsleap

This is one of the few sites where you can surf unlimited ads. Leadsleap is mainly an advertising program but you can earn credits for visiting other members’ websites. Those credits can be redeemed into cash. 

The uniqueness of the site is that the more time you spend viewing an ad, the more credits you will earn.

2. Rotate4all

It is an ad rotator site that also offers a surf ad mode. The surf mode is not unlimited but you can view ads until you reach a profit of 0.25$ per day which is a lot higher than many PTC sites.

3. Ayuwage 

Ayuwage was established in the year 2009. It offers you and every other user the opportunity to carry out tasks like viewing ads and taking surveys. The very focus of Aywage to give surfers of the internet the platform to make money.

On Ayuwage, unlimited ads are not offered. However, ads are added throughout the day. In spite of this, there are days Ayuwage offers unlimited ads to its users.

4. AdBTC 

This is a site where you are earning satoshi for clicking ads. You can view unlimited ads per day and there are members who are earning thousands of satoshis each day. The payout for every ad view is also bigger compared to other PTC sites.

5. AbBCH 

This is a sister site of AdBTC and you are getting paid in BitcoinCash.


This is another similar site where you are getting paid in Dogecoins.

7. PTCShare 

It is a hybrid site that combines pay to click earnings with a revenue share program. 

When you join the site, you will not get many ads but if you stay active the number of ads that you get increases. Also, the value of the available ads increases so that you can get a good profit without having to click tons of ads.

Additionally, there are some other tricks that you can do in order to receive more ads every day.

8. Paidverts 

This is a PTC site that works the same way as PTCshare mentioned above.

The more active you will be the more ads you will get with a higher value as well.

9. Innocurrent

Innocurrent is one site that does not offer unlimited ads but ads are added throughout the day. So if you check the sites many times a day you will have plenty of websites to browse. Notwithstanding, there can be days where Innocurrent offers unlimited ads to users.

10. CLixsense {ySense}

Clixsense is now known as ySense. It’s easy to join the site. It offers opportunities to click ads, complete surveys and watch videos, make money through referrals, explore different products and services by downloading different applications.

This site does not require any form of investment from users. Users are afforded a platform to earn bonuses and participate in contest available on Clixsense ( Ysense)


Making more money by identifying legitimate PTCs and getting paid to click unlimited ads is very much possible. You can make it happen by signing up with them for free, and beginning work. You will also need to put in your effort and have the virtue, patient to reap off your labor.


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