20 Ways you Get Paid to Answer Questions in 2021 | Make Over $5,000/month


If you were to list the number of questions you answer every day, it may run into hundreds. However, how many of them truly benefit you? A few to say the least.

Do you know you could actually get money from answering questions? Probably not. And it doesn’t require so much from you. You can answer them during your free time or even sitting in your office space.

Before I go ahead to list the possible ways to earn from answering questions, I feel it’s important you know about some of the mild requirements you need to fulfil.

What are the Requirements for Getting Paid to Answer Questions?

To fully function as a professional answering questions, you have to fulfil he requirements of the platform. While some platforms have their specific requirements, we will basically focus on the general requirments which include:

Age Requirement – You have to be at least 18 years old to use the platforms. Although some don’t make it a strong rule, you can be sure being underage can limit you greatly.

Knowledge Requirement – To answer questions well, you must command a good level of knowledge across different subject areas. Hence, you must be a wide reader.

Data Requirement – The platform is online. So, you will need data and a device that helps you connect to the internet. This way you can be accessible.

Platforms Where You Get Paid To Answer Questions

You can get paid to answer questions on a lot of platforms online. While some of them pay you in cash, others pay you in gifts and other bonuses. Some of these platforms include:

1. KGB

KGB gives you an opportunity to make money answering questions via text message. If you are in the U.S, Canada, or the Philippines, you can answer questions on this site. You can make as much as $0.03 – $0.10 per answer.

2. JustAnswer

JustAnswer is a great website wherein real-life experts answer questions regarding different areas of life. These experts get to answer questions on medicine, law, machines and much more.

To get into this platform, you have to answer questions within a particular category and if the sender of the question accepts your answer, you get paid.

3. FixYa

FixYa is a platform wherein you answer technical questions related to electronics. For every question you answer, you will earn rewards.

4. Maven

In Maven, you’re a professional consultant attending to people’s problems. Due to the demand, this platform operates on a global level.

You can choose your hourly rates for work and payment.

5. PrestoExperts

When you register into a platform like PrestoExperts, you’re in a place where you get constant support from experts in medicine, technology, agriculture and more.

As a consultant, you only need to answer questions depending on your field. If your answer is vetted by the sender of the question as satisfcatory, you get paid for answering the question.

6. StudyPool

Studypool is a platform where you make money by solving problems in your area of expertise. You solve these problems by answering different questions.

For every question you satisfactorily answer, you get 80% of the money. Questions on this platform are academically related.

7. Live Person

Live Person is a great platform where you get paid for answering questions. As a unique platform, you get to work at your own time.

In order to cash out using Paypal, you need to have earned a minimum of $50.

8. HelpOwl

HelpOwl is a great platform where you get paid for answering questions. However, you don’t receive cash. Instead, you get redeemable points which you can use to access worldwide opportunities.

9. Answeree

Answeree is a question and answer website. You get paid as much as $0.20 for answering a question. You can cash out $20 on your Paypal.

Due to the level of abuse experienced on the platform, they are interested in changing their reward system.

10. Weegy

Weegy has a feature that makes it unique. Unlike other sites, it offers you a directory of answers to a lot of questions people have asked.

When you answer a question without an answer, you earn up to $0.20 per answer. Immediately you get up to $20, you can transfer the funds to your Paypal account.

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11. Experts123

On Experts123, you make money either by answering questions or writing articles. No matter where you are in the world, you can be part of this opportunity.

You can earn as much as $10-$20 per article as you can also transfer $20 to your Paypal account.

12. Keen

Keen is an exciting platform where you get paid for answering questions. However, unlike other platforms, their questions are within the field of psychics, horoscopes etc.

So, if you’re a professional in this area, this highly focused platform will make you a lot of money.

13. Ether

When you use Ether, you answer questions via phone (or other way of making calls). You get to set your own pay per question but Ether receives 15% commission for any amount due to you.

14. Directly

Directly is a unique platform. It helps individuals who have questions related to specific companies. Hence, they act as a customer support representative similar to Quora.

As a freelance customer rep, you can cash out as little as $2. You earn 50% of what a customer pays when asking a question.

15. 1Q

IQ uses a simpler method to grab the answer the large number of questions people ask every day. They use text messages to answer these questions and you can get $0.50 per answer you give.

16. SmallbizAdvice

SmallBizAdvice is a platform where your business acumen is useful. To be precise, you share counsel to small businesses which can help them grow. For every advice you give, you receive a reward.

17. Chegg Study

Chegg Study is a platform that focuses on students with questions related to their academic pursuit. Hence, if you’re an educator, this is a good platform for you to register.

18. myLot

myLot is a huge discussion board, blogging community, questions and answers hub, social network and online hangout that pays you for your valuable insights on different issues.

To be part of this platform, you need to register by inputting your details.

19. Earn

When you register under Earn, you answer questions within your area of expertise. You get these questions through your mail as you can perform other fun tasks.

On this platform, you don’t get paid in cash. Instead, you get paid in Bitcoin. A good professional profile makes it easy for people to access you and get your opinion.

20. Collide

Collide explores a uique way to make money answering questions using your social media accounts.

This platform helps you monetize your accounts by letting you create special content accessible by them for a subscription or one-time fee.

This way, you create great content through writing or video that answers your audience questions.


It’s obvious that there are a lot of ways to make money answering questions. So, you can’t really blame anyone or anything.

Peruse this article and research deeper to know the platform that will suit you.

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