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Review of products or services provides users with the best information on what to expect from their use of the said products. They further enable end-users to make better-informed choices before subscribing to such services or products.

Consequently, Reviews will afford users and potential subscribers, the opportunity to make informed decisions about the product. provides quality online tax preparation. Contemporarily, they claim to be leaders in the OnLine individual income tax preparation arena and are adapting unique methods to business tax, payroll, etc

In 1995, evolved out of a small family-owned business incorporating a tax practice and a technology company in Southern California.

Accordingly, as in their local practice when they first came into operations, they continue to lead the OnLine individual income tax preparation arena.

In this read, we will review in detail, to enable you to make more informed decisions about using the company’s products and services.

Before our reviews, let’s briefly address some specific questions you may have about the software.

Is FileYourTaxes com legitimate?

Though is not one of the most popular tax filing sites, as many people find it hard to use, however, the website is very legit and operational.

What does Offer?

For most people, filing taxes is stressful because errors can be expensive, and such errors typically mean issues with the IRS. Tax companies provide basic services to users that ensure they do not get into trouble with the IRA. offers both free and fee-based products and services.

Fee based products include;

  • Federal Individual Form 1040, Form 1040A, and Form 1040EZ.
  • State Tax Returns. Including Multi-State filing.
  • Prior Year Tax Returns (Federal & State Returns). eFile is not available for any prior year return.
  • Federal Amendments Form 1040X and State Amendments for tax returns filed using our system.
  • Federal Extensions.

Free Services;

  • No eFiling Fees. Pay only construction fees.
  • No Printing Fees during the Filing Season
  • eMail Support using our Secure eMail messaging system.
  • Personal 1040 Tax Center. Keep all your Tax Returns filed with us together by uploading your prior year return(s). Including one-click access to tax returns in the 1040 Tax Center.

Our Optional Services:

  • Phone Support is offered for an additional fee of $17. Phone calls for QXDC on payment page are always free of charge.
  • Also, Post Filing Membership is available for all current year returns. With this additional service, in the event you receive an IRS or State Letter, one of our Tax Specialists will review your tax return and IRS/State Letter with you.
  • Option to be mailed a paper copy of your Tax Return(s). Fax is also available. Prices Vary.

Business Taxes:

The company offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for eFiling your Form 1098s, 1099s, and W2s to the IRS and Social Security Administration (SSA).

How Do I Open a Account?

You can register a account by creating one through the link business tax filing login page. Then, Enter, Print, and File in a matter of minutes.

To create an account, enter the information requested on the registration page. Your information is stored on a secure server in the United States.

Is Free? offers free Federal tax return construction and eFiling to all qualified United States citizens and legal residents whose Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is between $9,000 and $69,000, and who were 65 and under for the tax year, regardless of their state of residence as part of the IRS Free File Program.

However, is a fee-based service. They charge you a fee for the use of their system and services. This fee is payable by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS accepted) or you can prepay them by check or money order.

They proceed with the construction and eFiling of your return only upon the fund’s clearance of your payment if you pay by check.

You may also allow them to take it out of your refund if you apply for a bank or financial institution product, provided that this option is available in your state or jurisdiction.

Can Help With my Crypto Investment Taxes? does not offer special guidance on filing crypto trades. The service includes the forms and schedules needed to file Bitcoin trades or mining, however, they are not recommendable for this purpose. Hence our review for 2022.

Does Officially Prepare Tax for Its Users? will construct and file your taxes. However, they do not act as your official tax preparer (unless you specifically ask for this service, at an additional fee).

Furthermore, if you choose to file your taxes with their system, they assume that you are familiar with the tax laws and regulations that apply to you. If you do not possess this familiarity, they recommend that you seek professional assistance.

You are also responsible for submitting correct and accurate information pertaining to your tax return as they do not assume any liability for the accuracy of data that you enter.

  • Federal Refund Options:
    • Direct Deposit – Into your Checking or Savings account. Split into up to (3) different accounts.
    • Paper Check Mailed (USPS).
    • Bank Product/Refund Settlement Products. Services provided by third-party Financial Institutions/Banks.
  • Balance due, you may have your balance due amounts paid through: reviews 2022: Legit or Scam | how it Works is a tax filing software with a clunky, confusing interface, no imports, and a confusing price structure.

The company has an advanced/expert online tax software but limited help resources and is way more expensive than an average tax software

If that doesn’t convince you to stay away, maybe the rest of the review will. Below, we detail the areas of disappointment. You may further compare these with this list of best tax software.

Here’s what you need to know about in 2022, or better put, here are our reviews for 2022;

Legit or Scam | how it Works

Fortunately, is not a scam and is very legit. Nevertheless, these qualities are not enough to make any product a user’s better choice, especially where it doesn’t save such user money or time.

This is not to say the software consumes a user’s money or time, (even though those are huge concerns that should make you soft-pedal on subscribing to the software.)

Having established this, let’s now review, how the platform works and why you may want to consider other options;

Plans And Pricing of

Compared to most companies, has a very confusing pricing structure. You really need to understand forms and schedules to understand the exact cost of the plan.

A user found that he used 7 unique Schedules or Forms beyond the included W-2 forms of his prior-year return.

7 forms should be more than the average filer, but expect to add at least 2-3 forms (so $8-$12) if you’re an investor, a side hustler or trying to claim a credit (such as Earned Income Tax Credit).

Here’s the calculation:

Federal Base Price$44.75
State Base Price$36.50
Additional Cost for Each Form or Schedule$4

Navigating Review has extremely difficult-to-use navigation. Users need to understand a lot of tax jargon to find relevant portions of the software. Instead of a clean user interface, necessary parts of the software are hidden among cluttered text or within tiny buttons. 

Technically, the software includes a guided interview through the software, but the interview allows users to exit, and getting back to the guided software is nearly impossible. If you’re someone who jumps in and out of tax software, will be very frustrating to use. Ease Of Use Review is hard to use software, especially when the difficulty is compounded by the tough navigation. Users must hand enter almost all information. The only exception is that people who use the accounting software Xero can import their Schedule C on their own.

Unlike many tax software services, doesn’t leave helpful hints throughout the software. Its question mark feature doesn’t give you more tax-related information. It just tells you what kind of data you can enter in a given field.

Knowledge Articles of Reviews does not have any knowledge articles other than the question mark bubbles in the software. Since the software is weighed down by tax jargon, this is a real miss. Users probably need to spend time looking up information on the IRS website to make sure their returns are accurate. Review on Extras doesn’t offer many extras. You can use the site to file extensions or amended returns, but other major software services offer similar options (and are easy to use). Review on Security has single-factor security, just a username and password combination. You may not be able to set up multi-factor authentication, though the site makes one think it is an option.

This was the only tax software option has we have reviewed and noted that it does not initially ask to set up two-factor authorization.

Should I Use in 2022?

I don’t see any need to suggest in 2022. Credit Karma Tax offers better free software for more customers. If you have a more complex filing issue, you might want to consider TaxSlayer Premium, TurboTax (especially for sole proprietors or crypto traders), or H&R Block.

Overall, we sum up our review by reiterating that the software is seemingly overrated and difficult to use. We do not really think it’s convenient to use unless you’re a tax specialist.

Final Thought on Review

Finally, we suggest that you try an alternative tax software in 2022. You can check out here for yourself to confirm our fears for you. Review should help you reach a more definite decision.

Nonetheless, whatever your final decision, be sure it’s a win-win.


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