Empowr Full Review 2021: Another Make Money Online Scam?

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Empowr is a platform that allows users to gain money from a large fan-base, selling and educating users in the market place.

From the reviews, it seems like empowr is another make money online scam. This is usually true when companies seem to change their Modulus Operandi with the wink of an eye.

Since its inception in 2015, there has been numerous changes in its operations.

Although customers embrace change, they do not encourage it when it becomes regular and affects the overall operations.

Well, the final verdict will come up when the beta global launch is done. All this and more has been carefully explained in this article.

What does Empowr Do?

Empowr is a network marketing company that is building the world’s first democratic social platform that combines some features of Facebook, eBay, Etsy, and Tumblr has a marketplace and currency. It enables its users to earn money through uploading photos, videos, blogs, the marketplace, and currency.

Empowr is the creation of a company called FanBox. FanBox was previously known as SMS.ac. Michael Pousti is chairman and chief executive officer of this company. The empowr social network opened to the general public in 2015. It later upgraded to open alpha, then empowr beta.

You may notice certain similarities between empowr and sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is to provide familiarity to new users.

It is worthy of note that empowr is a free platform that is designed to enable people to build and monetize their large fan base.

In addition, there are many products and services which can be sold between community members on empowr. However, the basic products are free of charge.

How Can I Make Money from Empowr?

According to the website, users can earn via a multitude of knowledge-based roles, which include views of their photos, videos, status updates, and blogs.

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In addition, they can sell products, assist in promoting, distributing, reselling, user education, or resolve disputes that happen at empowr market place. You know this has to relate to products and services, right?

Similarly, you can earn by assisting in the growth of the empowr economy, by working as teachers or success coaches to other members of the community.

With the new empowr open alpha, there are other means of generating revenue from empowr and its app asides from the ones mentioned above. They include:

  • Transaction revenue which comes from Posting, Sharing, and Communication
  • Subscription revenue
  • Advertising revenue
  • Cryptocurrency revenue

When can I start using my Empowr Earnings?

Before you can use the earnings from your empowr wallet, it must enter the maturation period. This is one of the negative reviews that make people believe it is a scam rather than legit.

Maturation and analysis may begin immediately, as soon as your earnings are applied each day.

After they are applied, you can use them for the following:

  • Immediately use all earnings to widen your distribution and increase your earnings, by purchasing Power User subscriptions
  • Immediately use some of your earnings to purchase products and services. This percentage grows monthly
  • 60 days after any month, use that month’s earnings to purchase empowr ads and boosts
  • 90 days after any month, you can cash out earnings from that month via PayPal or bank check, or ad credits used.

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Who are those that benefit from Empowr?

Everyone has something to benefit from Empowr although some reviews says otherwise.

Students need extra cash to sort out issues. Typically, they can share almost anything on the empowr site which they get paid for. Also, items that other community members can buy can be posted by students. Those in their environs can get these as it eliminates shipping fare.

Merchants who live near campuses have a connection to sell products to students within proximity.

Everyone can share data with other community members and get paid for it. Posting items for sale can be done by anyone.

Keep reading to see the empowr reviews.

How Does Empowr make the money I am paid?

Using the following mediums, empowr makes the money users are paid:

  • Premium fee (Power User & Ad Platform fee) from users.
  • Ad fee from outside advertisers. 
  • Market place fee.
  • Revenue from selling digital product.

Empowr Login

For now, the empowr login is not available whether from the site or empowr app. The site was taken down on January 5th 2020 in preparation for the beta and global launch late in the year.

When the site comes up, every old member will have to register afresh with a new account.

What happened to my Empowr Wallet?

Old empowr members do not need to worry because their wallet is just intact. All that is lost is data, pictures and videos on the blog but the empowr walletis secure.

The empowr wallet is where coins are saved.

Your coins that are on the blockchain will be fine and won’t be affected. However, the empowr balance which is on cloud will be inaccessible until the beta site is launched.

When the beta site is launched, your alpha coin balance will appear in the new beta site.

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Empowr Review: Scam or Legit

We will list some of the reviews from members of empowr. With this, you will know if empowr, its app is a scam or legit.

#1 From a Success Coach

I have been working at empowr part-time


Great way to sell, buy, and make money by posting and sharing.


My success coach took forever to respond so took way too long for me to become a success coach.

#2 From a Dissatisfied User

“Where to begin..at first I though it was worth a shot and not only did all of the posting of pictures, blogs etc which was very time consuming and also added selling in ‘Market place’. This entailed sourcing product outside and paying to sell inside Fanbox ‘Market place’. Money earnt was in my account and here’s the rub …it was impossible because of the way it was structured, the constantly changing rules in order to qualify for payouts at the end of the month. IPL was forced on us and had to be repaid before you could cash out, plus fees every month and although I sold heaps of product I was always in debt to Fanbox.” –Shirley O

#3 From a Success Coach

 I have been working at empowr


I am a Success Coach for empowr. Now with the Accelerated Matured cash out I am earning monthly for using the platform. It does take a while to earn here. You won’t get rich overnight doing empowr but you can earn from using the internet. New things are always being added and empowr will be a big part of the future. Will it be yours? I am an American living in the Philippines. The earnings I make on empowr allow me to do live where I want to live.


The only down side of coaching is putting in long hours daily sometimes. I do like helping other people to understand empowr so they can earn by using the internet.

Advice to Management

Keep up the good work and moving empowr forward!

Our Verdict

Based on the empowr reviews, and other research about how the company came about, we just have this to say.

The technology empowr uses is real but the operations are somewhat questionable.

To further add to this, the company is not in operation at the moment which shows that the review is incomplete.

Users and potential users are advised to be careful while working with empowr.

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We wouldn’t say empowr is a scam until their relaunch. When they do so and the empowr wallet returns with all the customer coins intact and they are able to cash out with PayPal, we would give our verdict.

Before then, confirm the authenticity of companies on our website before investing your time in them. We have tons of reviews for you.

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