Digital Reflection Panel Review 2021: Legit or Scam | is it Worth it?

This is a tell-all review of the controversial Digital reflection panel program. Is the Digital reflection panel a scam or legit? Is the program open to people living outside the United States? These and many more are discussed extensively in this Digital Reflection Panel Review.

The world has since transitioned into the age of the internet where you get to communicate with family and friends in real-time regardless of the location you find yourself.

This is thanks to social media apps, and other tools on the internet, people now spend a good number of hours browsing their phones or laptops.

People browse the internet for all sorts of activities like connecting with family and friends or watching short videos through platforms like youtube or Facebook.

But do you know not all the time spent on the internet especially by young people are spent for pleasurable activities? Do you know people browse the internet to perform functions that earn them some money?

This is where companies like Digital reflection panel come in, except in this case you don’t need to do much to make earning. As you read on, you shall learn how to earn on the platform as we ensure the digital reflection panel review answers all your questions.

What the company is simply trying to do is to keep tabs on the internet usage of its members who they promise to reward monthly for complying with the program.

But the question on the lips of prospective members or even present users is – how legit is the program? Does the company truly pay people for simply allowing them track their internet usage? You need to read on to find answers to the question as the next section reveals all you want to know.

Legit or Scam?

Digital Reflection Panel is a subsidiary of ComScore Inc. The company runs a third-party program with some tech companies and what it does is simply connect the internet usage of members registered on its platform.

They get people from across the US to take part in the survey and they reward them passively for their participation. All you got do as a member is to install an internet meter that would be sent to you by the company once you become a member. The meter allows the keep tab on your internet usage.

But is the company legit? I’d say a yes from what I have seen so far and based on the user reviews I have seen so far. However, some users have raised concerns about some glitche in the program this is why some people question the legitimacy of Digital reflection panel.

In spite of some few issues the company face, I can boldly say that Digital reflection panel is legit and not a scam.

With regards to payment, the company has recorded no issues whatsoever, however, the amount you earn for participating in the program is passive and might discourage you from registering to take part in the program.

Users have reported an annual earning of $120 for their time in the program. The amount is too small and can only be considered as a passive income. The issue with Digital Reflection, though, is that some members have complained that the meter doesn’t work properly at times.

As we discuss further in this review, I shall discuss in more detail how you can earn in the Digital reflection panel as well as the issue that some users have raised concerns about.

How Digital Reflection Panel Works

The program requires two sets of people to work. The first group is the company that wants to learn how people make use of the internet strictly for research purposes and the second group includes people like you who are looking for means to earn passive income.

With the use of a digital reflection panel, the company would be able to see your buying habits, your behavior on the internet, and so on. This information would enable the company to carry out research to improve the products and services of their partnering third-party companies.  

For users like you, the program provides an opportunity to earn passively. All you need to do is install an internet meter and answer surveys once in a while to earn passively.

You would be rewarded with monthly payment for keeping the meter installed. It’s easy to become a member and the registration is a simple process although it requires people living in the US alone. If you you live out the United States, unfortunately, you can take part in this program.

The next section talks more about how you can earn through this amazing program. Note that you first have to become a member of the Digital reflection panel before you can earn on the program. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Earn Money from Digital Reflection Panel

The program presents more than one way of making earnings but the major way to earn on the Digital Reflection panel is by installing an internet meter designed to provide feedback to the company about how you make use of the internet on a daily basis.

The internet meter basically works at home, it allows the company to track your internet usage at home across all of your devices. You’d earn monthly just for keeping the meter installed, and a bonus will even be given to members who comply strictly with the program.

To start, you would need to sign up with Digital Reflection first. Becoming a member is easy and free, as all you need to do is provide answers to some short questions. This is so that the company learns if your household is eligible for the program.

Next is to read up on the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions set out by the company. After that, the company will again ask a few more questions to verify your personal information, contact details, and address.

As soon as the registration is done, the company would send you the internet meter to be installed and connected to your wireless router at home. You don’t have to worry about the stress of installation. The meter comes with an instruction manual to guide you through. It is simple two steps process.

After connecting the internet meter and it is up and running, the company would send you mail in 4 to 8 weeks to fill out a Device Update form and to register certain devices you own that also connects to the internet.

The registration is a simple process that involves downloading and installing a Digital Reflection Certificate. After you must have done this, the company would you mail on a monthly basis to check if added some new internet device at home.

That’s all it takes to earn through Digital Reflection Panel. Users earn $50 in the first month after signing up but in subsequent months the company pays you $5 for keeping the meter installed and complying with the program. Too, you get take short surveys occasionally about the program and this makes you earn some bonus.

In addition, users get a bonus reward of $20 every quarter for keeping the meter connected.

Withdrawal in Digital Reflection Panel

Withdrawal of earning on this program is simple and straightforward. Earnings are withdraw through PayPal or by exchanging earnings for gift cards.

Also, members may elect to donate their earnings to charities and other for non-profit organizations. But to withdraw on the platform, members must first accrue a minimum amount of $50.

There are members who have lodged complaints about the company and this raises doubt about the legitimacy of Digital Reflection Panel. Some members have decried faulty meters.

When you get a faulty meter, or the meter you have installed suddenly develops fault and become defective, the company automatically dispose your account and stop earning. I can’t tell why meters develop faults but cases of defective meters are rare and not common.

Aside defective meters, some users have also complained that their meters suddenly stopped working and when the company was reached concerning this, budget cutting was given as the reason.

When the company wants to cut budget, they choose account at random. The issue budget cutting occurred during the pandemic but since the lockdown was lifted, we are yet to learn of complaint by users.

Pros and Cons of Digital Reflection Panel

Like most apps, the Digital reflection panel has its Pros and cons as reflected in the following sections;


  • No one says no to earning additional income, however small. One good thing about the program is that users get to earn passive income for doing almost next to nothing. Aside providing answers to short questionnaires occasionally, members don’t get to do anything to earn through Digital Reflection Panel.
  • The second advantage this program has is the withdrawal option. Users can withdraw their earnngs through PayPal or gift card. Also, users may donate their earnings to charity
  • Did you read when I wrote that signing up for this program is absolutely free and involves simple steps? Yes, I think this worthy to be mentioned an advantage because not all apps who pay users offer free registration.


Granted, the app has lots of positive stuffs but like most other apps that reward members, Digital reflection panel too has got some negatives. The following includes what I passive to be cons of signing up with the program.

  • Perhaps the most striking negative of the program is the fact the internet meter might become defective and malfunction at some point during the program. A handful of users have lodged complaints about their meters breaking down and I don’t think this encouraging for prospective users. When a meter breaks down and could not be fixed, the company automatically resigns you from the program and you lose your earning when its not up to $50. I think this is a pitfall for the program
  • Also, the minimum withdrawal limit of $50 can pass as a negative about the program. Most survey sites allow users to make withdrawal for much lesser amount, so I consider the withdrawal limit to be a disadvantage of Digital reflection panel.
  • The budget cutting is another negative aspect this of program. The fact the company could decide to resign and cut off some accounts from the program is a negative for me. I understand the need for companies to re-evaluate their budget and make some cuts, however, this for me is still a negative. Maybe the fact they still recruit new users could serve as a cushion for this particular disadvantage
  • Also, the geographical restriction is another disadvantage of the program, perhaps the biggest disadvantage. The fact the program only runs in the United States is a major disadvantage.


Now you have learnt about Digital reflection panel, would you like to sign up for the program? My thought is – why not, if it helps me earn passively for doing almost next to nothing.

If you put aside some of the negative experience one might encounter as a member, I think the program is great and you should consider signing up and remember it cost nothing to sign up.

However, if you are looking for a means to making enough money to offset your daily or monthly bills, then I suggest you look for other programs as Digital reflection panel is certainly not going to fetch you much.

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Or you may decide to sign up with the program with the intention of donating your earning to charity. Seen that one is not likely to make much money from the program, I think donating one’s earning to charity should be enough reason to register with the Digital Panel reflection program.

Having said all, I think the final decision lies with you. Signing up with the program depends on your goals. What do you intend to achieve? How much are you projecting to earn? Are you patient enough with the program? These and few more questions would guide you to make good decision.

We hope this Digital reflection panel review answers all your questions? Please let us know your thought through the comment section below.


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