10 Best Co-working Spaces In Bangalore In 2022

Co-working spaces in Bangalore
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Are you a freelancer living in Bangalore, looking to have a personal space where you can access and work from? Are you a start-up founder whose base is in Bangalore, but you don’t have enough capital to buy or rent a private office of your choice? There are a lot of co-working spaces in Bangalore that fit your search.

Getting a co-working space will definitely be your lifesaver. Bangalore is such a rich city reeking of white-collared professionals. It offers a variety of co-working spaces where you can be more prudent, whilst choosing your dream office, and as well becoming a member of a thriving community.

Getting a co-working space in Bangalore is very much possible. Not even where it houses a plethora of them. The city enjoys beautiful and durable scenery of infrastructures with favorable climatic conditions to house several companies across India.

Co-working spaces in Bangalore allow you to meet prospects for business deals and collaboration with whatever team you have got, with poise, elegance, and style.

What is a Co-working Space?

It is a professional workspace or environment shared by persons on a financial consideration. These conditions could be monthly or dependent on whatever agreement made.

The shared space doesn’t end at just workspace, it covers kitchen, workout rooms, meeting rooms, photo studio, wi-fi, garage or parking spaces, chills out areas, soundproof phone booths, etc. Co-working spaces pave way for networking, innovation, and collaboration.

A lot of persons use co-working spaces. They include freelancers, influencers, digital nomads, remote employees, college students, who have and do assignments, entrepreneurs, techpreneurs, etc.

How Does a Co-working Space Work?

A co-working space can be compared to what friends do when they decide to get an apartment and share the same. They have their individual rooms in the house shared, they have other common areas they share.

The co-working space is a perfect reflection of such an environment with a bigger version and greater professionalism. 

A co-working space cannot be compared with a singular organization’s working space. This isn’t the cutout piece for a co-working space, as in there, we have different persons from different walks of life. 

Co-working spaces help you save costs of office space, however, they aren’t popular for that singular reason. There are other reasons these spaces are popular and they include:


Co-working spaces allow you to work from anywhere, but not particularly from a corporate office. Most times because of the formal nomenclature of a corporate office, you get to sit all they long.

What more could that be called, boredom. However, with a co-working space, you get to take a walk. This in itself speaks loud of freedom. Co-working spaces allow monthly payment of shared spaces and even an extension of the contract if you are still pleased with the place.


Every business has a growth plan. Hence, as you do everything to make sure your business grows, getting yourself into bigger spaces would not be an issue.

You can move from that desk to a cabin to house your staff. Co-working spaces allow you the privilege to network and source for freelancers to fit into your businesses, causing expansion and desired returns.


In co-working spaces, you find people from different walks of life, who are into one project or the other, who work for companies, ventures, and enterprises. One could connect with these people. You might just be a seat away from your new employer! You might just be a seat away from 6 zeros business deal. 

You just might be a table away from someone you could be friends with or someone who would refer your services.


Co-working spaces envisage how tired one could be from a work-filled day. Hence, they provide facilities to ease one from stress and feel at home whilst you work. This setup kind of refreshes your mind and encourages a great turnout/result. Facilities include high-speed internet, tons of games, complimentary drinks.

How Much Does a Co-Working Space Cost in Bangalore?

The cost of co-working space(s) in Bangalore differs or varies. Hence, you might not pay the same amount for them. For instance, WeWork charges within the range of 5000- 25,000 rupees in a month. 

Bangalore Alpha Lab of fact has plans with their different prices. If you want a private office, be ready to pay 20,000 rupees in a month. For guest access, the price is 1000 rupees per month.

For virtual membership, you would pay 1000 rupees. Full membership cost about 4000 rupees a month. For a hot desk/open plan, you get to pay 250 rupees per day. 

So just as said, the cost of each co-working space varies.

What are the Best Co-Working Spaces in Bangalore?

The best co-working space(s) in Bangalore include:

1. Bangalore coworking hub

2. Social offline

3. Smartworks

4. BHIVE Workspace.

5. Innov8

6. Bangalore Alpha Lab

7. Cowork cafe

8. Awfis

9. Wework

10. Numa bengaluru

1. Bangalore Coworking Hub

This co-working space has its client’s best interest at heart, aiming at proffering networking and collaboration platforms to its clientele. Its located in HAL in Bangalore. It has facilities such as high-speed internet, employee parking space, security and maintenance, mail handling, pantry facilities, work station furniture, and virtual office space. It has different pricing plans. 

They include: night membership, whose price is based on availability

There is the part-time/ 6 weekdays plan, with 1500 rupees per month

The price for conference rooms is on a usage basis. Full membership/monthly pass is about 3800 rupees per month.

2. Social offline

One of the best co-working spaces (s) in Bangalore. It’s a blend of office and a café. It’s a place where work and play converges. It has a gaming area where you can explore whilst you are chilling. It is graced with comfortable chairs and couches, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and an open vast playwork area.

It has as well a bar when you can have a variety of foods and drinks. It is located near church street in Bangalore. It offers membership fees for a person per month at 5000 rupees. It has high-speed wifi, air conditioning, relax zones, play and work areas, etc.

3. Smartworks

It provides a scenery equipped with the latest technology to infuse a better work-life balance and productivity. It is located near the Outer Ring Road, Miller Road, and Ashok Nagar in the city.

Prices of services rendered are available on request. It has amenities such as high-speed internet, printing and support, a gaming room, courier services, and a serviced smart business café

4. BHIVE workspace

It’s one of the best co-working spaces (s) in Bangalore. It operates as a co-working space and helps set one’s own office space too. It allows you to enjoy amenities without having to pay too much. Its pricing varies subject to locations, taxation, and facilities.

Contacting the co-working space would be much advised for its pricing info. It has its branches at commercial locations in Bangalore. They include HSR Layout, Koramangala, Indiranagar, Residency Road, MG Road, etc.

It has facilities such as a full-fledged kitchen, conference rooms, wifi-enabled premises, security, and maintenance plus Foods and beverages.

5. Innov8

It’s in Koramangala, which services young minds, startup enthusiasts. Innov8 hosts people from different walks of life, influencers, employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. It makes you proxy for collaboration and networking.

For a fixed desk, you might have to pay 10,499 rupees per month. If you want the meeting room, you are to pay 800 rupees per hour. For a hot desk, you get to pay 5999 rupees per month. It offers its private cabin at 16,599 rupees per month. For multi-utility and Flexi passes, you pay 2000 rupees per hour and 3999 rupees per month.

6. Bangalore Alpha Lab

This co-working space has different start-up packages aimed at helping them build the company and the brand. It rents out private office cabins, conference rooms that are hourly rented. It’s near Koramangala and JP Nagar in Bangalore.

It provides the following in its workspace, flexible eating, mail handling, lounge, storage facility plus refreshment facility, membership benefits, and a high-speed internet

It has the following plans/packages and prices

  • Hot desk- 250 rupees per day
  • Full membership- 4000 rupees per month
  • Virtual membership at 1000 rupees per month
  • Guest access at 1000 rupees per month.
  • Private office at 20,000 rupees per month

These prices can change based on different factors.

7. Cowork Café

It situates in a serene environment. It’s one workspace that makes you feel at home away from home. They help with Human resources, sales, and operations, accounting, as well as marketing needs. It’s near Sarjapur Road in Bangalore.

It allows for a resident co-worker and a guest co-worker. The former’s price is 5000 rupees per month, the latter’s 300 rupees per day. It provides laptops for rentals, 3G/4G dongles on Rental, meeting rooms, power backup, lockers, and storage space.

8. Awfis

Awfis has always believed in the overriding needs of more than just spaces of startups and hence innovated the pro-working concept that advocates on people, performance, and proximity. Awfis allows you to make in-time bookings for work desks and meeting rooms.

It’s in Indiranagar, Whitefield, MG Road, Outer Ring Road, and St Mark’s Road. An individual desk is rented for 300 rupees per day onwards, whilst private cabins are for 9000 rupees per month. It provides reward programs, phone booths, flexible seats, pods are installed to listen to music, courier services.

9. WeWork

Provides diverse office spaces for rent. It provides private offices, office suites, desks, discussion, and meeting rooms. Its enterprise member includes Spotify, Pinterest, Deloitte, HSBC.

It provides the following amenities: a high-speed internet facility, members network, flexible membership agreement, on-site support, events conferences, and a streamlined billing process.

It provides office spaces, conference rooms, private cabins, meeting rooms, and event spaces. Whilst at this, it offers its services to start-up acceleration and innovation. Its plans and pricing include:

  • Co-workers: 300- 500 rupees per day; 1500-2500 rupees per week;  6500 – 10,000 rupees per month
  • Private offices- 50,000-75,000 rupees per month
  • Meeting rooms, price is based on availability
  • Event space, price is based on availability.


Networking, Productivity, and growth can be said to be the endpoints of a co-working space. What more should an influencer, a freelancer, entrepreneur, remote employees wish for?

There are co-working spaces (s) in Bangalore, only those ready to up their returns at all cost and do so in a refreshing and serene environment will benefit from their riches.


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