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Contact lenses are exorbitant. Thankfully, there are places you can buy the cheapest contacts online and still save some cash for yourself. Try not to fall for your physician’s sermon to buy your lenses from them, as that might cost you more.

If you want to know places you can buy cost-friendly contacts online, this post sheds more light on the best options.

Kindly go through the table of contents for a proper guide.

How Much Does it Cost to get Contacts Online?

Basically, there is no fixed amount for getting cheap contacts online. It can vary based on location, eye status, etc. However, a box of about six lenses cost between $22-$26.

It is important to note that if you wear contact lenses, you will need to go for a yearly eye examination.

If we put the eye examination into the cost consideration, then, you should spend about $250.

Interestingly, you can maneuver your way around cutting cost on the price of buying contacts online.

List of Cheapest Places to buy Contacts Online

#1 Lenscrafters

Topping the list as one of the popular places you can buy cheap contacts online, LensCrafters provides eye examination and makes it possible for you to get your contacts the same day and from them.

Every of their eye service can be done in-house and they accept major eye insurance plans.

When the product you have isn’t what you get, you can either return online or at any of their local stores.

LensCrafters operates on a 30-day return policy and there is no warranty on their glasses.

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#2 DiscountContactLenses.Com

At DiscountContactLenses.com, you get not just cheap contacts but the best. To receive your orders on free shipping, you must spend nothing less than $99 to qualify.

They give you up to 365 days to return any product you buy that is not what you want.

#3 1-800 Contacts

1-800 Contacts is an ideal place to buy cheap contacts online, especially if you’re buying without a prescription.

Regardless of all order you make, you get it shipped for free. Although, it may delay. If you have a change in your prescription, you can return the contact lenses.

#4 Coastal

There is no easier way to buy cheap contacts online if not on Coastal. Here, you can get multifocal and toric contacts.

All you need to generate an order is your contact prescription.

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#5 ContactsDirect

If you have vision insurance, this online store is the perfect fit for you as ContactsDirect file claims for you.

To get started, just sign up and input your personal information. One impeding factor buying on ContactsDirect is that you may find it difficult knowing the actual payment after tax has been processed.

Moreso, you may not find a variety of brands you want or need.

#6 WebEyeCare

This online store sells quality contacts and supplies too. To add more value, they provide you with tips on how to make the right choice of contacts and how best to use them.

WebEyeCare also gives you the chance to return your contact within 60 days and the product must not spoil or be opened.

While patronising this online store, remember it does not offer a warranty of any kind and you must pay for return shipping.

#7 Hubble

If you prefer not to change your brand of products, Hubble is your go-to online place to buy cheap contacts.

At Hubble, you can get many contact lenses that is befitting to the vision impairment you have.

To patronise them without barriers, you can have either the Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account. The pros and cons of buying contacts from Hubble is in the table below:

Has a variety of popular brands30-day return policy
Free shippingCharges $5 restocking fee
Works with FSA and HSA accountsDoes not work with n insurance plan
Offers sales
Auto ships lenses

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#8 Costco

Basically, Costco sells both contacts and glasses and offers good deals on them as well.

You may not find many options regarding contact if you wear one but, it offers contacts at an enormous discount.

#9 Walgreens

Just like every other online shop that has been listed in this article as one place to buy cheap contacts is the Walgreen as well.

If you intend to get Cheap contact, kindly check out Walgreens.


  • Carries all major brands
  • Offers sales and rebates on most contacts
  • Free shipping


The Walgreens site is slow to use.

#10 Eyeconic

This online shop is another place you can get what you want for your money ranging from Acuvue, Air Optix, etc.

Because it is no different from others, it offers free shipping and free returns. Also, it accepts vision insurance policy.

Eyeconic helps you find an optometrist to guide you.

Final Thoughts

These online stores always come in handy to not just give you cheap contact lenses but with prime quality. To avoid getting what doesn’t fit for your vision, be careful to know if you have vision insurance and how much you spend on your prescription.


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