Chase Reconsideration Line 2021: Boost Your Credit Approval Odds Fast


Maybe you’re a seasoned traveler or in the pursuit of a lucrative bonus offer, you’ve got a great standing to apply for a credit card, and eventually, you end up with a denial letter. Don’t give up! rather call the Chase Reconsideration Line.

Having your credit card application denied is no fun. However, calling a Chase reconsideration line is the remedy. It offers you a chance to persuade a Chase representative to overturn a rejection or denied credit card application but, how do you get started?

It’ normal to feel a bit nervous about making the reconsideration phone call. But don’t worry. This post will inform you of the best approach to take, what to say, and do for the best chance of getting accepted.

What Is the Chase Reconsideration Line?

The Chase reconsideration line is the phone number that you call to plead your case as to why you should be accepted for a new credit card.


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How to Get Your Credit Card Application Reconsidered

If you applied for a credit card and didn’t get, you have to call the issuer card and find out why Chase rejected your credit application and then ask for reconsideration. The reconsideration line gives you a chance to talk to a real human.

However, many reconsideration agents have their hours of operation. Most of them are usually available only from Monday to Friday, 9-5 EST (though the exact hours may vary by bank). Keep this in mind when planning your calls.

Below are all the numbers for credit card reconsideration from each major credit card issuer:

Card IssuerCredit Card Reconsideration Line
American Express1-800-567-1083
Bank of America1-866-422-8089
Capital One1-800-625-7866
U.S. Bank1- 800-947-1444
Wells Fargo1-800-869-3557

How Do You Know If You’re Rejected

When you receive a message that your application was approved, Congratulations! This means your request has not been granted but, when you’re rejected, you get the following messages:

  • You see a message that your application was denied
  • You see a message that your application is “under review” and you’ll hear back in 30 days

Common reasons for credit card denials include:

  • Applying for many new credit cards in the recent past
  • Your credit card balances or loan are too high
  • Your income is insufficient to qualify for a new credit card
  • No credit history
  • Your credit card application is incomplete
  • The card issuer doesn’t have enough information to approve you for a credit card
  • You have a charge-off on your credit report

Chase Reconsideration Line Call– Tips

Before you talk to a reconsideration agent, it’s worth spending some time doing your homework and preparing what you’ll say. I always open my call with some version of the following:

#1. Have a Plan

You know the saying that, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. That being said, once you recieve a rejection, find out why you were denied so that you know the next, angle to take. Who knows?, your next approach might get the card issuer to change their mind. 

For instance, maybe you have a few cards with a company and they want to give you more total credit, they might ask you to move some of your credit from an old card to the new card that you are applying for. So, you have to keep in mind which card(s) you would prefer to move some credit from.

Knowing how you handle this situation will boost your confidence and give you a better chance for reconsideration.

#2. Be polite

When you call the reconsideration line, make sure you’re as polite as possible to the reciever. This can create a smooth process for your application.

#3. Don’t mention the sign up Bonus

Credit card companies want loyal customers who will spend on their cards. So never let them know that your reason for requesting for a new card is because of the signup bonus.

#4. Be willing to negotiate

If you are told to lower your credit limits on other cards you have with the same bank, you have to be willing to do so and they may reconsider you for a new credit card.

#5. Hang-up If you get an Unhelpful rep and redial

Sometimes, a reconsideration call won’t go smoothly. If this happens, just tell them thank you, hang up, and try again. There are thousands of customer service representatives out there, so, you can move to the next person is that one isn’t working for you.

When reconsideration won’t work

Reconsideration works best when the application has incomplete data or for a more subjective reason. However, reconsideration won’t work if you violate certain hardcoded rules like the ones below:

  • Reconsideration won’t overturn a denial due to Chase’s 5/24 rule (unless, as mentioned above, you aren’t really over 5/24 because your credit report hasn’t updated yet).
  • You must have a minimum of one year of credit history to be approved.
  • Some issuers have rules about how many total cards you can have, or how many cards you can open in a set 30/60/90 day period. These rules can’t be overturned.

Wrap Up

Getting rejected for a credit card is disappointing. However, dialing a Chase reconsideration line can help you get approved for cards that you were originally rejected for. You may get lucky and get your denial reversed.

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