Best Ways to Get Paid to Donate Kidney to Others in 2021

Get paid to donate kidney
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You are able to save a life by becoming a kidney donor. If you’ve 2 healthy kidneys, you can get paid to donate 1 of your kidneys to improve or even save somebody else ‘s life.

Both you as well as the recipient of the kidney of yours (the individual that got your kidney) is able to live with only one strong kidney. This is because over a hundred thousand people lie in wait for a kidney transplant.

Unfortunately, the amount of folks waiting for kidneys is significantly bigger compared to the number of free kidneys from living as well as deceased donors.

Here’s an Experience Worth Sharing…

Susan was on her way to the hospital to see her nephew who was to be discharged in an hour after recovering fully she bumped into Mr Joseph. She wasn’t looking ahead when she accidentally hit him and the pain on his face made her sober.

“Oh my God. She shook her head in regret. “I’m so sorry. Did it hurt much?” She asked concerned. 

“No. Just a little. Because I just came in from my dialysis.” He said giving her a weak smile. 

“Oh. That’s sad.” She wondered the amount of pain he suffered daily yet he still managed to stay humble. “Please don’t be offended but how has the experience been? I bet it hasn’t been easy.” She asked warmly. 

“Its not a good one I must say but I’m hanging in there for myself and for my family. What other choice do I have?” He gave a sad look that almost made Susan drop a tear.

“I heard this hospital specializes in kidney transplant. Why don’t you get one?” Susan asked innocently when Mr Joseph laughed out a little. 

“Its not as easy as you think young lady. Do you know how many people are on the waiting list in this hospital alone, not to talk of the entire nation. The surgery is not the problem. Finding a matching donor is a problem.” He said finally looking for a chair to sit since he was becoming exhausted.

I didn’t mean to be insensitive.  I knew it wasn’t easy but I didn’t know it was this difficult.” She didn’t tell him that she hated to think of what would happen to him in a short while if he didn’t find a donor. He looked so pale and worn out. Only his mind and spirit was alive. Which was a good thing indeed. 

“I feel its scary to be a donor as well. The thought of sacrificing your kidney just like that or partaking in a major surgery just to donate a kidney to someone else is very daunting. Especially with the medical expenses that come with it. Maybe that is why most people aren’t forthcoming.” She added. 

“Well, that’s true but people donate for a lot of reason. Some want to get paid to donate Kidney. Some do it for their family. Others donate selflessly to save a life. Regardless, I believe the donors are the real heroes.” He stood up to go back to his room.

“No. You are the real hero Mr Joseph. Your faith and good will is very admirable. I hope you get a donor soon. Let me leave you to rest.” She smiled and left.

“Say hi to the champ.” Mr Joseph called out. 

“I will.” She waved at him. 

Susan couldn’t stop thinking about Mr Joseph. She wished she was brave enough to help and even if she was, she didn’t know what it entailed. If she would be a match and if she could foot the bill. The best part of being a donor is saving the life of another person and improving their quality of life. 

Yet, It would really be nice to get paid to donate a kidney. Something like compensation to motivate anyone willing to be a kidney donor to others in 2021.

Can I Get Paid to Donate a Kidney? 

Statistics say nearly 100,000 people in the US alone are waiting for a kidney transplant. But only 20,000 get to do the transplant because of low number of available donors. 

For this reason alone, it is legalized to get paid to donate kidney in Iran among a few others. Which is why there is no shortage of organ donors in Iran. So Yes, you can get paid to donate Kidney in Iran. 

Unfortunately, you cannot get paid to donate Kidney in the US because under the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984, paying for organs is illegal. 

The National kidney foundation (NFK) and some others contend that it is exploitative to lure organ donors with money and compensation. Others maintain strongly that it is good that donors should be rewarded greatly for their generosity and a healthy surgery recovery.

It costs an average of $3000 for a donor to navigate a kidney transplant; things like travel expenses, hotel bills, food, care, and child care services etc. A little incentive or donation to donors in the US would go a long way.

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How Much does it Cost to Donate a Kidney?

There is no amount of money that can buy the value of a human organ but this worldwide organ shortage has caused the black market to open. Now people are willing to give their organs for a price. Less than its worth.

So now you can donate your kidney in the black market for as high as $50,000. In countries such as Pakistan and India, your organs can be bought for up to $30,000 on the black market. 

What are the Pros and Cons of getting Paid to Donate Kidney?

There’s no question that becoming a donor is actually a big advantage to the individual who gets your kidney. It’s essential to understand there can certainly be advantages to the donor, also. Several of these are;

  • Saving someone else’s life
  • Giving an improved quality of life to another person
  • A better understanding of your own health or health conditions

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As a kidney donor, your risk of having kidney failure later is not any higher than it is for someone in the general populace of the same age, sex or race.

  • On average, donors have 25-35% permanent loss of kidney function after surgery.
  • Pain, fatigue, hernia, blood clots, pneumonia, nerve injury

It is important to, however, talk to the transplant team during the evaluation process to find ways to manage these stresses.

How to Sell a kidney?

You sell a kidney by firstly making sure that you are a good match for the person you want to donate to and that you are healthy enough to donate. Yes. A healthy kidney is much better for the recipient. 

As risky as it is, selling in the black market is the only way to get paid to donate a kidney. There are a lot of buyers on the streets, subways, private clinics in Iran and Pakistan. But it is still much preferred that you run off to the black market as there are underlining risks involved.  

Ways to Get Paid to Donate Kidney to Others in 2021

  • Decide if you want to be a donor.
  • Accept the risks and changes that come with a kidney transplant.
  • Discuss with the family for some incentives or donations to aid your kidney transplant surgery. 
  • Sell in legalized countries.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this well-detailed research would help you navigate how to get paid to donate a kidney to others in 2021. A healthy kidney is paramount to both the donor and the recipient.

Get tested, donate, sell your kidney and get paid when you choose to. Remembering that the benefit of donating a kidney shouldn’t be money but for improving others life. And if getting paid is a choice, then do it right.



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