17 Best Tipping Jobs That Pay Well In 2021

Best Tipping Jobs
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There’s more to earning on a job than just receiving wages. Tips contribute to making jobs more wholesome than many other metrics. This is true especially when the tips have the near possibility of averaging eventual pay.

While the idea of earning tips on the job sounds exciting, The Department of Labor defines a tipped career as one where an employee receives $30 per month in tips, and as such, some jobs have come to be known as the best tipping jobs for workers to find themselves in.

Research by Michael Lynn of Cornell University shows that as much as managers should not rely on tips as a measure of customer satisfaction, methods that were called “tip enhancing behaviors” should be encouraged. Why you may ask; This is because on average, tips make happy workers and happy workers make happy customers.

If you’ve been looking to get a job that pays, puts your skills to use and offers you the best tips on the market, then this article is for you. Read up!

Why Tips?

Tips have provided a way for those who currently earn less than they would like, to get something more that pads up their earnings, especially in places where minimum wages are low.

If tips were to be scrapped, many would really be sad to see it go as it means saying goodbye to what used to be reasonable income. Meanwhile, some would like that as it presents the opportunity to improve upon current wages.

Either way, according to a survey carried out by Payscale, “With tips, a server who makes an hourly rate of $2.13 (a reality for some New York servers) can take home more than $40/hour per night — that’s a substantial, livable salary for people of almost any age.

But that also means that were a restaurant to get rid of tips and still hope to maintain its serving talent, it would have to find space or make a way to increase their servers’ salaries by 1,778 percent.

List of the Best Tipping Jobs in 2021

Among the best tipping jobs in World, we have Disk Donkey DJ, Sommelier, Exotic dancer, waiter, bartender, Driving instructor, Beautician, Chauffeur, Valet, Massage therapist, Tattoo artist, Concierge, Housekeeper, Pizza delivery drivers, Dog groomer, Ski instructor, Driving instructor.

1. DJ

DJs who typically average hourly wages between $17.17 to $51.61 depending on where they work, make quite some extra in tips.

Of course, this is dependent on the person tipping, as they could pay the tip while paying for other things, or give it by hand to the DJ, and people have been known to tip as much as $40 just to hear a song.

2. Sommelier

This is mostly for beginner sommeliers who just passed the introductory sommelier examination.

Most who earn an annual average of $55,000, get tipped quite well. On normal days, you could get tipped as much as $100 if you impress your customers.

3. Exotic dancer

Getting tips as an exotic dancer hugely depends on where you work and in what city you do so.

Dancers in cities like Oklahoma tend to make within the range of $200-$400 in tips on a good night, while dancers in some high-end places in Texas earn as much as $1000 in tips a night.

Since dancers typically make money through tips, earning more than the average is also something for the news.

A 2019 article on the daily mail’s website exposed to the world a place in Atlanta, Georgia where performers at a most famous strip club have revealed they can earn up to $8,000 (£6,202) a night, and yet end up struggling financially.

This shows that it can get really good.

4. Waiter

As a waiter, you can make as low as $5 in tips and as much as $1000 or higher. As in many other things, it depends on a number of factors, most important of which are if the establishment is a high end-high turnover one, and the clientele of the establishment.

5. Bartender

Most bartenders earn their tips in percentages, which is usually between 10% – 20% of the bill.

If you work at one of the places where there are usually large crowds of people at the bar, then you can almost be certain of something worth your while at the end of the night.

6. Chauffeur

Like bartenders, chauffeurs are tipped in percentages, because they offer services that are difficult to measure.

This most times is upwards of 20%, but it is dependent on the satisfaction derived by the customer.

7. Valet

Valets or Parking Valets who offer convenience to those who would like others to find parking spaces for them and bring the car around when they are ready to leave are averagely tipped between $2 to $5.

8. Beautician

Most beauticians get their tips when customers pay. This is usually between 15% to 20% of the total pay, but it is not unusual for customers to give up to 25% as tips when impressed.

9. Massage therapist

Massage therapists, who are usually contractors in most places where you find them, get paid 25% of whatever you pay after they fix you back into feeling all fine and brand new, deserve more.

In some places, this is a regulated profession so they don’t accept tips, but where they do, most get tipped $20 and above per session.

10. Tattoo artist

Tattoo artists who are almost always contractors earn based on commission, and this is mostly in percentages that get better with each tattoo done.

On that note, most tattoo artists are given tips sometimes in excess of 20%, which averages between $20 to $100 per tattoo.

You could probably get more tips if the person being tattooed comes with someone and feels the process of tattooing was largely unpainful, and your reception, friendly.

11. Concierge

Concierges who make your time in a hotel a less burdensome one by doing things that relieve you of stress such as telling you things that make you spend less, get you to a place faster, or points you to the best spots in town deserve to get tipped.

Concierges, with their wealth of experience and insider knowledge, get tipped upwards of $5 whenever they assist, and it gets better depending on the nature of help offered.

12. Housekeeper

Housekeepers, who spend their days keeping hotels and guest spaces clean, get tipped upwards of $5.

This of course depends on the level of service and the cost of the hotel. Housekeepers work really hard trying to keep clean about 16 rooms a day and earn about $11 an hour.

13. Pizza delivery drivers

Pizza delivery drivers who drive around to make sure that deliveries from the restaurant get to you on time get tips that are most times above what they earn from the restaurant.

14. Ski instructor

Ski instructors who are people who train people to get the basic techniques of skiing while increasing their skills and ability to learn, get tipped most times about 20% of the cost of the lesson.

15. Dog groomer

Dog groomers who take care of dogs by brushing, drying, trimming and clipping, get tips upwards of $10 per session.

16. Tour guide

Tour guides who lead people around during excursions to educate and enrich your experience of social and cultural contexts through theirs get tipped about $10 to $20.

17. Driving instructor

This is definitely up to the discretion of the person who is being instructed, but tips generally exceed $2.



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