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This is every desire of a tax preparer – to make use of the best available tax professional software. 

There are usually tax issues arising from different payments which may complicate the tax filing operation, that is why choosing the best tax software for tax preparers saves you from having to spend too much time on settling errors on taxes. There is a wide array of tax software out there, but choosing the best tax software that is highly secured and efficient is a big thanks.

In this article, I’ll list the best tax software for tax professionals.

Best Tax Software for Tax Preparers

Here is the best tax software for tax preparers, that includes all important features for filing and evaluating tax.

  • TaxSlayer Pro
  • Drake Tax Packages
  • TaxWise
  • Olt Pro
  • ATX

1. TaxSlayer Pro

This is one of the best tax software for tax preparers who want an extensive corporate tax solution. The TaxSlayer Pro has different packages such as the classic, premium, and web. These packages range between $1,195 to $1495 for desktop and $1,395 online.

The TaxSlayer Pro Classic: This is one of the best tax software for tax preparers that files a portion of personal tax documents. The TaxSlayer pro classic supports free limitless electronic filing and unlimited Form 1040 processing.

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Its features include:

  • Cloud-based reporting
  • Client retention database
  • Online bank integration
  • Multiple user access
  • IRS refund estimation tool

Price: $1,195.

TaxSlayer Pro Premium: In addition to sharing features with TaxSlayer classic, TaxSlayer Pro Premium also constitutes corporate tax software. It is the tax preparation software for professionals, that deals with the personal demands of corporate tax returns making use of advanced software tools. 

You can easily scan and save your documents digitally, therefore exporting and saving tax returns in PDF file formats. its important features are:

  • Digital signature support
  • TaxesToGo®
  • Tax return status checking
  • Client portal app 
  • Mobile app support

Price: $1,495

The Clients can utilize the client portal or mobile apps to communicate electronic documents to tax practice safely.

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TaxSlayer Pro Web: It shares features with TaxSlayer Pro Premium, but it does not include corporate tax software.

 Some of its features are:

  • Integration of Web bank
  • Uniform destination
  • Access to multiple users
  • A paperless office solutions
  • Digital signature support 
  • Checking of the Tax return status
  • Electronic filing 
  • Cloud-based reporting
  • TaxesToGo® Mobile App support

Price: $1,395

This version is the best tax software for tax preparers, with mobility. So,f you have a broadband internet connection you can access it anywhere.

The TaxSlayer screen offers both Corporate package and Pro Web. Though using TaxSlayer Pro Web alone functions adequately for an individual filing of tax return, adding the Corporate package will provide the preparation software for corporate tax return. It is one of the best tax preparation software for professionals, having no stipulated price, you will have to contact a sales rep to discuss your price. 

2. Drake Tax Packages

The Drake tax packages software is one of the best tax software for tax preparers whose packages can either be installed on your computer or in the cloud i.e online application. Three of these packages are versions that can be used on the desktop and the other package of Drake can be used on the Cloud.

Drake on the desktop: It provides various software tools making it one of the best tax preparation software for professionals in whatever package you opt for. These tools include an app for tax planners, a scheduler, a digital filing cabinet for documents, and few office software applications. Drake on the Desktop also offers e-filing functionality, including all standard state returns.

Drake in the Cloud: It provides 40 GB of cloud storage for users, it also has an inclusion of Cloud-based hosting on the network platform. If you use the right network you can access Drake in the Cloud on any computer with an internet connection of about 1.5Mbps broadband.

It is the best tax preparation software for professionals who wish to use Microsoft 365, though you will have to provide your Microsoft 365 license. You can also add the Foxit PhantomPDF application (with an extra fee), which edits PDF files. 

The price breakdown of the Drake tax software package are: 

  • Drake on Desktop and Drake accounting pro: $2,045
  • Unlimited Power Bundle: pay- per-return
  • Drake in Desktop: $1,925
  • Drake online (i.e in the Cloud): $300 fee for software license and $99 per-month-usage.

You can purchase Drake tax software on the official Drake tax site, and through ultimate tax for a mobile price.

3. TaxWise

This is one of the best tax software for tax preparers, providing software-based packages and a distinct desktop. Its online application has toiled in the processing of distinctive 1040 returns. Its preparation tools are enhanced by attributes such as a refund estimator and mobile app. The price for tax-wise package are:

Unlimited: 400 Package- 100 Package (pay per return)

Taxwise desktop: $3,058 – $948 ($20 per 1040)

TaxWise Online: $2,809- $338 ($20 per 1040)

It is important to note that the desktop pay-per-return package, includes a $300 non-refundable deposit. It’s packaged to support individual federal returns and a State return.

Tax-wise has a straightforward and simple feel and look. This tax preparation software for professionals extends interview mode and standard tax form entry. The interview mode gives a tutored query for new tax preparers and new users to complete a tax form.

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4. Olt Pro

Olt Pro began with a cloud-based tax preparation platform but currently offers desktop software. 

It is a tax preparation software for professionals that is user-friendly, and not suitable for large corporate returns. Its desktop and online applications have not changed compared to before. There are different Olts plans to choose from. These plans are:

  • Olt Pro 25 Returns: $349
  • Olt Pro Web: $649
  • Olt Pro Desktop:$749
  1. Olt Pro 25 Returns: This is a web application. if you are a tax preparer that handles a low volume of returns, this product is best suited for you. Because you can only register with the IRS 25 e-filings. This plan has a very attractive feature but it is too restrictive for most tax practices due to its limits, so it is difficult to expand our client base. Olt Pro 25 Returns costs $349
  2. Olt Pro Web: This is a web application that has the same functionality as Olt Pro 25 Return, with the inclusion of unlimited return support. It has a working interface that is quick with a clean spare Ui, you can also get a corporate tax and business form under this plan. Olt Pro Web costs $649
  3. Olt Pro Desktop: The Olt Pro desktop is the Olt Pro Web desktop version, with the inclusion of various valuable characteristics such as networking capability, data backup,  document manager, corporate income tax filing. It is one of the best tax software for tax preparers, offering the usual direct data mode. Olt Pro Desktop costs $749

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5. ATX

This is a tax preparation software for professionals, providing a large sum of schedules and IRS forms which includes most business tax forms. It is one of the best tax software for tax preparers with a normal entry to a broad combination of tax forms.

One of the top attributes of ATX is the support of a detailed tax form library. it also gives various research resources for discovering quick information.

Here is The ATX price breakdown 

  • ATX pay-per-return: $674
  • ATX 1040: $839
  • ATX MAX: $1,929
  • ATX  Total Tax office business: $2,869
  • ATX Advantage business: $4,699

ATX 1040, ATX MAX, ATX Total Tax business, and ATX Advantage businesses with free 75 e-filings, while ATX pay-per-return is with free 25 e-filings.

  1. ATX 1040: If its PPL version is available it stands to be the more affordable. ATX 1040 is with a research method “CCH® AnswerConnect Primary Sources”, providing two alternative ways for discovering electronic tax forms.
  2. ATX MAX: The company’s most popular package is ATX MAX. which software version includes all federal and state returns as well as free unlimited e-filings carrying the CCH® Answer connect Prime Package.

The Total Tax Office: Its features and ATX in Max features are almost the same. The only difference is the inclusion of the detailed research option.

ATX advantage business: It is unique as it has advanced calculations and compliance, and enhanced access management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it compulsory to get a license to be a tax preparer?

No, it is not mandatory to get a license before being a tax preparer.

Is it true that tax preparers work all year round?

Perhaps. Most tax preparers work all year round

Must I work in a tax office before setting up my tax practice?

It is your choice. However, it is advisable to work in a tax office to gain valuable experience.

Do tax preparers charge a lot?

Tax preparers charge according to the type of forms they are filing


There is a wide option of tax software to choose from. However, make sure the features of the Tax Software you go for are in line with your needs.


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