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Love stories reflect a part of our existence, which we cannot avoid. Love is a feeling which fills your heart to the brim, leaving you at the mercy of this uncontrollable affection towards another person.

It feels like a trap but the kind that doesn’t hurt you, the kind that makes you chuckle at intervals, smiling sheepishly at the thought of your lover.

My love story is about a handsome young man who crushed on me for years, he wanted to be my heartthrob but I kept on saying NO!

Of course, I loved him but wasn’t ready to surrender to that feeling. Alas, the love I felt for him overwhelmed me and I accepted to be his queen.

Our love story is unusual, we were faced with lots of challenges but the force built around the love we shared, kept us together. At a point, the love we shared was vigorously tested and we drifted apart.

When we sorted out our issues and got back together, he revealed how much he missed me. He said, “babe, I miss you like air”. Oh my, I had goosebumps all over my skin. His words felt like ice on my skin, I shivered, yet I loved the feeling. I love you so much boo, our love story is way too big.


Love stories are powerful! It triggers emotions, it could even make you feel loved without actually being in love yet.

Love stories will make you yearn for true love but then the heartbreaking stories could be a pain in the heart. There are 2 ways to love stories; the happy ending and the sad ending.

Our love was tested, we fought and conquered …we did all we could to stay together. I blocked and unblocked him several times when our relationship suffered the storm. He also would check on me from time to time and he had just one sentence to say; “I miss so much”.

Of course, I missed him too but my ego wouldn’t allow me to utter that statement. I was suffering in silence, heartbroken because my true love was far away from me. I could not believe we are barely friends but deep within, we desperately wanted to reach out to each other.

Despite all we had to face in our love journey, it’s most interesting to learn that we got back together. True love never dies, true love lives in the heart and our memories are filled with every single love experience.

Love stories are real, it’s a feeling which can be explained by writing. Therefore, we will read about the best love story books and romance novels ever written.


The best love story books ever written is that which has a lot of lessons. Love is beautiful yet dangerous when the emotion is shared with a wrong lover.

There is a love story for every single person as lovers have different attributes; players, stubborn lovers, competitive lovers, and many more.

The best love story books remains that written by Taylor Barbara Bradford titled “Woman of Substance”. The novel is a mixture of romance, business, family, and lots of controversies.

Apparently , the best love story books can be written in different forms.


A good love story to read is that filled with lots of adventures, just like the stories written by James Hadley Chase.

James has written love story books which surprisingly have scenes ranging from “holiday trips” to the that which I least expect, “crime”.

A good love story should be unpredictable and I strongly feel, James Hadley Chase’s romance novels have reflected this to a large extent.

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10 must-read romantic novels and best love story books are listed below;

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
  2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.
  3. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.
  4. Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell
  5. Sense and sensibility by Jane Austen.
  6. The notebook by Nicholas Sparks.
  7. Whitney, my love by Judith MCNaught.
  8. A knight in shining amour by Jude Deveraux.
  9. The princess bride by William Goldman.
  10. After forever ends by Melodie Ramone.


These are the best love story books in the world.

1. “It ends with us” is written by “Colleen Hoover”

The book describes a stubborn lover, heartbreak, and lots of emotions.

2. “The proposal” is written by “Jasmine Guillory”

The book describes a freelance writer who proposed to his girl but couldn’t spell her name correctly. Unfortunately, she said no and the video went viral.

This is one of the best love story books written.

3. “The hating game” is written by “Sally Thorne”

This book describes how a love story starts as a rivalry at first, as a couple competes for promotion.

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4. “Vision in white” is written by “Nora Roberts”

This is another best love story books. It describes how a photographer gets introduced at work to a sweet English teacher, thereby leading to her happy ending.

5. “Beautiful disaster” is written by “Jamie McGuire”

This book describes a bad girl determined to turn good, whose intentions are challenged by her tattooed campus boyfriend.

6. “Gone with the wind” is written by “Margaret Mitchell”

This book describes love in a civil war saga.

7. “A long petal of the sea” is written by “Isabel Allende”

This book describes how two-face trials and tribulations, but hope (and each other) keeps them strong.

8. “Pride and Prejudice” written by “Jane Austen”

This book is an 1813 romance old book.

9. “The Thorn Birds” written by “Colleen McCullough”

This book describes romance which primarily focuses on an illicit affair between Maggie, a resident on the remote ranch, and a handsome priest.

10. “Outlander” is written by “Diana Gabaldon”

This book describes passionate love between Claire Randall, a former British combat nurse, and her Scottish warrior love interest … who’s living in 1743. 

11. “Delta of Venus” is written by “Anais Nin”

This short story collection was written in the 1940s , it has romantic erotic themes.

12. “Call me by your name” is written by “Andre Aciman”

This book describes steamy love story between two young men in the Italian Riviera.

13. “Bared to You” is written by “Sylvia Day”

This book describes how big city newbie, Eva Tramell literally falls at the feet of billionaire tycoon, Gideon Cross, kickstarting a steamy romance that reveals secrets from both their dark pasts. 

14. “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is written by “Audrey Niffenegger”

This book describes a romantic story between Henry DeTamble, a librarian who gets unstuck in time, and Clare Abshire, an artist whose life progresses the conventional way.

15. “Eleanor & Park” is written by “Rainbow Rowell”

This book describes two lovestruck misfit teens in 1986, who are smart enough to know young love never lasts, but brave enough to try. 

Where Can I Get Love Story Books?

These best love story books can be downloaded here.



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