10 Best Co-working Spaces in Pune (2022)

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In Pune, building an establishment for the first time can be intimidating. You have no idea which way is up or what your next move will be, let alone managing an entire office.

Co-working spaces provide an anchor for people navigating these uncertain waters. A co-working space is an excellent environment to start and build your business, whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or in partnership with a group.

In this article, you will learn more about co-working spaces in Pune, including the 10 best Co-worker spaces in Pune.

What is a co-working Space?

For clarification purposes, Co-working is an arrangement in which workers of different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures.

Some common infrastructures such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcel acceptance services. 

Interestingly, coworking is not only about providing a physical place but also about establishing a community. Its rapid growth has been seen as a possible way for city planners to address the decline of high street retail in urban centers.

Its benefits can already be experienced outside of the physical spaces, and it is recommended to start with building a coworking community first before considering opening a coworking place.

However, some coworking spaces have no community building; they just get a part of an existing one by combining their opening with an event that attracts their target group.

It is paramount to note that coworking space tends to fall into two sides:

There are those that are real-estate-centric (all about selling desks and offices first) while others are community-centric (focused on building a community that happens to also have offices or desks.) Players target freelance professionals, remote workers, and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who need a space and seek a community with a collaborative spirit.

Talking about the essence of Co-working space, it allows customers to benefit from professional services such as printing or incorporation, or consulting.

Also, co-working space allows you to pick locations of your choice, personalize your space according to your taste, get all solutions at one place, and a lot more.

Furthermore, co-working space sharing can be between two companies and can be among more than two companies.


Like I mentioned in my definition, coworking spaces can be shared by any business group or company, however, over time, most users of coworking spaces are freelancers, remote workers, startups, and other independent professionals workings.

For freelancers and startups, coworking space creates flexibility of choosing own hours and schedule without the isolation.

On the flip side, entrepreneurs are not the only ones utilizing COWORKING SPACES, there has been a recent adoption of coworking spaces by forward-thinking larger organizations. 

Coworking spaces are popular as a result of their attendant advantages. Coworking spaces create a sense of community for those who enjoys working with people.

These spaces come with the freedom from payment of high costs fees and commitments of a traditional office lease.

Coworking spaces provide the chance for small teams to interact with others in the working space. Through these spaces, entrepreneurs could find a co-founder for their start-up.

How Does Co-working Spaces Work in Pune?

Coworking spaces are essentially shared workspaces. They offer affordable office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop.

Coworking spaces are much about innovation, collaboration, and flexibility. Coworking spaces use agreements, not the heavily regulated leases that traditional office makes use of. Duration of agreements often is month to months, and renewable at intervals. 

How much does a coworking space cost in Pune?

Coworking spaces in Pune are for majorly on a membership basis, availability and prices. The prices of coworking spaces in Pune differ depending on available time and days.

Time of working differs, some are available from 08:00 AM – 08:00 PM while some are available from 08:00 AM – 06:00 PM. Some coworking spaces are available all through the week and weekend, while some are unavailable on weekends.

There are coworking spaces of Rs.750, Rs.13,000, etc in accordance with the availability of time and day.

Coworking space exists with the objective of developing a budget-friendly, tech-backed, and supportive co-working atmosphere for freelancers and business centers.


Pune is an economic livewire and continues to garner the attention of the corporate world.

Leasing traditional office space in Pune can prove to be a costly affair, which is why working out of shared office space in Pune is a good idea.

We have curated 10 best co-working spaces in Pune, they are listed below; 


One of the best co-working spaces in Pune is the Awfis Que Spaces Center. It is situated at Seasons Mall, Magarpatta City, Pune’s prime real estate area, especially for IT and other related industries. 

The virtual office helps you develop a professional image for your business without being required to book real office space in Pune.

You can obtain communication abilities and an address without an established office space.

It also means that by booking a coworking space in Pune, you can avail free meeting room credits as well as complimentary access to all the Awfis hubs.

Awfis coworking space in Pune is in close proximity to the railway station and bus stop, the center enjoys easy connectivity by road while also being surrounded by varied retail and dining options.

Awfis has a large network and is present in ten cities and has 63 centers across the country. It has helped revolutionize the corporate work structure in India.

Depending on membership plans, members get complimentary meeting credits which can be redeemed across meeting rooms in any Awfis location. To learn more about this co-working space visit the official website.

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Starthub is another best co-working space in Pune. It is a premium corporate co-working space with a heart of an ENTREPRENEUR. This is a trendy co-working space in Pune built for startups.

 Located in Jewel Square, Vasanti Nagar, this co-working space is located in the northern corner of the city, which is a sweet spot for most premium co-working spaces in the city.

It has ranges of an offer for all categories of persons. It is well furnished, with modern decor arrangements. There are conference rooms as well as individual chairs for sole man entrepreneurs or smaller teams. 

It has stipulated work zones. However, apart from the stipulated and fixed work zones, the workstations can also be customized and adjusted to suit your comfort.

There is a cafeteria along with a concierge service to help you with your regular and mundane office routine and gives you more room for work. To learn more about this co-working space visit the official website.

Visit the Official Site


Next in our list of best co-working spaces in Pune is Regus private office space in Pune. Their serviced offices have everything taken care of – from the furniture to the high-speed WiFi – and with flexible terms allowing you to rent office space from an hour to years, you can focus on driving your business forward. 

At Regus, prices are subject to change and will vary depending on the specifically selected products and services.

Also, Regus provides office Space and Coworking prices per person per month and is dependent on inventory availability. 

In Pune alone, Regus has over nine different branches, and this virtual office space conglomerate has plenty of offerings ranging from dedicated office spaces and dedicated parking spots to individual chairs and on-demand meeting rooms. To learn more about this co-working space visit the official website.

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Another coworking space in Pune is boot-start coworking space takes care of ancillary operations such as managing the front desk, electricity and IT support, housekeeping, security, etc.

Its spatial proximity facilitates conditions for networking and building relationships. It provides plug-and-play, hassle-free readymade offices.

In this space, model businesses only need to pay a monthly rent per desk. They also provide peer-to-peer support for work-related queries. 

Bootstart Coworking set up shared spaces in seven bustling localities in Pune and caters to both established enterprises as well as ambitious entrepreneurial ventures.

In Pune, Bootstart Cowork has branches at – Bavdhan, Baner, and Koregaon. To learn more about this co-working space visit the official website.

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One more coworking space in Pune is Workspace is located in Viman Nagar, the prime micro-market of East Pune. Workspace office space is only a 5-minute drive from the airport.

This particular co-work space in Pune provides you with work-desk amenities, conference rooms, breakout areas, a wellness room, and lots more. 

Workspace provides for comfortable plans, such as a hot desk, dedicated desk, or a private studio depending on your specification.

It provides noise-proofed coworking space with precision so that you have the best possible atmosphere to work with.

The workspace also has a wide range of add-on packages that you can pick from, so you don’t have to leave your workspace for any of these services.

Facilities available at workspace include; super-fast internet service, access to the cafeteria, a serene environment suitable for freelancers, and lots more. To learn more about this co-working space visit the official website.

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Smartworks have a variety of spaces across Pune’s vibrant metropolis to suit different requirements.

This co-working space has four strategically located coworking spaces in Pune for companies looking for an office space for rent. Its expertise lies in its tailor-made shared office spaces which are completely in sync with brand aesthetics and ethos.

Our coworking space in Pune is equipped with recreational gaming zones and gym facilities.

Each shared workplace curated by Smartworks is ergonomically designed to provide a better work-life balance and ensure optimum productivity for your team.

Some of the amenities provided by Smartworks include dedicated fully-equipped workstations for your employees; state-of-the-art conference rooms for important meetings, brainstorming sessions, and corporate reviews; spacious meeting rooms for day to day interactions; efficient and fully equipped virtual offices to help employees work remotely; vibrant and innovative office designs with configurable office spaces; convenient and cost-effective office furniture for all your daily needs; and other additional ancillary services for your business.

To learn more about this co-working space visit the official website.

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Inscape is a wellness-centered coworking space located in Koregaon Park, Pune. It’s one of the coziest and hip places that offers shared office space for rent in Pune,

Inscape is a wellness-based co-working space. It aims to promote the wellness of co-workers in the space.

Inscape offers not just a place to sit and work out but also lets you enjoy your work. It has the peaceful surroundings of nature and even hammocks for relaxation and work.

Inscape provides collaboration space, unlimited Tea/ Coffee and wellness drinks, conference room, CCTV surveillance, electricity with power back up, printer, reading room, event space, and many more amenities.

To learn more about this co-working space visit the official website.

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Worklab provides an aspirational environment for members to meet, innovate, collaborate and take advantage of the positive forces at work.

This coworking space provides a professional yet friendly atmosphere, with several amenities to cater to the user’s needs. 

Worklab offers sweeping views of the city, outdoor seating, and a sense of luxury and serenity, communicate and allow the seeds of your ideas to bear fruit.

It also has access to basic amenities such as a pantry, coffee, on-demand conference rooms, power backup, and security. To learn more about this co-working space visit the official website.

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A serene coworking space in Pune is the Groots Coworking spaces, it houses premium fit-outs and modern amenities. Usage options are flexible, coworking spaces are rent out for months, days, or even hours.

It’s the place for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent workers, start-ups, and anyone looking for a great work and leisure balance to come together and enjoy work.

It’s also a membership-subscription-based coworking space that provides hassle-free onboarding and top-notch business support services to get your business seamlessly settled.

Groots co-work is situated at prime locations in top-notch buildings in Pune. To learn more about this co-working space visit the official website.

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Excella is another co-working space in Pune. This working space brings together diverse ideas, skills, people under one roof. They provide spaces that offer the flexibility needed while in pursuit of your dreams. 

Excella designed office places in serene coworking spaces supplemented with all amenities and services best suited for your business.

Excella provides the coworking space for networking opportunities and events guaranteed to grow your network.

It is altogether a nature-inspired co-working space in Pune, with its spacious open garden to filter the stress and hustling vibes from work. To learn more about this co-working space visit the official website.

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This is the era of entrepreneurs and startups and people re-imagining and changing the structure of the world, a coworking space is an ideal structure suitable for startups, entrepreneurs, and the corporate world at large. 

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