20 Best Concert Ticket Sites In 2021

Concert ticket selling sites
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Have you ever wanted to go for a live show to see one of your favorite artist perform,  but you could not? Probably because you had trouble buying tickets, tickets were sold, your ticket was not delivered in time, the event was cancelled, or even after you got your ticket, you still couldn’t get admitted into the event’s venue?  Then this article is for you.

What are the factors to consider when deciding which website to buy tickets?

First, You might want to consider the cost of ticket on each ticket site you know. Here you find out if tickets are expensive or affordable. You also find out available delivery channels employed on the ticket websites.

Second, You might want to ask What the security feature of the concert ticket website is? The reason is it’s trite law that ticket websites drive hard and huge traffic and so there is a propensity to fall victim of cybercrimes.  Besides, when sites are insecure, it only presupposes they are prone to unauthorized access from malicious software room and hackers.

Third, The reputation of (concert) ticket sites is another factor. Hence be on the look-out for well-known ticket websites that have sold valid tickets to people once before or a number of times.

Finally, you should consider what happens in situations where events are cancelled or rescheduled. Would there be a refund or none?

How much do a concert ticket cost?

  How much a concert ticket cost depends on the artist performing and where the event is to take place.

Usually, concert ticket sites charge service and shipping fees. However this chargings are determined by the events or even the concert ticket sites themselves. This could affect the face value of tickets and make them expensive.

Sites selling concert tickets also charge commission, if you want to sell tickets on their sites. Most of these sites take about 15% commission of the sales.

Whilst some charge commission if you want to sell on their sites, some don’t . Some could even buy up your tickets and save you some stress of having to doubt whether your tickets will sold out.

How can I get tickets quickly?

It is not just you who wants to attend that mind blowing and fun event. Hence, you need to be on the alert mode.

You must note that these Sites selling concert tickets have searchable calendars, where you can find concerts holding in your location, so you can know when concerts are holding and know when to make ticket purchases.

There are also mobile concert calendar apps that can keep you abreast of upcoming concerts, your favorite artist performing, the dates of performance, and the location(s).

 Some can even give a reminder to buy tickets.

Upon these, you can now seek purchases of ticket on the sites selling concert tickets that we will recommend in this article. 

As earlier said and would be reiterated. Since you aren’t the only attendee of a concert, there will be hundreds and thousands of people who would want to attend the concert too. It means there would be a badass traffic on these concert tickets selling sites. This could slow down your purchase. 

Hence we advice that you avoid using a public wi fi, whether in a restaurant, lobby, airport or hotel. They kind of slow you down. A private wi fi will do, most importantly if it isn’t shared by anybody.

As you decide to make tickets purchase, you’ll be sorely advised to indulge as many devices(a work computer, smart phone or a laptop) as possible, with which you can log on to whatever sites, selling concert tickets. You might not need to indulge too many devices, if you know your focus will be hazy and you’d be slowed down.

Upon connection to a wi-fi, have yourself signed in to whatever ticket purchasing provider you probably are using. This is the case with all other devices you have indulged.

You might need to make a practice at being quick in getting a ticket. Practice it on multiple devices.

Note that upon purchasing tickets and you are told they are sold out. Don’t give in, always try and check back later. This is because most of the times, more ticket could be added for sale.

Does concert ticket get cheaper last minutes?

Yes it does, as tickets not sold don’t make money.

Usually, the prices of concert tickets kind of reduces as the day of the occasion draws near. This is to regain the initial cost on the tickets. However, you must note that the very day of the event or the day before is a day when a cheap ticket could be bought.

This assertion made in the above is the case if an artist is struggling to sell out all his concert tickets.

How do I get cheap concert tickets?

First, you must note that when tickets online are on general sale, it’s more of a race. Hence you’ll have to be alert and ready with everything you need to buy the tickets you should have a tab opened and not multiple tabs so your sale won’t be cancelled. Get right on it and make your purchase.

Second, Tickets ordinarily becomes more  expensive when you are in need of more than 1. Trying to get rows of seats with your friends could be disastrous to your purse. Hence, you might have to split up from your friend crew and go solo. If you’re really trying to save money, go solo! Solo tickets gives you a cheap ride.

Third, you should go for the Back or behind seats. They are just the best!  The farther away from the stage you are, guarantees guar cheapness of your concert ticket. If you aren’t too keen about the best view of the band, you could find a spot in the higher up sections of the venue.

Fourth, getting concert tickets cheaper will mean been kept abreast up to date on your favorite Band or artists’ social media platforms. You’d need to pay attention to your local radio stations as well, when a concert you’d like to see, is coming into your town or city. Actually in all it these, it’s trite law that giving tickets away aren’t uncommon and even though the odds of winning may be slim, you could as well be lucky.

 20 best concert tickets sites in 2021

These concert ticket sites are as follows:

1. Stubhub

2. Seatgeek

3. Razorgator

4. Ticketmaster

5. Ticketcity

6. Vividseats

7. Viagogo

8. Ticket network

9. Ticketsnow

10. Online ticket express

11. Ticketline

12. TicketIQ

13. Live Nation

14. Megaseats

15. TicketLiquidator

16. BigStub

17. Ticket offices

18. OnlineCityTickets

19. SuperstarTickets

20. eventTicketCenter


This is the first concert tickets selling sites highlighted. It provides everyone’s preference, whatever you want, really. It’s one site that helps you filter by best location, best deal or lowest price. It has a fan protect promise feature that is very trustworthy, which implies you could confidently shop with stubhub. The concert ticket site offers valid tickets and have them delivered before the day of the event. In situations where event is cancelled, you can be fully refunded.

It has a mobile app, that is user friendly. Stubhub also makes it possible for you to access tickets on the day of the occasion. Which could be sold at relatively low prices. This is for those who would want to get tickets at cheap prices. Upon ticket purchase, you’d be awarded a bar code, which is your access to the event venue. Finally, The ticket site’s app allows you to follow your favorite artist and of a fact receive alerts for concerts or shows that are likely to hold where you are located. It has a credit card info needed to see final price and has a lot of ticket options to offer.



This is one of the best site to sell concert ticket. It allows fans the opportunity to trade tickets. It has interactive maps with 3D views, which helps finding the perfect seat for the concert simple. It’s one concert ticket site that helps track your favorite artists and bands to receive personal recommendations for events that are upcoming. Now and then, you would get notifications when bands and artist you love announce events in your city.

The concert ticket site also has a deal score system that analyses thousands of ticket listings and helps rate the best bargain you could opt for. The higher the deal score the better the value.

 It offers no refund except events are cancelled outright by artists, team or venue or even state law directly stipulating otherwise. In situations where you can’t or couldn’t use your tickets or you don’t want them anymore, they can be listed on the Seatgeek marketplace for those interested in purchase.

Available on android, iPhone, mobile web, iPad, tablet and Phablet.

Click the link below for more information.



It a site for concert ticket that offers discount for ticket prices. When you shop tickets on this site, you get to save up an average of 10-15% over prices of tickets offered by its competitors. Coupons aren’t needed.

The concert ticket site has a ticket algorithm that grades every ticket from A+ to F based on combination price and seat quality. This is so you get the best bang for your money.

It offers a 100% guarantee that ensures your tickets being authentic, and valid for entry, the receiving of your ticket within time before the event, a refund when the event is cancelled, and lastly in cases of emergency, Razorgator will work to replace your tickets with tickets of equal or  better quality.

When you don’t receive ticket on time, you can email Razorgator customer support at  within 5 days from the date the tickets were expected to arrive. It promises delivering your tickets in good time before the event.

Lastly, when your tickets are deemed invalid by the venue, you could call Razorgator customer support immediately at (877) 978- 1377. Upon this, it would make available replacement tickets. However, if this cannot be made, it reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the full purchase amount to the buyer. In this case, Razorgator will provide you with a prepaid FedEx Shipping label to use to return the tickets to Razorgator.

Click the link below for more information.



This is one concert ticket selling pro that sells standard tickets. Tickets sold on Ticketmaster are owned by its clients, which includes venues, sports teams or other event promoters, who determine the number of tickets to be sold and set the face value price.

 In situations where tickets are for resale, listing prices are determined by the seller, which can include fans or season ticket holders. 

You must note that Ticket fees on Ticketmaster includes service fee, order processing fee and sometimes a delivery fee. These fees are determined in collaboration with the company’s clients.

 In exchange for the rights to sell their clients’ tickets, they’ll usually share in a portion of the fees TicketMaster collects. 

The portion of fees Ticketmaster keeps, helps it to provide it’s clients with software, equipment, services and support to manage their tickets and box office, and provide the sales network used by its clients to distribute tickets to fans. The remainder, when taken with other revenues, is how Ticketmaster generates profit..

In other words, the total cost of a ticket on Ticketmaster includes a face value price, service fee, order processing fee, delivery fees, facility charges and taxes.

Click the link below for more information.



It’s a concert ticket resale site, where people trade tickets. It boasts of having helped 1 million customers buy tickets for their favorite events. 

It sells for life events tickets + more, so customers like you, can get great tickets plus a parking pass, hospitality access, a hotel room near the event venue, an all inclusive event package, play off tickets, premium seats or a suite.

This site guarantees a safe and secure transaction(uses a 256 bit encryption to make private data kept safe), in time ticket delivery, delivery of the exact ticket you ordered and lastly, ensuring the tickets provide valid entry to your event. 

If all guaranteed does not occur, a comparable of better ticket is provided, likewise a refund too. 

You must know that the guarantee only stands of your order if it is confirmed.

Click the link below for more information 



One of the best site for concert tickets, known to have grown into the leading independent ticket marketplace, North America has ever produced.

 It boasts of haven sent over 50 million fans to their favorite live events. 

It also has a blog that keeps it subscribers updated on Tour announcements.

To ensure in-time ticket delivery, this site makes use of secured courier UPS and if it can’t, it uses a special delivery services to handle any exception.

Where event is cancelled with no rescheduled date, you will receive a full compensation of the purchase price , which includes delivery charges, less responsible restocking fees, or credit for use on a future purchase as determined by Vivid Seats’ sole discretion.

Finally, where events are rescheduled, tickets are reissued and where you are not interested in the newly scheduled date, your tickets can be sold on your behalf.

Click the link below for more information.



   It’s a global site for concert tickets, where you can access tickets for that favorite concert of yours. 

 e-tickets are made available on this site. Once yours are available for download and print, you’d get a notification by email. If on Viagogo, you bought an instant download ticket, it will be available to download and print shortly after purchasing. When e tickets are downloaded and printed, only one copy of bar code is accepted at the venue.

  This site as well provides a viagogo guarantee. The guarantee implies that when tickets are purchased, you get to receive the tickets you paid in, for an event. The tickets are also authentic and valid.

The site allows for ticket brokers(seller) to resell tickets. When a seller does, such is  to list the ticket in the site database. The seller gets to assign prices to the ticket and provide salient info, such as the date of event, the event itself, section, seat, row and when the sale of ticket would end. Here when there is change in event dates, times, venues and subject matter, the buyer is to verify these changes by contacting the box office or referring to official listening for any changes.

Where event is cancelled, Viagogo refunds you. Where it rescheduled, ticket still remains valid for the new date.

Click the link below for more information.



It’s an online marketplace where ticket sellers can list their inventory. It therefore means that ticketnetwork does not charge and will kit charge your credit card. It does not own, price or ship the tickets on its website.

All these parts abovementioned, are handled by the individual sellers, listing their tickets on ticket network’s exchange. 

Hence, the site’s purpose is simply to connect ticket buyers with a lot of ticket options.

Sellers can decide to resell their tickets at prices that reflect the market and prices of tickets rises and fall with supply and demand.

You see, the result of this is, tickets on ticket network now has to be either above or below face value.

When events are permanently cancelled, there is a refund. However refund does not include shipping fees or cost incurred as part of the ticket purchase.



It’s a concert tickets selling site. Tickets are for comedy sets, festivals and concert. Customers can make searches by venue, locations or events. They also get to choose whether they have to pick up their tickets via pick up station or by mail or email. You might want to look out for ticket for ticketsnow on ticketmaster.com, as that’s the platform where you could make your purchase on ticketsnow.

Click the link for more information


online ticket express

looking out for a concert ticket site? Online ticket express might just be what you need. When tickets are purchased, upon its completion, the ticket company forwards the ticket via a local or international courier company, a private courier, box office collection/pick up point. It could also be via an E-ticket, which of course can be printed and admitted as pass into the venue of the event. Refusing the ticket for any reason, would imply that a buyer has waived his right. 

Tickets usually are sent at the risk of its recipient. Meaning online ticket express cannot be blamed for a mistake it didn’t make. The shipment fee of the ticket is relatively on the client or buyer as well.



This is one concert ticket selling site that provides post tickets and e-tickets.  For the former, ticketline makes sure that it reaches buyer at least 7 days before the event, unless tickets are being collected from the venue.. Where tickets are booked within 14 days of an event and are being posted tickets should reach you at least 2 days before an event. 

For the latter(e-tickets), they are downloadable once notified via email. 

The site Provides event alert, where you can be kept abreast of latest news on music and entertainment.

It as well sends it main ticket alert ticket- talk weekly, which is usually on a Wednesday. This contains advance notice of the most popular tours and events that are about to go on sale.

It indeed, offers exclusive presale invitations on some of the most popular events to go on sale, so that you can keep one step ahead of the general public.

 Provides a full refund, when an order fails as a result of its negligence. In situations where events are cancelled, on the authorization of event organizers, full refund is made. A replacement ticket is given if for instance where events are rescheduled.



It’s a concert tickets site. However, it also creates a more efficient platform for buying and selling tickets to sports, and other live events. Connects buyers of tickets to sellers of ticket.  It makes no guarantee to the existence, quality, safety or legality of the tickets, the ability of sellers to complete transactions or the truth or accuracy of a seller’s content. When events are cancelled and not rescheduled, a refund would be done after, tickets must be returned via express mail service or other traceable mail service. Tickets are however retained when there is rescheduling or postponement


Live nation

It promotes, manages tickets sales for live entertainment globally and in the U.S. it owns entertainment venues and operates same. It also manages the careers of music artist. Its business segments are more of ticketing, concerting, advertising and sponsorship. It also promotes, operates and manages live music events. It also manages artists under its concert division. When events are cancelled, postponed (tickets remain valid), rescheduled (tickets remain valid too). Contact will be made when all of these happens, of whether there would be refund or not, so keep in touch.



It’s a concert ticket site where fans can buy their tickets. Here, if you purchased tickets into an event that has been cancelled and not rescheduled, you will be eligible for a credit voucher.

The credit voucher offered is usually good for 130 percent of the value of your original order.

So if your event is cancelled,  you will be contacted via email. This usually contains the amount of the credit voucher being offered, as well as details in accepting the offer.

Where you refuse a credit voucher and want a refund, you’d receive a full refund for your original order.

You should note that when you are contacted regarding the cancellation of your event, you’d have an option to choose a refund too.

Refunds usually on Mega seats takes 2 weeks to process from the date you accept.

Where an event is postponed, you obviously can’t get a refund. What happens is, your original ticket remains valid for the rescheduled event.

Finally, Mega seat also promises of getting ticket last minute, inclusive of e-ticket download, will call and pick up stations.

For more information, click the link below


Ticket liquidator

It is an online marketplace for live entertainment tickets. It is a division of Ticket Software LLC(also known as ticket network), based in Connecticut.

Allows independent sellers list their ticket on its market place, where consumers can make purchases for events.

On This site selling concert tickets, Buyers are charged the price of the tickets, which is set by seller. The price contains a charging fee and a delivery fee.

 On availability, the tickets purchased are shipped directly to the buyer. 

If you purchased a ticket and the event was cancelled, you are eligible for a credit voucher. If you bought tickets and the event still takes place, but has been closed to the public, due to covid 19, you are also eligible for a credit voucher.

Usually, the credit voucher you are eligible for is good for 110 percent of the value of TicketLiquidator’s original order, less applicable delivery charges.

It means if you paid $100 for tickets to an event that has been cancelled due to covid-19, plus $8.95 shipping and handling. The voucher for the order would be good for $110 towards a future purchase.

You must note that if the event is cancelled or closed to the public, you’d be contacted with details via an email. This will include the credit voucher being offered, as well as details on accepting the offer.

Since the credit voucher will be valued at 110% of ticket liquidator’s original order, it will be  valid for 365 days from the date of issue and can be applied towards future purchases for events. 

A refund can be gotten in the stead of a voucher. However, it would take a couple of weeks to have that processed, from the date of acceptance.

For more information, click the link below.



This is a ticket resale site, where trusted individuals and licensed brokers for live events, resell tickets.  This means Bigstub doesn’t own, price, or ship tickets listed on it website. Hence, the owning, pricing and shipping of tickets is done by individual sellers and licensed brokers, who list ticket on it’s exchange.

Know that tickets prices are set by these sellers and may be above or below face value, reflecting current market conditions.

The various sellers of tickets on Bigstub, get their tickets from box offices like other consumers, some through third party suppliers and other resellers. Some belong to special fan clubs where they readily access presses that the general public does not. Finally, some may have special deals with sport teams, band managers and even event promoters.

The concert ticket resale site offers 3 different kinds of tickets. They are E-tickets, paperless tickets and flash tickets.


E-Tickets are usually printed on regular paper. These paper tickets always have a barcode and will be valid for entry into an event.

Paperless tickets

You see, Paperless tickets aren’t like traditional paper tickets and don’t involve having a physical ticket in hand. Here, Ticket purchase is instead associated with the credit card originally used for a ticket purchase. This credit card has to be swiped for venue entry. If you decide to access events using paperless tickets. Then it means you will be escorted into the event by a representative from the seller (the original purchaser of the ticket) or by being provided with the credit card used by the seller for the original ticket purchase.

Flash ticket

Flash tickets are a new innovation used for ticket distribution by event promoters. If you purchase a flash ticket, you can with it access your tickets by swiping a credit card (the one used for the original ticket purchase) at a venue kiosk. The kiosk will then print out a ticket receipt that you can present to venue personnel as a means to be admitted into an event. 

Note that you are to or you can contact your seller directly with any more questions about flash ticketing.

For more information, click the link below.


Ticket offices

This is a concert ticket resale site that works with licensed, certified and professional tickets resellers, to ensure that when you buy a ticket for an event, you derive satisfaction.  Tickets bought here are valid, authenticated and backed up by the 100% guarantee.

It as well offers a 15% discount lower than the sellers asking price.  

Ticket offices can’t exchange tickets. This is because any ticket listed on it’s site are determined by the sellers. On this premise, it cannot cancel the sale with the first seller you purchased ticket from, on it’s platform. 

Furthermore, the site can’t also decide to cancel your order, even if someone else who wants to buy the ticket you ordered for at a higher price, when your order is already confirmed.

On this concert ticket site, when you purchase a ticket and your name isn’t on it, you really have no need to worry. Ticket offices says that as regards this, since it’s website works on the secondary market, all of the tickets sold on it’s website were first purchased by someone else on the primary market. It would therefore mean that you are likely not to find your name on your ticket or of a fact, find no name on the ticket. So do not worry, it won’t affect you gaining entry into your favorite event.

Ticket offices usually will send in a notification when your ticket lands and how you can access it.

On a final note, You do not have to fret when you receive a totally different ticket from what you ordered. This is why,

Ticket offices sales’ terms and conditions provides that it delivers quality services to you at it’s full discretion, when deciding if a set of ticket is comparable or better, to the ones you requested for. However, if you still aren’t satisfied with this move, you could as well contact them.

For more information, click the link below.


Online city tickets

It’s a concert ticket resale site that offers tickets to events and provides alongside outstanding customer service, a cutting edge technology, and low prices. It offers it’s customers a 100% Buyer guarantee. It is as well a secondary ticket market. This means that it’s inventory comes from individuals(sellers)who first purchased from the original ticket source, which is often the venue website, box office or directly from the team or performer. These resellers then list their tickets on this site to sell them to fans looking to attend the events.

It offers a transaction free from hitches, safe and secure. Which is way better than ticket purchases from a smaller on the street or from an ad online or a newspaper, where you are likely not to receive customers support , security, or your money back as a guarantee.

It has an “all sales are final” policy. This is the case, because when your order is confirmed, payment has to be made to the sellers of the ticket.

In a situation where events are cancelled officially, compensation are awarded. However,  tickets will remain valid, where event is postponed or rescheduled.

The site provides the following delivery method or kinds of ticket.

• Email delivery 

• Instant download

• Mobile E-tickets

When you purchase tickets named as email delivery or instant download, you would receive an email with a link to download and print the pdf files. These are your tickets to the event. Make sure you check the bar codes and be sure that it’s clear and visible.

There is a difference between email delivery or instant download. 

Instant download tickets are sent to you soon after your order is confirmed. Whilst email delivery may come closer to the event.

The mobile E-tickets are also always emailed. However, it should never be printed. This is because they are electronic tickets that are to be presented and scanned from your smartphone at the venue.

Click the link below for more information.


Superstar tickets

It is a ticket resale site for concerts. It proffers 4 guarantees to it subscribers. They include, to have ticket purchased delivered on time before the event, tickets will be made genuine and authentic. 

Third, If tickets selected are not available after your order has been confirmed, comparable or better tickets will be offered, at no cost. 

Finally, your money will be refunded, if ticket you ordered is refused admission into the event.

Click the link below for more information.


Event ticket center

This is one Ticket resale site that boasts of almost 1.5 million people that it has helped create experiences and memories that last a life time.

The site promises you, having access to some best seats, to “sold out shows”. It as well offers prices at a premium for the hottest shows, but not without a chance for great bargains.

It’s a secondary market site, where sellers own, price and ship ticket they list, on the event ticket center. 

Actually as per this just mentioned assertion, the situation is, ticket sold through event ticket center are being resold and repriced by the sellers to reflect current market value With these tickets. 

In instances where you lose your tickets or they were probably stolen, event ticket center raises a disclaimer, that it wouldn’t  be responsible for such lost or stolen tickets. 

The concert ticket selling site offers different types of ticket. They being, flash tickets, paperless tickets and E-tickets.  You can make a choice of whichever you want.

Finally, You can’t cancel order, when you already placed it. This is as result of the sales policy that says “all sales are final”.

Now this is, because returning tickets are not like other items you can return and can be used by another customer at another date.

You see, ticket sellers may not able to sell returned tickets and lose their entire investment. Which does not even display fairness. Even if the ticket returned were received, they’d have to be sold at inferior prices. Money is hence lost, when tickets are returned.

Click the link below for more information.



We trust that the above discussed concert ticket selling sites, will help your choice of which to subscribe to, to get your ticket to that favorite concert and all that’s to the tickets purchase too. Have fun!








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