Best Budget Apps For Couples

Best Budget Apps for Couples
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Money at all times ranks as one of the greatest reasons couples get into all kinds of disputes.

It can be quite tiring handling your finances as an individual, all alone, let alone managing your finances together with some other person. This becomes even more tiring.

However, there are several ways that exist to the pressure that comes with money management in relationships. 

When couples handle finances very well, you find that there’s a good communication flow and the existence of an organized and coordinated home.

It’s very important for couples to do a review of their income and, rather preferably, both couples should do this together to get an exact caption of what their expenses will be like.

They must come to the term that there are needs and wants. And at every point in time, the needs must always come before the wants.

Now, because of this, they have put different APPS in place to further ease the pressure of mismanagement by either couple or both. They designed these APPS to help couples have better-structured budgeting at every given time.

Here is a review of the following questions to better understand the essence of Budget Apps for couples.

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Is There A Budgeting App For Couples? 

Yes. There are several budgeting apps for couples to manage their finances properly. We will look at a couple of these APPS in this review.

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How Should Married Couples Start Budgeting? 

List down all your income sources

One of the first things to do is to put all your incomes together. This could be your salary and from other services offered by experts. 

Maintain transparency

Spending ought to be transparent. Married couples should decide to have joint accounts, even though other couples prefer to keep their money separate.

Understand your spending habits

There are two categories of individuals for money management. We have the ‘Spenders’ and ‘Savers’ both should be able to complement each other. 

Money talks

You should always put into consideration the vital thing which is to plan and do well to structure moments when you can have “money talks” when there won’t be distraction or interruption by your kids. 

Set guidelines

It’s important that couples, in deciding how much money to spend, know their limits. Set guidelines and you two ensure you abide by these rules. 

Save! Save! Save! 

No matter how much money you spend, ensure you save as much as possible.

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How Can I Share My Budget With My Spouse? 

1. Number what you spend–and need to spend

The first step in structuring a budget is to give a brief visual inspection of what expenditures per month are. Then do well to print and duplicate credit card statements, check your bills per month, and locate your insurance contributions.

2. Be True or Honest

One way you can always stick to your budget is to make a practicable budget to start with.

For instance, you can’t think of saving $2000 from a salary of $4000 monthly if your monthly rent is way over $900, that’d be far from reality.

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3. You should put emergency funds in place.

Asides from making provisions for what the family needs, put emergency funds somewhere in the case of emergencies.

Emergency funds take care of money stress and a wonderful suggestion would be doubling or even tripling the amount when saving.

4. You two should decide how to manage both your personal and joint account

Sometimes, making either decision can be difficult.

But you two must well know a budgeting structure designed by you two, regardless of who earns more.

You must follow the budget you created conformably.

Can A Couple Use The Mint App?

The Mint App is the most ideal app for couples who intend a low-maintenance budgeting solution.

They can use this app for divided bank accounts, or add their individual accounts.

What is the Best Free Budget App for Couples?

There are a couple of free budget Apps for couples to consider, but the best remains the Zeta App because of its level of transparency and its specifically designed for couples, and finally has distinct features to help ease money stress.

We have quite a list of Budget Apps for Couples, however, we will look at as well as doing a review of some of the Best Budget APPS for couples for the year 2021.

They are: 

1. Personal Capital 

This App has grown into one of the most common financial apps for young adults, and teens.

However, couples who choose to track their money use this app. This app is quite effective in helping solve the problem of money stress and, of course, because of this, it’s unarguably one of the best free budget apps for couples.

One significant feature of this app is that it can bring all of your financial accounts in one safe place.

2. Current 

It’s a banking app that is designed for all people of all ages and families. The banking world ought not to be rigid to handle.

This App provides the best of banking – making it better, simpler, and easier.

As soon as you create an account on the App for direct deposit with the Premium option of current, your funds get into your account early in less than two days.

Moreover, the hidden fees or charges have now become a thing of history. There’s always a pricing list brought to the fore. 

3. Stash Online Banking

The Stash App is a mobile-friendly checking account from the App, with a leading low-cost, all-in-one financial box for hands-off investors.

It also comes with no hidden banking fees or charges, there are no in-network Automated Teller Machine fees, also with no minimum deposit or continuing balance requirements.

Stash Online Banking acts as a superb choice for consumers who like to do their investing and banking throughout the same platform.

4. Acorns

This app offers fulfilling products which might also measure up to the supplemental financial needs of couples.

Furthermore, the company’s flagship App, Acorns Invest product which provides “round-ups” for buying made on a linked card, the App just recently launched a new service called ‘Acorns Spend.’

5. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

This App sets the boundaries for how much money you have, what your expenses are, and when your expenditures need to be accounted for.

It can track frequent payments and budget for less regular costs. Knowing this can assist couples to be in control of their budgeting needs every month. 

6. Digit

This App can help you save more money with very little effort on your end.

Digit puts into consideration your very expected income, balances in your account, next bills, latest spending, and embodied preferences as a couple, so you can calculate how much money you can reserve for savings.

7. Mint

After creating an account for Mint, and you connect all of your financial accounts to your Mint account – this automatically pulls all of your transactions and balances each time you log in and group regular expenses, such as utilities and bills.

8. Buxfer 

This App has many similar features to what Mint offers.

It’s particularly well suited for couples that are younger, and are focusing on building long-term wealth together.

With this App, you can view all your accounts in one place.

9. Wealthfront 

This is an absolutely comprehensive budgeting app.

You can include your spouse’s Wealthfront account to your list of plans so you can get a full view of your family investments.

10. Mvelopes

This App is one of the most direct budgeting apps couples can find.

Remindful of when individuals put aside money in physical envelopes, the Mvelopes App allows you to set up online envelopes to set aside money for both short- and long-term savings goals.

11. Billshark 

This App offers some very useful cost-cutting measures to serve couples. The company has a target which is to save consumers and small businesses of about $2.7 billion by 2025.

Users of the App send Billshark copies of their bills and the organization’s team starts negotiating savings.

12. Trim

The Trim App has assisted its users to save over $20 million and more than $1 million in just the last month.

It trims superfluous expenses by revoking old subscriptions and changes overpayments by negotiating the price of one’s bills, such as internet, phone, cable, and even medical bills.

13. PocketGuard

 The App helps you to calculate how much you can spend – the money you have (“in your pocket”) after you must have set aside enough for necessities and targets.

You then link all of your credit cards, bank accounts, loans, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What Does a Budgeting App Do?

Budgeting apps can always assist you in tracking your personal finances.

What’s the Difference Between a Budgeting App and Accounting Software?

You can download budgeting apps on your mobile device, tablets to be used in progress. However, it’s not all accounting software that has this alternative.

What is the overall Best budgeting App?

Mint makes it easy to save for multiple goals. Plus, Mint is completely free to download and use, and there are no paid membership options.

How much Does a Budgeting App Cost?

The fact is that there are some apps that have limited features, making them free, and others with more powerful tools and features have a little cost most associated with them.

Are These Couples Budget Apps Safe To Use?

As soon as you sign up for something online, it’s always important to ensure you look at the security.


Fact remains that whenever it comes to either handling or managing your money with your partner, it’s never a simple decision to make. This is why you must consider a workable option to avoid ‘money stress.’ 

There are so many wonderful budget tracking apps for couples out there, with so many of them explicitly designed to assist you as partners, to the very point where you can’t go wrong.


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