Best Banks in Houston in 2022| Rates, Account Types, Min. Deposit

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Managing your finance is best done by creating different accounts to suite each financial need. Separating savings from daily expenses allows you to monitor your financial strength closely and employ discipline when necessary.

For individuals living in the most populous city in Texas, selecting a bank from wide range of options can be quite confusing. But, choosing from the best banks in Houston would clear most of your indecision.

Basically, in choosing a bank, it is best to state categorically what you need the account for. This will aid you in choosing the best account for that purpose. Most times, you may not find an account that suits all your financial needs in one bank.

So, how do you choose the right bank for you?

Well, this article compiles a list of best banks in Houston. All of them offer quite amazing banking products and services that may interest you.

Take a quick glance at the table of contents below to see the top banks in Houston; then, read through to find their banking products and services that meet your financial need at this point.

What is the Best Bank to Use in Texas?

According to smart asset, Well fargo is the best bank in Texas. It has over 640 branches and over 1, 000 atms.

This makes it a convenient choice for customers as they easily have access to the nearest bank. However, the banking products and services of this bank are just average. They are yet to attain an excellent scale.

Which is the Best bank in Houston with no Fees?

Compass Bank offers a free checking account product in Houston. This is ideal for consumers who are seeking banks with no fees.

It is the best bank in Houston with no fees as it charges no monthly fees, and requires $25 minimum deposit to open an account.

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What are the Best Banks in Houston?

With over 800 banks in business in Houston offering variety of products and services, selecting the best banks can be difficult.

Basically, the best bank for you should simply the bank that offers a product that meets all your financial need at a time. Where you have not found one, simply choose from this ranking of the best banks in Houston.

In selecting these banks, interest rates, minimum deposit, and types of accounts are put into consideration.

#8. Prosperity Bank

Prosperity bank is the best bank in Houston and offers the highest savings rate. With an APY of 0.25% higher than 0.01% obtainable in other top banks in Houston.

However, to enjoy this strong savings rate, you need a high balance. Prosperity savings account charges $3 as a monthly fee for a minimum deposit of $200. Opening an account with $200, 000 exempts you from paying the monthly fee.

#7. Comerica Bank

Comerica is a top bank in Houston offering a great free Basic Business Checking account. It is best for small- business owners and has over 40 branches across Houston.

Its checking account comes in three tiers to accommodate different business sizes and financial products. The basic package allows up to 75 free transactions with no monthly fee.

To open an account with Comerica, a minimum deposit of $50 is required and an interest rate of 0.10%. This is the best bank in Houston for small businesses.

#6. Texas First Bank

Texas First Bank’s checking account attracts a 0.05% -2.01% APY. It offers one of the highest interest rates to new customers and its checking account attracts low or no monthly fees.

kasasa Cash checking account is one of this bank in Hiuston product that offers interest bearing with no monthly fee. Its savings account is a great option especially, if you do not have much to save.

You need only $50 dollars to begin your savings journey with this bank. And, you will enjoy its online banking system, get a free debit card and up to $42 in refunds on ATM fees.

#5. BBVA Compass Banking

If you’re looking for a good checking account in Houston, this bank is the best option. It offers a free no frills checking account with no monthly fees.

This account type requires a minimum deposit of $25 but customers enjoy unlimited check writing and free paper statements for free. It has over 40 branches in Houston and is an award-winning mobile banking app.

#4. Woodforest National Bank

If excellent customer service skills excites you, Woodforest National Bank renders top notch services.

It offers a savings account that requires a minimum deposit of $25. The interest rate for this account is 0.3%. Although its APY is lower when compared to other good banks in Houston, it offers an excellent customer bank relation and appears best for individuals with preference with local banking.

#3. Chase Bank

Chase has over hundred branches in Houston offering a range of financial products. Although it offers low APY’s, it offers variety of products that makes it easier for a customer to meet all financial needs.

In addition to its banking services, customers can leverage on its company investment services as part of JPMorgan Chase & co to balance for investments.

Its savings account attracts 0.01 APY and requires a minimum deposit of $25.

#2. Capital One

Looking for a good savings account? Capital One offers the best savings experience in Houston. It is one of the best banks in Houston and offer a 360 performance savings products.

With a 0.40% APY, it appears a great choice for anyone trying to maximize savings. It requires a minimum deposit of $0 and you can enjoy an amazing online banking service.

Basically, this bank allows you pair your savings with a checking account for some high rates. This top bank offers a checking account specifically designed for teenagers with an PAY of 0.10%.

#1. BB&T

If you are a student in Houston or you know one seeking for a good account, BB&T offers the best student checking account in Houston.

It is one of the top banks in Houston offering a banking product to meet students basic need. This account offer does not attract any APY and it requires $0 to open.

However, if you pay it with an eSavings account, you may earn 0.01% interest rate which is usually enough to get you started in your savings journey.


The best banks in Houston are captured in the table below.

RankingBankMinimum DepositTypes of AccountsInterest rates/ APY
7. Comerica$50Checking0.10%
6. Texas First Bank $50Checking and Savings0.05% -2.01%
5. BBVA Compass $25Checking0.10%
4. Woodforest $25Saving0.3%
3. Chase $0Saving0.01%
2. Capital One$0Saving0.10%
1. BB&T$0Student Checking0.01%



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