Best Anime Series of All Time
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The best anime series of all time are fun, educative, insightful, trendy, and attract an audience from across genders and ages.

After a long day at work, you just want to sit down and watch something easy. You want to see your evening fade off, with laughter on your lips and in your heart.

Sometimes you want to enjoy the warmth of summer with the best anime series of a lifetime. Maybe you want to create a family tradition, then an anime series will be a cool place to start.

With the corona pandemic ravaging the world, there is too much time on your hands. Bored with the quarantine regulations? The lockdown stiffening your mind? Time to kill some time with amazing animation series suggestions.

These animation series will help you cope with boredom.  

You can watch them mostly on YouTube, on Netflix if you got a subscription, on Funimation, Hulu and Crunchyroll if you are in the USA, and many more other legal cities.


Did you know Anime movies and series are originally Japanese? Many people think it is a short form for animation. They are cartoon movies starring Japanese cartoon characters.

In Japan, any cartoon movie or series is an anime but in other places, anime is a Japanese cartoon. Now you know!


I never knew anime series can come in handy when you run out of things to do with your kids. A good anime series should be fun, educative, insightful, trendy and should be able to attract an audience from across the genders and age.

As a parent who spent lots of time in the office and only stayed at home over the weekends, being around 24/7 is a challenge. You need a tone of activities to fend off the energies of the little ones. Anime series saved my neck. We are on Little Witch Academia with my 8, and 5-year-old daughters. It is fun.

So, other than the family bonding and spending time together in peace, here are some of the reasons why you should watch anime series.

  • You get to be exposed to other cultures especially the rich Japanese culture.
  • You get to feed your creative mind with fiction and other new worlds in the series.
  • Enhances thinking outside the box, especially for kids.
  • Gives a leak on how the future might just look like.
  • Tickles thoughts on existence of other universes hence, enhancing curiosity especially in children.
  • Learn morality.
  • Encourages positive characters like endurance, conflict resolution, self-reliance, creativity among others.
  • Helps in passing time.
  • Anime series and movies are super fun.


Like any other types of movies and series, people have preferences. There are series you will watch on your own as a man, or with a group of men, others are for women and others for children.

Anime series are can also be watched in categories.

There are scenes you don’t want to watch with your children. So here are some of the suggestions, not rules though. They can be overruled.

The fact still remains, these 20, are the best anime series in 2021. Check them out!

5 Best Anime series suggestions for you and the boys in 2021

1. Demon slayer

Sounds tough, right?  With over 17million views on the date of release, Demon Slayer is quiet a thrill and a confusion in one package.

                        Where can the series be watched?

Demon Slayer is available on Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll, not forgetting YouTube.

                           About the Series

Demon Slayer was set in the 1910s during the Taisho Period in Japan. The star is a soft-hearted boy, who dwells in the mountains with his family.

The family is attacked by a demon that devours everyone except his sister, Nezuko, and himself. Nezuko is however turned into a demon.

Tanjiro is forced to join the academy of demon slayers for vengeance and to save her sister. At the academy, he meets Inosuke, a shirtless boy raised by the boars. He also meets Zenistu, depicted as a coward.

The action of the series picks when the three boys are sent to meet a seasoned slayer, Kyojuro who is on a train, hunting for demons. The story takes place on the train, in the dreams and fantasies of the characters. You don’t want to miss out on the creative characters, creepy demons, and sizzling action.

It is thrilling, extreme, and curious. The boys might just finish the beer in the fridge binging on the episodes.  Check it out on YouTube on the link.

This is the first of Best Anime Series of All Time on our list.

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2. Death Note

Catch a preview of Death Note on YouTube, using this link:

Where else can you watch it?

Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

The story:

This one is full death. The title is not a symbol my friend.

Light Yagami is a sinister villain who kills so many people and writes their names in some magic book. He lies to his family and friends, with a dream to create his utopian world like a god of death.

L, a genius investigator tracks him down, using his own mind games and tricks plunging the series into a curious element of unquenched suspense.

You will be glued here, grimacing and yearning for Yagami to be captured.

3. Cowboy Bebop


4. My Hero Academia

From the link above, you realize that this series can be watched by anyone above 12 years, under parental Guidance. It is a television series available on Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll.

In the series a majority of the population in this anime world is born with ‘quirks’. 

Quirks are superpowers and being without them is like a disability. Izuku, the main character, is however born without a quirk. He dreams on, despite the disadvantage, goes to school, and ends up being a hero.

This series is a stopper to the notion that you have to be like everyone to be fine.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

You have a brother? Do you share a tight bond? Do you get to do things together? Watching this anime will drive you to the edge with the brotherhood thing.

This is about Al and Ed, the alchemist brothers. they are on a mission to redeem their bodies after being punished by the cosmos for trying to resurrect their mother. What a motive!

They need a philosopher’s stone. Their mission is parallel to their government’s need for the stone. There is a series of dark action, deaths, obnoxious science, all in a cocktail served in a beautiful glass of humor. Imagine science in magic… mind blowing!

If you are ready for chills and laughter, check it out on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu or on the YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KvizlgJu14.

This is another Best Anime Series of All Time.


6. Mushishi

Mushishi is about a doctor Ginko, interested in paranormal creatures called Mushi. It is purely meditative and depths of mythology and folklore. 

Ginko uses his discoveries to cure deafness.

What is life? If you ask yourself this question often, here is a dose of melancholy to help you drain your sorrows.

All the episodes are independent. A single profound story with a weight you might try lifting. Check it out on the link below. This is not a number one recommendation though, so read on for better fun-filled suggestions,

7. Your Lie in April

Watching this is a sad encounter. You will need lots of tissue and put up with nose-blowing and whimpering. But it is totally worth it. The cuddle afterward, can’t be traded for anything.

In the series, a young pianist loses his mother to a terminal illness. His sorrow gets all over him that he cannot even hear the musical notes. He stops playing until he meets his lover, Kaori, who ignites his playing spark.

The beautiful animation colors, the lack of words to express emotions and the use of musical instruments to tell a story makes this series uniquely gripping.

Visit Hulu, Netflix and YouTube for and see it for yourself.

8. Megalo Box

Megalo Box can be watched on Crunchyroll.

It is inspired by boxing in the 50th Century. Fighters in the series, play wearing a special box thus the name of the series, Megalo Box.

Running away from poverty, a small boy joins the game but wins while fighting without the box, gearless. This catapults him to fame.

You get to understand it better when you just watch it. Let me not spoil the fun!

9. Aggrestuko

You might want to see what Aggretsuko is all about before I give you the details here 

This is a story created in a different world though it is not so different from what we have here. Day jobs are horrible here, colleagues are bullies and Instagram is a soul eater.

The protagonist, Retsuko has but one way of letting out her emotions: heavy metal. She has some wolfish tendencies whenever she manages to escape the horrors of her reality. 

Watching Aggrestuko will enlighten you on the challenges of being a millennial, urban life, dating dramas, friendship and woes of employment.

If you got a shitty workplace, this one is for you and the one colleague you get along with, maybe.

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Sporty girl? Then never mind losing is the lesson in this Anime series. Positivity and radiance in the game of volleyball and life generally is what you learn here. A girl needs this throughout her life!

Energetic Hinata and his counterpart, Kageyama are characters to die for. They are unbeatable when working together. You don’t need to love sports to enjoy this, even if it is full male energy.

This is one of the best Animation Series of All Time.


11. Naruto

This is a TV series that will teach boys self-reliance.

Naruto, the series hero, works together with his friends, taking out bad people and doing odd jobs for survival. Naruto dreams of becoming a Hokage.

A Hokage is a leader in a village, thus he tries his best in gaining favor by fighting evil.

This is a sequence that will accompany your son all through his earlier years. It is fun and humorous, teaching courage and working for the greater good. However, it is more relatable with boys between 10 years to 16 years. It has been on for the last 20years and is still popular and highly recommended.

12. My Neighbor Totoro


You will enjoy the sneak peek above on YouTube.

These anime series so cool that a four-year-old can understand them, but at the same time has very valuable lessons on life. An adult can totally enjoy it too.

Two sisters relocate to the countryside with their father to be near their sick mother who is admitted. Their mother’s illness is a mystery. The girls discover Totoros, magical beings. Totoros live in the forest. When one of the sisters runs from home, the other sister turns to one of the Totoros for help.

You can watch it on Netflix, HBO Max and Vudu, besides YouTube.

This is another Best Anime Series of All Time.

13. Little witch academia

You can have a sneak Peek of Akko on the YouTube link below.

Akko, so loving, so endearing. You want your child to associate with her, if they are into magic.

It is a pro-feminist series, where Akko really works hard to ensure the girls in her school gets the sorcery right. Ironically she is so non-magical herself.

She struggles to get her spells and practice right. She gets in trouble with her friends especially when she keeps sticking wrong things on them with botched spells. It is funny.

Akko never gives up trying, creating a thirst for the next season. Your 5yearold will not just have enough.

Check it out on Netflix, ShowmMax and Hulu.

14. Pom Poko

Available on Netflix, YouTube and HBO Max, this is an anime movie you will have fun watching again and again.

My daughter has put it on repeat so many times, but there is always something refreshing about it, that you did not see the last time. Animal lovers, especially dogs might feel at home here.

This is a story of a breed of raccoon dogs called Tanuki. Tanuki are borrowed from a Japanese Myth. They live in harmony until humans, as usual, start destroying their habitant in the name of development.

Many of them die, it is disturbing. But their shapeshifting abilities help them to avert the dangers that humans expose them to, including extinction.

Humans can be villains. Argh!

15. Ponyo

Ponyo is my 5years old favorite. She has many favorites though, this little ones are not loyal! I should have recommended it for family but, then its best for the kids. It has a general rating, simple and easy to understand.

Magic, fairies, beautiful kid-friendly backgrounds… you need to give your child the experience. This is a Best Anime Series of All Time, Check it out here:


16. Barakamon

Rated G, this is a TV Series for a family to watch over a meal. It is easy and light. You can converse in between and catch up.

It is about Handa Seishu a young City Dwelling arrogant calligrapher. He punches a famous calligrapher in the face leading to his exile in a rural village. He has never been to the village before.

Life in the village, where nothing belongs to none one and there is no privacy, Seishu learns a lot about himself and rediscovers who he wants to be. Find tons of humor and laughter watching this. Just don’t choke on your meal. 

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17. Violet Evergarden

War is devastating. It robs people of their inner peace and physical abilities. The aftermath is usually the worst for the survivors at times. Violet Evergarden, is packed with these facts. 

As a child soldier, the protagonist, Violet, loses her arms and emotional growth. She doesn’t know how to deal the peace that comes after war especially since her job is to write ghost letters, with her prosthetic hands. It is slow and difficult. The emotions are off the roof. 

The movie is all about support after the war, therapy, and a lot of tolerance. If you want to teach your family patience, which is an important virtue of all times, watch this. 

18. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

A teenage boy with pink hair! Yep, you got me right. Our protagonist here is bold. It might seem normal, you know family, school, friends, a typical normal life right?

But the story beneath the normal is mind blowing. Saiki, like many adolescents want his space. He has a secret. His secret is hidden deep in his monologues. You don’t want to read the details.

Just watch it and get the drill…

19. Pokemon

You are not going to learn anything valuable from Pokemon. It will be a lesson anyhow. You lose when you terribly need to win.

The series is inspired by a game and its hero Ash Ketchum. The boy really needs to win. He wants to be the best. But life has not offered him a win. Not even once….

The Pokemon Leagues has run over thousands of episodes now but the hero never quits. It is that simple, you never stop playing even when you lose. An important lesson…

Catch it on Netflix.

20. Silent Voice

The irony in the title tells it all. The series is full of unexpected twists and turns. Recommended for ten years and older, it might be disturbing for the younger group. It is sad and teary.

Nishimiya is bullied in school despite the fact that she is deaf. Shoya is her nemesis. He mocks the little girl to the extent that she has to move schools.

Years later, Shoya is disturbed greatly by what he did and sets out to find the deaf girl.

A lesson on thinking twice before messing around with people just because they are disabled and you think you are better than them. Watch here.

This is the last Best Anime Series of All Time on our list.

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As a family, a man with your homies, a girls’ ice-cream night, or your kids’ sleepover movie night, you will not miss something that will entice you on the list of the above top 20 anime series of all time in 2021.

Let’s go Japanese!



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