10 Tips To Build An Automated Money-Making System In 2021

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Arguably, building an automated money-making app is one of the best ways to generate passive income in recent times. Learning how to create an automated money-making system is a skill that can help supplement and even replace your current income.

A money-making system that targets a hot niche topic and provides a practical solution for your audience can generate passive money flow for many years.

In this piece, you will learn important tips on how to build an automated money-making system. Read through to gain the most.

Automated Money-Making System

Here is how to create a money-making system that will eventually work on its own for you, so that you can concentrate on your creative projects.

#1. Create useful free content

Content creation is one great automated money-making system. These can be blog posts, tips, diagrams, comics, talk shows, tutorials, webinars, audio rants, top ten lists, video guides, and podcasts.

There are many platforms that you can host and share this content on, including WordPress blogs, Tumblr, social media, YouTube, article media, and more. You don’t need your own website to store and share content. All you need is your own landing page.

Think about your strengths as a creative professional and how that strength can be translated into the content. What do you know that others don’t know that this would help them? Oftentimes, you don’t have to look far to find something you might find helpful. Trust yourself and let them know.

You can create content that will really improve the lives and businesses of others. People will indicate interest. For instance, if you are a photographer. You can create free content that shows people how to make money as a travel photographer. Or you can show people how to take pictures in a certain way, with a certain type of equipment, or in a certain style. It’s up to you and what people might be interested in.

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#2. Create a free and useful e-book or digital product that you can give away

Ebooks is a non-editable, reflowable book that is converted to a digital format to be read on any digital device such as computer screens or smartphone. Marketers use eBooks to deliver lots of critical information in a form their potential customers are willing to read.

You can create an eBook (or other digital product) that you can give away for free in exchange for a new email newsletter subscriber. In my case, the free eBook I’m giving away is right here on this landing page.

#3. Identify a target audience for this content

Find out who will benefit from your useful information and pass everything on to them. Make a commitment to truly serve and care for them. In my case, they are freelancers, freelancers, and other creatives who work in small businesses.

The best way to find your audience is to research problems that your experience can solve. The people who have these specific problems are your target audience.

Identify and write down your niche, your target audience. Having a clear audience can help focus your content and create a stronger emotional connection with the people for whom it was designed.

#4. Design a useful product that people will pay for

To generate passive income, you need a product that people will pay for. Providing a service can work for passivity, but only if you outsource it. If you are providing a service yourself, you have exceeded the goal of passively making money.

Create a product with a price that you know your market would be willing to pay for. It takes a little research and questions. Find out the real problems that people in your target audience are facing and solve them with your product just like you did with your free material.

Digital products are easy to earn passive income. There is practically no overhead and they can be delivered to customers immediately. You might have a physical product, but the system is slightly different and is not entirely within the scope of this article.

Services like SendOwl, which I am currently using for my Single Choice course, are great for hosting and delivering digital products.

Build the product and host it for sale on one of these websites with an integrated payment system. Paypal and Stripe are two payment systems that are often built into these product hosting sites. Make sure the free content you provide is relevant and educates people about the value of your main product.

#5. Create a landing page that will create a mailing list using this free product

A mailing list is one of the best ways to build a community of people who are interested in what you have to say in the long run, a small fraction of whom will buy your products. You need to set up an email service like Aweber, Mailchimp, or ActiveCampaign. These emails allow you to send automated emails to people.

To encourage your community to sign up, gift the free eBook you just created in exchange for an email subscription. See how I did it on the main Red Lemon Club website or here.

The landing page should explain all the top reasons why users are endorsing your eBook.
Around 4% is generally considered a reasonable conversion rate for people who sign up for your newsletter after reaching your landing page.

#6. Create a series of automated emails that generate sales

Gone are the days when you sold things to people you didn’t know before. You have to build a relationship of trust before you can offer things that people can buy, and email is always a great way to do that.

You can manually send useful and regular emails to your mailing list. It’s great, but it wouldn’t be passive. To ensure automation, you can set up a series of emails every few days. Offer free content to new subscribers once they sign up and on your list.

Having an automated series that may offer advice is a great way to show people your highest-paying product that you can have for sale at the end of the series.

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Using a free automated money-making software system seems to be the best opportunity to earn money in your spare time. This might sound easy enough but, like any method used to make money online, it requires determination, dedication, and a true desire to make some good money.

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