Top 15 Apps to Make Friends in 2021

Top Apps to Make Friends
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It never hurts to add to your list of friends, whether you just moved to a new city to start a new life or to study. However, it can be difficult to make friends in a new city unlike places we’ve known our whole lives.

Luckily, with the rise of technology, more apps that bring people closer together are being made. This will help increase your chances of making a new friend faster.

While there are good number of apps available to those that wants to make friends, it’s important you choose the best out of them all.

If this is your challenge, this article highlights the top 15 apps to Make Friends in 2021.

These “friend-making” apps are built to put people together based on their shared interests.

All you need to do is to pick the one that best suite you.

Now, let’s help you meet your new BFF.

Top 15 Apps to Make Friends in 2021

There are a lot of applications and websites for meeting new people, but which ones are the best? We’ll go over them and their benefits and drawbacks in this list.

Apps for making platonic mates are the only ones we protect.

See our guides on how to make friends and how to make friends online for ideas on how to make new friends.

#1. Friender

This app is one of the best appsa to make friends as it’ so easy for people to trust an app that contains the word “friend.”

Friender is just another swipe-based app, but the profiles you see aren’t chosen at random.
When you create your profile, you include your preferences so that recommended matches have at least one shared interest.

It gives you something new to chat about, as well as the opportunity to meet people who share your interests.

Friender just might be the way you find your potential partner in fun stuff, whether you’re looking for a workout buddy or a strictly platonic pal to paint the town with.

Following an initial survey in which you choose the things you’re interested in, the app recommends people who share at least one of your interests.

#2. Meetup

Meetup is an easy way to enter a like-minded social circle by matching people of similar interests. You can scan by demographic and find themes ranging from general (Free Comedy and New Friends NYC) to niche (Southern California Bulldog Crew).

Also, Meetup allows you to meet a large number of new people at once. Find organized groups of people who share your interests, such as softball, knitting, or Corgis, and attend some of their scheduled get-togethers.

You should also look for communities that have a common purpose, such as running a marathon or learning to cook.

If you have more personal interests, such as knitting in a bar or joining a writing club, Meetup is likely to have something for you.
Simply put, you enter your location and search for events by category. And that’s it! You’ll be able to locate your crew in no time.

#3. Nextdoor

It’s a lovely day in the city, but do you even know who your next-door neighbors are?

Nextdoor is a private social networking app that gives you access to everything going on in your neighborhood, including block parties, furniture trades, and even car break-ins.

The app facilitates in-person meetings, which leads to new friendships, in addition to becoming a news source.

So, if you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood and are having trouble making friends, Nextdoor will keep you up to date with everything going on in your neighborhood, from yard sales to babysitting gigs.

It’s not as simple as simply saying, “Hey, I’m looking for mates!” but it may sound more normal in some ways.

#4. Bumble BFF

BumbleBFF, a service created by the popular dating app Bumble, aims to help you shape platonic friendships in a similar manner.

If you’ve ever used Bumble to meet new people, Bumble BFF is the same term, just for platonic friends.

You still build a profile with a few images, a short bio, and then swipe right on your favorite people.

The only difference is that the timer for starting a conversation isn’t gendered, so it’s up to either of you to initiate the conversation before the match ends.

If you want to move, swipe left, and if you want to bind, swipe right.

#5. Yubo

Meeting new people can be intimidating (after all, catfishing isn’t limited to the dating world).

Yubo is a social networking app that allows you to swipe to find new friends, chat with them in the app, explore various interest groups. You can even live video stream with your new acquaintances if you want to take your time getting to know new people before jumping into a friendship.

If you’ve been nervous about venturing out in a new city, this pre-meet from the comfort of your own home could make the whole process a little more bearable.

#6. Hey! VINA

Do you long for the days when you could be surrounded by a large group of girlfriends?

Hey! Vina, a woman-made app for women, is giving you another chance.

After taking a personality quiz and answering questions about your guilty pleasures and how you spend your free time, you can swipe through the app’s several profiles.

You can then click left or right on new friends or enter pre-existing app-based women’s groups.

Once you’ve found anyone you want, the app recommends a meeting place, such as a hiking trail or a wine bar.

Trust us when we say that this interests-based app is the first step toward finding a brunch companion or road-trip companion.

#7. Atleto

Participating in team sports works out your whole body, not just your heart. They even help you expand your social circle.

Atleto recognizes this and pairs fitness junkies based on their position, ability level, and workout frequency.

ATLETO is all about assisting you in finding people who share your interests in sports, as well as motivating you to host events and meet up in person. And, when it comes to first encounters with others, jogging or cycling together is pretty low-key.

You may enter an existing community (softball team, running club) or create your own sport activity using the app. And who knows what could happen? Perhaps you’ll meet your ideal workout partner.

#8. Peanut

Your children’s schedules are jam-packed with playdates and social events, but moms, too, require companionship.

Being a mother is one of the most difficult tasks in the world, so Peanut’s mission is to help lonely mothers communicate with others.

It is an app designed specifically for mothers.

The app uses the nearly universal swiping method to recommend women with similar-age children in your neighborhood, making it a simple way to meet mom mates, seek parenting advice, and enter mom-versations.

Are you trying to conceive a child? There’s even a community for that.

There’s even a discussion board where moms can ask questions.

#9. Skout

Are you looking to make new friends in your neighborhood or find people who share your interests?

Skout helps you to communicate with new people by chatting, sending images, and exchanging virtual gifts.

Skout has been around since 2007, so they’ve had a lot of experience with friendship (and dating!) apps.

It’s fairly straightforward: you use it to communicate with people everywhere you go, which seems especially useful if you’re traveling alone and want to catch a pint… or hookup

On the app, you could just find your new book club.

Skout has no rules!

#10. Friended

It can be uncomfortable to start texting potential new BFFs over the internet.

With social activities including video chat, guessing games, and quizzes, the Friended app helps crack the ice.

It also has a “group” feature where you can start a public conversation with new people by posting a public conversation starter.

#11. Tinder Social

Tinder Social works similarly to Bumble BFF in that you swipe right for people you want to see and swipe left for those you don’t.

You will encounter some interesting people from both genders.

If you’d rather be single but want to meet new people, there’s no harm in making a Tinder profile to use for the Tinder Social section of the app and meeting some cool new people.

#12. GroupMeet

GroupMeet is another fantastic place to meet new people.

Its interface resembles a cross between some of your favorite dating apps: you build a profile and then swipe left or right on people you want to befriend.

You’ll be put in a group where you can chat until the app has matched you with five friends.

Since you’re a woman with many interests, you can join up to ten groups at once, allowing you to meet a variety of new people.

#13. Mom Life

Not only do moms feel alone at times, but avoiding mom-shame landmines is a tricky challenge when they do get out.

Mom Life is a great way to avoid all of that and jump straight into making meaningful friendships.

The brand prides itself on its judgment-free safe space for meeting other moms, getting advice, and creating the support system that every mom requires, according to the site’s overview.

#14. Meet My Dog

“I already have a puppy, why would I need more best friends?” you might be wondering.

Dogs are (wo)man’s best mate, but they can also assist you in locating some human companions.

Meet My Dog is a one-of-a-kind way to meet other dog lovers. It allows dog owners to meet each other’s pets.

After you’ve registered with your information and that of your dog, you’ll be able to communicate with other dog owners in your area for doggy play dates and walks.

You may organize puppy playdates or just enjoy each other’s Frenchies. What else do you require?

#15. REALU

REALU’s founders “believe that social media can promote, not discourage, our connections with real people,” and wanted to address the issue of people sticking to their phones while they’re in a new environment.

You can give a message to someone nearby who is alone in a bookstore if you’re alone in a cafe and find someone nearby who is alone in a bookstore.

Final Thought

Apps like the ones mentioned here will assist you in finding a date and/or making platonic friends.

Many friendship apps cater to a particular demographic or lifestyle interest, providing users with simple texting topics and opportunities to form bonds.

People use these apps when they move to a new place, to network, and to make friends while traveling.

Downloading any of these 7 friendship apps is a great place to start if you’re searching for a new social circle or just want to extend the one you already have.



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