App Trailers Reviews 2022: Is It Legit Or Video Watching Scam?

App Trailers Reviews
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Earning a few bucks in your spare time sounds like a pleasant idea, doesn’t it? My question, however, is do you know how? Whatever be your answer, still look at this App trailers reviews and find out how you can earn money watching videos.

There are billions of apps downloads every month according to the WebSite Builder, and new apps are continually developed and pushed to app stores.

Before pushing apps to the app store, however, developers get people to watch trailers of their Apps for review’s sake.

You too can be among those people. Watch videos and get paid for it by signing up on App trailers.

It has just over 1 million downloads on the Google Play store and has a pretty good 3.8-star rating. It has also been reviewed by close to 40,000 people, which is pretty good.

In this article, we will discuss The App trailers platform. We’d be looking at how you can sign up and start making money from the app. We’d be reviewing the platform.

Meanwhile, look at our table of content above for an overview off this article.

What Is AppTrailers All About?

This is an advertising platform for mobile apps that rewards users in points for viewing videos on the platform. After earning a certain number of points, you can either redeem it for gifts or cash rewards. They pay through Paypal or gift cards you can redeem later.

AppTrailers primarily alerts you of different new apps and allows you to download them if it fits your purpose. The App also allows one to stream videos ranging from musical, movie, games, celebrity, and even TMZ trailer videos.

You can simply sign up by first downloading the app in the Apple App Store or Google play store. Register and verify your account, and start watching videos to earn points. App trailers reward you for that.

Additionally, there are other offers that present you opportunities to make money in the app. Find which suits you and complete the required task. The App is free.

Who Is The App For?

The AppTrailer is for two sets of people, those who are looking for an opportunity to make money online from ad networks, and organizations, developers, companies and promoters who have a video promotion of either their apps, music, movie, games and so on.

With well over a million users, AppTrailers guarantees a certain number of views for your video if u advertise with them. Members of the platform must start and complete a particular video before they can earn points.

This ensures that people really watch videos on the platform. You have no worries over ad blockers or robots.

The AppTrailers accords users the opportunity to replicate what they already do with their phone, the difference is that you get App trailers rewards, which means getting paid for it. However, for this to happen you must view the videos on their app.

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How Can I Make Money From The Platform?

The primary way of making money on App Trailers is by watching videos via your mobile device. While doing that, you earn points from the platform, point that will later be converted to money when it is enough to do so.

App Trailers was basically created for trailers of new apps but was later diversified into several other videos like movie trailers, game videos, sports, and even celebrity gossip videos.

The various videos have different categories and are usually very short. This is to enable you to watch as many videos as possible and earn lots of points. You earn five points for each video watched, so to get $0.5, you need to earn 500 points. That is the minimum point you must have earned to withdraw.

You can redeem your points in cash and get paid through PayPal or redeem it as gift vouchers.

To do this, you will need 5000 points, which is equivalent to the lowest gift card value.

You can also earn through referrals. The more people you get to sign up through you, the bigger points you earn. Each referral has a value point of 100.

Sign up bonus is another way to get points, you get 50 points immediately you sign up. To sign up, click on the button below.

Having understood what App Trailers is all about, lets look at its pros and cons.

Pros Of App Trailers

  • The user interface of the app is very simple and signing up is also easy and free.
  • The option of paying users with cash is laudable. They are sensitive enough to understand that not everyone would want gift cards and for me, it’s a plus.
  • They have so many videos on the platform, that give u a plethora of options and increases your earning more points.

Cons Of App Trailers

  • It takes a lot of time to earn the minimum points that are required for the barest cash out which is $0.5. The minimum as said earlier is 500 points, and a video gives you 5 points, so to earn 500 points, you need to watch not less than 100 videos!!
  • The income potential on this platform is actually very low. You earn very little for the long hours you spend on the platform.
  • For a platform with very low-income potential, you need a lot of points to get to the barest point.
  • They penalize you for staying too long on the app. Instead of the customary 5 points, they might reduce it to 3 when they do. I do not understand why it’s so, but I definitely do not appreciate it.
  • They can get spammy. Because you sign up with your email, you get bombarded with unsolicited emails, which can be frustrating.

App Trailers: Legit or Scam?

Based on most of the user reviews and my experience, App Trailers is not a scam network. The only issue you might have, however, is that it takes a lot of time for you to earn something tangible.

They pay promptly once you have attained the redeemable points, and they have been around for ten years now, this sure shows that they mean business and is in it for a long haul.

Is App Trailers worth the effort?

For someone looking for a good side hustle, no!! This is because it defeats the whole aim of trying to earn more in a shorter period. With App Trailers, it takes a relatively long time to earn anything substantial.

If however, you feel you have the time and energy to go through the hassles, be my guest.

How does App Trailers Make Money?

They are primarily into advertisement, with their strong ad network people bring in their adverts to be showcased in videos subscribers are supposed to watch. While the users of the apps earn from them, App Trailers earn from those organizations that they help place adverts.

They earn from App developing organizations and game developers or basically anyone who would want their videos featured on their platform.


It is not enough to want to make money, it should be done with less stress possible. While App Trailers offers one the opportunity to make extra bucks, it takes a heck of a lot of time to make something tangible that will make any impact on your personal finances.


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