13 Online Surveys That Cash Out Through PayPal in 2021 


The easiest way people get scammed today is through their bank account. This has kept so many people away from taking up opportunities that can help them make money.

With an opportunity that won’t require you to input your account detail, you can be 80% sure it’s legit. This is where paying through Paypal comes to play. Here are Online Surveys that pay through PayPal you can check out.

To start with, Online job is fast becoming the trend globally. And the best way to make money through is by joining an online survey. These online surveys have different methods of cashing out which PayPal is among the most effective ones. That is concerning any of the online surveys we have in this post will be the best you can do.

Interestingly, going for any of these survey sites will reduce the possibility of you been scammed since you won’t reveal your bank account details.

In this article, we shall focus on the best online survey site that pays through Paypal. All you need to do is carefully read through without skimming and you will be glad you did.

Before you continue you can quickly navigate through the table of contents below to get the list of the online surveys.

13 Online Surveys that Cash out through Paypal 

There are several survey websites around that pay members to answer questions about brands looking forward to ascertaining their popularity and find possible ways to improve on the popularity of their products in the market. We have invested time and resources to come up with the best 13 Online Surveys that pay through Paypal as highlighted in the following section.

#1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks occupies the first position on my list among the best survey sites that pay through PayPal. The site has been around for some time now and has earned massive membership due to its credibility and easy to use features.

Aside from taking surveys to earn extra income, Swagbucks offers several means of making money as well as a massive bonus for members. One good feature about Swagbucks is that members can get paid through PayPal which is a fast way of receiving payment.

Sign Up with Swagbucks to start earning extra cash!

#2. Opinion OutPost

Opinion Outpost is one of the best survey sites out there that also pay through Paypal. Like other survey sites, Opinion Outposts pay members for taking surveys about partnering brands.

One of the outstanding features of the website is their honesty in dealing with members. The website site gets to mail members a handful of surveys on a weekly basis with other survey offers available on their dashboard.

Another outstanding feature about Opinion Outpost is their low minimum cash out. Unlike several other survey sites, Opinion outpost has a minimum cash out of $10.

Visit the website to learn more about its operation and register accordingly to start making money.

#3. SurveySpot

This survey website is just as awesome as Opinion outpost. Well, this is expected as the two websites are operated by the same company with almost the same features.

In fact, sometimes the same surveys are posted on the two websites and if you already took the survey on one website, you automatically become ineligible to take the same survey on the other site.

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#4. iPoll

Do you know the website surveyed? The website has since been called iPoll after the app which is iPoll gained massive downloads and becomes really popular among users. The app offers several surveys on their dashboard through which you can earn cash. In addition to making money by taking surveys, the site also rewards members $5 when they sign up.

#5. MyPoints

MyPoints is not your typical website survey website. It is a portal through which earn points carrying out shopping. Also, the app sends members surveys sometimes through which the earn money

#6. PineCone Research

PineCone widely considered one of the best paying survey websites out there. The company operates just like other survey websites. However, the company requires some specificity people have to meet to become members.

There are gender and age specificities that must be met before you can become a member. Visit the website to learn more about the requirement to see if you meet the required demography.

#7. Ipsos i-Say

This is another survey site that pays members through PayPal. The site also has one of the best packages in the industry. Ipsos i-Say is easy to use and rewards loyal members with the best deals. Visit the site to learn more and become a member.

#8. Paid Viewpoint

This is another survey website but unlike several others, the website doesn’t pay very much. The website is simple to use and only requires a few minutes to complete. The website pays $.10 for each survey completed.

Also, the website has a feature called TraitScore. Your trait score lets the company know about your demography so that you get to answer only specific surveys. The more TraitScore you get the more you earn.

Join Viewpoint today through the link provided below to start taking surveys and earn money.

#9. CashCrate

CashCrate is a survey site with similar offers to survey sites. You can sign up with the site and start earning money for taking surveys. After taking several surveys and reached the minimum cash-out threshold, you can request to be paid your earning through PayPal.

#10. YouGov

YouGov is one of the few survey sites that are open to the international community. The site is not restricted to US residents alone like most other survey sites. Aside from taking surveys on the site, members also get to earn money by reading articles and giving their opinions about the articles.

#11. e-Poll Surveys

This site is a rather different survey site. It basically focuses on one topic and involves watching TV. If watching TV is your thing you might as well start monetizing your time spent watching TV. Members of e-Poll are required to watch TV programs after which they give their opinions about the program.

#12. GlobalTestmarket

This is survey site is open to residents of e US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Canada. The site gets members to take surveys about new brands seeking to upgrade their products.

#13. Mindswarms

MindSwarms conclude my list of the 13 Online Surveys that pay through Paypal. The site operates a video-based system of carrying out surveys. Members get to record themselves taking surveys through a recording feature on the website.

The website is just about the best paying site. Each survey usually comprises of 7 questions and can pay you up to $50 after completion.


There lots of survey sites around but not all sites pay their members through PayPal. The above list of survey sites is the few that pay their members through PayPal.


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